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RP Resilience II


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RP Date
361 QU (YE 45)
RP Location
Noria System

Noria Citadel​

Larammei Superstructure, Quaruntine Dock
U.N.N Narsho

Katara removed the necklace with the ring from around her neck and handed it back to Tetsuya. She said, "Here, you can have this back now. Thank you for your hospitality, Tia Sol'Aestesys," as she gently placed it in his hand. Despite the accommodating circumstances, Katara could have claimed the title Lyr'Aester much earlier, and in terms of her Imperial Rank, she had likely already outgrown it. However, that no longer mattered, given the new direction she was about to take. With Nira gone, a vacancy had opened up, and she had accepted the role even before they left the Kagami Galaxy. Her black and teal panel uniform, along with the insignia of the Yaducath Intelligence Agency and the five Imperial pins, spoke volumes about her new position.

Tetsuya replied, "You're welcome. I trust you will establish connections with the deputy director, though she's still on leave. About to give birth any day now." He nodded respectfully and added, "We've been stuck on this ship for quite a while. Are you absolutely certain that a five-day quarantine is necessary?"

Katara shrugged slightly, saying, "I didn't make the rule, but we can discuss modifying it once I officially take office. I can, however, see the benefits of it. It ensures that nothing harmful enters the general population and allows the ship's crew to bid a temporary farewell to their vessel. The ship itself has its own process to undergo." In reality, the Narsho would be nearly dismantled, with all the data collected in the Kikyo Sector carefully analyzed. This was done to ensure the safety of future Transuniversal missions.

Tetsuya chuckled and said, "I couldn't resist trying. Perhaps I could use my authority to override it. Uaeso would thank me, considering he's been pacing back and forth on the carpet, eager to leave the ship." He chuckled again and continued, "At least he was only gone for a few weeks. If it had been the full three months they projected, he'd probably have chewed through the hull by now," the Emperor remarked, amused as he thought of his son.

The Director smiled and remarked, "Our other son isn't much different, though in the opposite way. He relishes being as far from home as possible," subtly reminding him of his other children.

Tetsuya acknowledged her words with a nod and said, "You're right. I'll have to send him a message; there's a lot to catch up on. And we'll need more communication with the Yamataians if they genuinely want our help in their war. We'll have to work out some kind of formal renewed treaty. Also, I need to discuss Lynira's new role."

Uaeso's Quarters​

Uaeso lounged on his bunk, his boots neatly placed beside it, prepared for action even though he didn't anticipate any immediate calls while the ship was in dock. He used this downtime to delve into the confidential journals of his great-grandfather, Caecyan. These writings were regarded as closely guarded secrets of the Eitan Ysi, and they had to be securely delivered to the ship for him to access. Uaeso had a purpose in mind, though it was still unclear. What was he searching for amidst these pages? Perhaps an explanation for the trials they had all endured over the past few years? Maybe some insight into his father or even a deeper understanding of himself? The possibilities were vast and wide-ranging.
Larammei Superstructure, Quarantine Deck
U.N.N. Narsho


After donning her dark blue uniform with black panels, Lynira swept her aqua hair into a tight ponytail. The uniform she now wore was quite the stark contrast to what she had worn when in service for Tsenlan. Smoothing her hands over her uniform before departing her personal quarters to meet with Tetsuya about her new role.

Immensely grateful for the opportunity she hastened to where they were to meet. Upon entering she noted the Sol'Aestaesys conversing with Katara. She observed that the woman now wore a black uniform with teal panels, adorned by insignia and pins denoting her new position. It did raise some curiosity, though not much more than a passing thought. Seeing as the pair in front of her were still in conversation she stood quietly of to the side.

Imperial Residential Section - Restricted


Though she could not be there in person when he arrived due to quarantine protocols Naika checked in via vesper daily. Afterall being on leave due to the advanced stage of her pregnancy left her up to her own devices most of the time. While shuffling to the kitchen area to forage for snacks she reached out to Uaeso via their vesper connection, "Uaeso-ko are you holding up over there alright?" she communicated affectionately.

U.N.N Narsho​

"We also need to discuss the operations in the Laeyria System," Katara mentioned as Lynira entered the room. The conversation between the two came to a polite pause, and Tetsuya invited Lynira to take a seat. He gestured toward the conference table. The view outside the viewports offered little besides the interior of the docking structure. Tetsuya assumed the seat at the head of the table, with Katara seated to his right.

