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Requesting Feedback: Titan Style

Hey Star Army!

It's been almost a year since we added the new "face" of the Star Army forum, the style Star Army; Titan, which has been the default style since March 5, 2019, replacing Star Army: Tactical. This style is best known for having customizable backgrounds (currently there's six choices available). It's very pretty. However it's also had a few complaints. The forum was causing some devices, especially older ones, to hang or be slow due to the bur feature (which we removed to improve performance) and the large size of the background.

I figured I'd ask the community:
  1. Do you like the current style (Titan?)
  2. Are you currently using it or do you mainly use another style (Tactical, Xenforo default, etc)?
  3. Why?
  4. Any suggestions?
Your feedback will be used to decide on style our renewal purchases and style improvements.
  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Ghost nebula is gone
  4. Mobile specific: there is no way to switch thread pages without scrolling to the bottom. This is really annoying on longer threads because sometimes you aren’t taken to the latest post and often need to scroll through a huge page one to read what’s new. It‘d be great if this were fixed.
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  1. Yes
  2. Yes, default
  3. I like it, never changed back actually
  4. I guess the overview of quickly looking at what kind of post was posted is really annoying to scroll down to see the overview. It gets stuck on mobile halfway
  1. Do you like the current style (Titan?) Ye
  2. Are you currently using it or do you mainly use another style (Tactical, Xenforo default, etc)? I had to check, I have it on right now.
  3. Why? I mostly change styles whenever someone suggests I do so and my brain can adjust quick enough
  4. Any suggestions?
-Titan with ghost nebular in background is for epic gamers only, so please keep it- especially since you have me on staff (professional epic gamer, elite in fourteen continents across twelve planets and titled "⎐⟒⍀⊬ ☌⍀⟒⏃⏁ ☊⊑⏃⋔⌿⟟⍜⋏" of Gaming in both twin systems, to name a few achieves I have...!)

-Keep buttons in the same place. If a new theme comes on deviantart or here or elsewhere and the buttons are shifted or grouped differently I click on the old theme and don't change it ever until someone tells me the new one is good. This isn't always easy for you, though, so I get that.

-New features should have a red "!" or similar type of "hey new feature!" type of alert, but nothing more invasive into user experience imo. Ppl ask all the time, vets and others, about features we have had in the forum post format for months to a year that they didn't think to hover over to see what it does.
  1. Do you like the current style (Titan?) YES
  2. Are you currently using it or do you mainly use another style (Tactical, Xenforo default, etc)? Using It
  3. Why? It is easy on the eyes and makes SARP look very professional
  4. Any suggestions? It would be nice to see "Special Styles" for Major Holidays - Love Day, etc, even if it is just a modification of the base style.
1. Yes, I like Titan.
2. I use it for sure.
3. Kotori. It remains the BG that's easiest on the eyes for a lot of reasons. And because it just brings back warm memories.
4. Nope. Of all of Star Army's many iterations and styles, this one has been the best.
1. Yes I like it. Didn't know the name of it until you posted this.
2. I use it since the Ghost is gone
3. It looks good and doesn't appear too busy. Win for UI
4. Nope
Based on feedback I decided to renew the style! We paid $10 using donation money for an additional year license. :)