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RP Resurgence of Yamatai - Post Mission 2


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RP Date
5月 YE 43
RP Location
Yamatai System
Yamatai Orbit

After rescuing soldiers and civilians from the fallen territory of Hanako's World, Aoba had taken the ship back to Yamatai to drop off the children they'd taken aboard so they could be be reunited with family or provided with appropriate care. Captain Aoba gave the crew an update to let them know that with their PEARL assignment completed, the ship would resume its primary mission of exploration soon, and that they should relax and get to know each other in the meantime, and that it was okay for small groups to make visits to the surface.

Coming home to Yamatai also gave the Resurgence a chance to take on some new crew members, including a Kawa Euikoshi's Nekovalkyrja sister, Kawa Kinie, another infantry soldier, Mia Barber, and a second supply specialist, Hachirobei Sakuko. Together with other crew members, they arrived on a Ke-T7 shuttlecraft from Fort Victory.


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Koyama's return to Yamatai had been a somber affair. Her mother and sister went, all that was left was her teacher. As well as those she considered 'sisters' as well. She grew up around the Samurai of the Ketsurui clan. Played in the gardens of Samurai House. Spied on their training and stored it away. And when alone, she would often practice. Mimicking their movements. From the daimyo, Tsuya, their leader to her own mother's variation of Nito Ryu. Being the smallest of a group of warrior women was hard enough. Some picked on her in a good-natured way. Others had cared for her as their own. Each of the elders had held a special place in her heart. When one of their numbers had shed her blood before Honorable Maple. The pure-white barked tree had supped upon her blood. She had wanted to cut it down. To burn it. And scatter its ashes as she stood before it. Looking to its surface and leaves with hate. Not for the tree itself, but for what had been done before it. And by whose hand that had caused it in the first place. Her dislike for that individual had burned bright for years. Nearly a decade now. In the end she had turned away from the tree and its swaying branches.

More had passed that dreadful day. Some she had known. Others only in passing. When she had returned to Samurai House, Koyama had announced herself, pushing the heavy wooden gate wrought with iron bands open with ease. The returning home had felt good, a release. Her home had remained as she had left it. Tidy, clean, food had not been stocked instead going to the larders of the House. The woman, now a girl once more had done as she always had while amongst her abnormal family. Falling into line, working with them. She helped cook, to clean with the trainees. For those younglings it may have seemed a humbling experience. One in which she had explained that it simply built character.

When she was free, Koyama watched training sessions. An observer, wincing here and there as mistakes were made. Bones broken, bruises blooming. Humiliation was attained and forgotten as they moved on with determination. On a lark she had even taken to the floor once or twice. Some wore the royal blue hakama and white yukata. It had felt strange to hold the bokken again. Yet her lessons, those she spied upon and managed to weasel out of her sensei set the rhythm and pace of the sparring.

Stronger than she, it meant little for she was fast. Skill and experience were what mattered. Strength, physical power was but a small part of the greater whole. The normal bokken she held, a smaller in the other hand. It had raised a few eyebrows for all had heard of Saya's budô. Offensive power and defense as one. Baiting and countering, leveraging her smaller, more slender frame and speed against a potentially dangerous opponent.

And at the end, she'd earned her bruises. But so had the other woman. There had been no malice nor jealousy. The experience had been humbling. A lesson. It was then in her confidence she had asked it of her teacher. And by the end of it, while she had landed a single hit if barely, a point of pride for her, Koyama had been battered around like a cat playing with a ball of yarn. Oh, she had parried, deflected, danced around. Never on the offensive. Only barely keeping herself from being brained. That fear of being knocked unconscious and awakening in the untamed wilds was used as an incentive. And to prove she had grown.

When her leave ended, she had taken a private moment with the smaller woman. Confessing of the events during her brief tenure on the Sharie-class battleship, the YSS Wakaba. Asking advice while admitting fear of what had transpired. As was her usual way, Saya offered words of wisdom in her preferred manner along with a warning. At the moment of departure, she had bowed, and in a moment of weakness hugged the elder as one would precious family member.

Having returned to the Resurgence, Koyama had donned her bodysuit uniform once more. Sore, bruised, and recovering from her lesson of not having an over-inflated estimation of her skill and growth. Upon seeing the Shosa, she offered a bow of greeting. A grimace of discomfort twisted her pale, pink lips as she did so.
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Delmira pulled up her new duty station and reviewed it again. She enjoyed her break from active service for the time she was between ships but now she was happy to be back in service. She had her standard issue gear with her including her MPP. Her nonstandard gear that would be sent later, this time her gatling gun would see use. She also did hope she could bring her drum set that she filed a request for.