"Good morning, Lynira," Katara greeted her as she entered.

Once Lynira had settled into her seat, Tetsuya began, "As I promised you before our departure from the Kagami Galaxy, I had a specific role in mind for you." He projected the current imperial structure onto the screen. "I require someone with strong diplomatic and political acumen to oversee our relations, not only with Yamatai but also with other factions. There are several holdout colonies, remnants of the Continuum, that have survived the war and remain reluctant to rejoin the Imperium. While we could forcibly reclaim these colonies, I prefer a more peaceful approach, having them willingly align with the Imperium. Your role will be that of my Imperial Diplomatic Advisor. You'll report directly to me, with a secondary reporting line to the Yaducath Intelligence Agency through Katara," he explained while motioning towards Katara.

"The Yaducath Intelligence Agency needs to extend its reach comprehensively. My objective is to modernize the agency and adapt it to the evolving political and military landscape of the new Imperium. You'll be responsible for sending me regular reports and keeping me updated on your progress while working with the Sol'Aestaesys," Katara interjected.

Tetsuya nodded in agreement with Katara's input. "Does this position align with your interests, Lynira?" he inquired.

Uaeso's Quarters​

("Yeah, I'm doing well, Naika-ko. This quarantine protocol seems unnecessary; I'm just passing the time with some reading. How about you?") he replied via vesper. He allowed the book to fall open onto his chest and released a sigh as he reclined against the pillows. ("Once I'm out of here, I've been granted clearance to visit the surface and oversee the construction of our new residence. If you're up for it, you can join me,") he suggested.
U.N.N. Narsho


Noting the gesture from Tetsuya she stepped forward rendering a sharp salute to the two members present. It felt a little odd to have interrupted what seemed like an important subject, but she had been told to come. As such she let it pass without a second thought for the time being. "Good morning, Tia Aestaesys, Director." Lynira responded in turn greeting both the Sol'Aestaesys and Katara as she made way towards the conference table.

Noting where each party sat she elected to sit to Tetsuya's left, across from Katara. It seemed like the most strategic yet appropriate place given the atmosphere in the room. After she settled into her seat she turned her attention to details of the role she was slated to fill. Obsidian orbs flicked to the projection while she paid rapt attention to the offer accompanied by the work it entailed. The work with Yamatai she felt very comfortable with, though it was the mention of other factions and holdout colonies that piqued her curiosity.

As talk turned from details of the job at hand to how things were to be ideally handled her gaze fell back to Tetsuya speaking at the head of the table, following the motion towards Katara. It seemed a similar arrangement to that of the one on Yamatai, with the exception of the reporting line and additional challenges posed. This was a task that not only provided new learning opportunities, but also exciting chances to overcome obstacles unknown. There was no issue she held with the dual purposed role, after all paperwork was in the nature of her job anyhow. What was adding a new format to the mix? Her observance turned from Katara to Tetsuya as he posed an important question her eyes shown with anticipation, while all other emotion remained hidden behind a professional visage. "It does, Tia Aestaesys." she responded.

Imperial Residential Section - Restricted


"I am glad you're doing well! Don't think this little quarantine is sparing you from being enveloped in a hug once you're sprung out of there." she Naika replied via vesper with playful jest. While she looked around the kitchen she spotted a bag containing some Ekhat pastries that had been procured the previous night. After grabbing the bag she waddled over to set it down on a table before plopping her very pregnant form onto the couch carefully. "Interesting that you mention reading, I was about to do the same. Anything particularly fascinating you're partaking of?" she inquired while settling down some lore on the Norian'Rolthil Quaen. His invitation would make her wiggle about happily in her seat while the little one kicked at her insides. "Considering the tenderizing attempt our daughter made at my internal organs, I think we are both in agreement. We would love to join you!" she shared with a smile on her face as she ran her hand over the bump in a tender, comforting manner.
U.N.N. Narsho

Tetsuya and Katara​

"Very well, then," Tetsuya confirmed with a dignified nod. "On that note, let us turn our attention to the other matter—the Laeyria System." He adjusted the projection in the center of the table, displaying a star map of the Laeyria System and its neighboring systems. "As both of you are aware, the Laeyrian Commonwealth allied with the Craethel during the war. They continue to detain several million of our people within their rebranded 'refugee camps,' which were, in fact, internment camps during the conflict," he explained. "Since the Craethel's departure, it seems the Laeyrian government is in disarray, yet they have made no official attempt to repatriate our citizens. The admiralty sees the turmoil in the commonwealth as an opportunity—a chance not only to liberate our imprisoned citizens but also to assert our presence within their territory. I am planning an immediate visit to the region, where our military is already commencing efforts to secure our people's release. Hopefully, we can persuade the Laeyrians to surrender peacefully," he elucidated their objectives and shifted his gaze between Katara and Lynira. "However, should our diplomatic efforts prove fruitless, we will be compelled to issue an official declaration and reclaim our people and their worlds through force. We cannot allow remnants of the Craethel or any other hostile elements to maintain a lingering presence in our space."

Katara concurred with a solemn nod. "We have been unable to ascertain the identity of the current ruling authority in the Commonwealth. Based on the information I've received since our return, their government appears to be lacking a coherent structure. I suspect that the Craethel may have departed with Larin Aige," she added before turning her attention to Lynira.


Uaeso's smile graced his face as he briefly closed his eyes, his focus shifting to his vesper with Naika. "I've been delving into my great-grandfather's diaries and journals, attempting to glean insights into the Quaen. It's almost like an exploration of what we've lost since the illustrious Falcon Era. We've suffered significant losses," he confessed to her. Then, he continued, "I'm keen on developing a deeper understanding of Ujin and his people. I want to comprehend their motivations for even considering a return."

He shifted the topic with a light-hearted remark, "Is she causing quite a commotion in there? It sounds like she takes after her mother." He chuckled and added, "I'll make the necessary arrangements for our plans once I find an opportune moment. The ship's atmosphere is rather tranquil at the moment, aside from some impatience to return home."
U.N.N. Narsho


Lynira nodded in confirmation of change in topic of discussion, her obsidian orbs gaze fell from Tetsuya to a star map now featured in the projection. Events that had unfolded in the Laeyria System occurred right around the time her diplomatic studies wrapped up. War time prisoners were one thing, continuing to hold those prisoners long after things wrapped was something else entirely. It involved either a certain degree of cruelty, one that she held a vague familiarity with, or sheer idiocy. If these people were being held due to Craethel wishes or alliance, then they should have been repatriated or released entirely upon abandonment of the Laeyria by their supposed allies. There were many questions running through her mind while focus remained primarily on the Aestaesys' briefing. If there were no official attempts, were there unofficial ones and to what end? What held the Laeyria government together prior to the Craethel arrival and what happened to it when that force left? Were the attitudes of the commonwealth populace in line with their ruling officials or were they different? All important factors that could come into play in attempts to achieve resolution.

In addition to the resounding concurrence from Katara on the matter Lynira nodded in affirmation of her agreeance. Loose ends, lone survivors, or any errant remnants in parties sympathetic in a hostile manner could not be tolerated. Lynira attention focused on the Director when she spoke. The information passed yielded only more questions in an already complicated diplomatic puzzle. "Does this indicate that while we don't know who it is, that there is a current ruling presence of some kind? Perhaps some kind of formation they operate under?" she asked Katara respectfully, pausing upon statement of suspicions related to the previous ruler's whereabouts. "Are there any diplomatic inclinations that might be the cause for Larin's absence which might be of import in this?" she inquired carefully knowing that there would be some things that might be above her clearance level that she could not know. Intrigued attentions turned to the head of the table, "Tia Aestaesys, what is the way you are looking to have this approached?"


Gently the baby girl nudged against Naika's touch in a manner resembling loving nuzzles. Relaxing deeper into the couch she allowed her head to rest against the back, placing her selected reading material down next to her.
"Indeed our losses have been great, though we prevail nonetheless. How interesting it seems we have both been delving into the Quaen, albeit from different sources. Managed to get my hands on some historical reading material from their prospective. Anything you want me to keep an eye out for?" she whispered through her vesper with Uaeso. Leaning her cheek against the plushy mounds of the backside of the couch she continued, "What advances have you made in such development? Any idea as to what motivated their return? Admittedly, I am no closer from this end."

Uaeso's light remark made her chuckle a bit. "She's kicking in protest of your quarantine assuredly." Naika remarked through vesper calmly letting her hand rest where their little one last kicked. "Are you sure it was sweet, calm me she got her commotion from hmm?" she sent in retort with airs of playful jest. A smile graced her delicate features while he communicate future arrangements. "It seems like we are all a little impatient to be reunited." she nudged him lovingly with assurances that they would always be there for eachother.