Delmira however was excited when she saw her friend Kawa Kinie, the two got caught up with each other and talked on the flight to the resurgence. Delmira purred happily as she talked with her friend.

The shuttle would land and Delmira would grab her duffle with her few belongings she owned that she didn’t acquire from a raffle, she threw the trash out right away though and got the gatling gun and gas grenades registered and checked in. though the silver dinnerware she had no idea what to do.

She walked beside her friend tail swaying behind her happily as they went to check in.


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"Muere, muere escoria!" Sanda cursed out as she grabbed her holdout pistol from her boot and began to fire as fast as she could. "Es lo mejor que puedes hacer!?" Her hail of shots brought down two Kuvie troopers but more were rushing her faster than she could put them down. She had already lost her rifle and plasma revolver was down to just her backup pistol and Straight Silver. Cursing their mothers Sanda sidestepped a blade and jammed her own into the gap under the armpit of one trooper while kicking another in the head. But there were just too many. The Ranger couldn't deflect, parry or dodge every attack coming her way. A bayonet thrust into the shoulder of her right arm made her drop her pistol with a scream of pain. "Lárgate!" Sanda swept the legs out from under the bayoneter and fell on top of him, jamming her own blade into him again and again in a blind rage. After the eighth stab she stopped and looked up. She was surrounded by five more soldiers and what was obviously a Kuvie officer. They all had guns and blades leveled at her. Sanda's hair was a mess, her cloths and camo cloak were torn, her right arm hung uselessly at her side and it felt like her whole body was covered in minor cuts and bruises. The Nepleslian snarled defiantly at the officer as she lunged at him. She felt shots tear into her body but she refused to go down until she had lodged her Straight Silver in the bastard's throat. Then everything went black.

Firefight Simulation Over. Repeat. Firefight Simulation Over. Elapsed Time: 1:05:45 Number Of Enemies Killed: 3... "Shut up!" Sanda gasped from the floor. She lay there on her hands and knees. Her breath came in shuttered gasps as she fought to bring her breathing back under control. She managed to crawl over the the wall where she sat with her back against it and her eyes closed. Her whole body ached and there was a slight trimmer in her hands. Maybe that time she had pushed it too far. Ever since Hanako, Sanda had been hitting the training simulation hard. There were many reasons why. First and foremost, she wanted to improve fighting ability. Second it was a good way to relieve stress and the feeling of helplessness she felt in having to leave, what she felt, the job unfinished. Yes they had recovered several Yamatai soldiers and about two dozen kids but the whole planet was still under Kuvexian control. She did not like that they hadn't stayed longer and tried again to link up with other resistance cells.

So she had started hitting the simulations hard. Every other day she would reserve the room and lock herself in. Part of that was just she didn't want an audience watching her train but she also didn't want to admit how hard she was pushing herself. Each time she had up the difficulty and upped the realism of the fight. Today it seemed she went too far. About 20 mins into the fight Sanda had started to forget that it was just a simulation. The Solid Volumetrics and interface in the room felt so real. She could actually feel the force of the blows she had received. By the 30 minuet mark Sanda honestly thought she was in a life or death fight. And they had just kept coming. She was never left any time to breath before she was dodging the next attack.

Slowly Sanda got her feet under her and limped over to the control panel. She saved the data of her fight onto her data slate to review later then deleted it from the log. Sanda then tied her hair back up into a pony tail and took a long drink from her water bottle. Finally, with her breathing back under control, Sanda picked up her gear and left the Simulation room. Checking her timepiece, she realized she'd have to hurry if she wanted to ketch the shuttle down planeside to keep her meeting with Yayoi, the Ranger they had rescued on Hanako's world. Sanda quickly showered and put on a clean uniform, along with her camo cloak. She had grown quite fond of it. She had it wrapped around her shoulders to look almost like the standard issue poncho. And even though she was headed down to Yamatai the Nepleslian woman still packed two Straight Sliver blades, a black holdout pistol in her boot and a plasma revolver as her sidearm. A girl couldn't be too careful.

The shuttle ride down was uneventful. Sanda sat listening to her music... Halfway there...Living on a Prayer... When the shuttle landed, the tall tattooed woman went to rent a ride. After her brief ride on Hanako on the motorbikes Sanda had been dying for another ride. She had been quite disappointed not to have been able to keep that bike she'd found on Hanako's World, though she had agreed with the XO about policy. Still, since then she had been craving another ride on one and had also been toying with some ideas for a small compact that could have potential for scouting missions. She had briefly mentioned the idea to Koyama who said that she might be onto something and after leave they might sit down and come up with a working prototype. Anyway, Sanda had reserved a bike and was soon racing down the road dodging in and out of traffic as she headed to the bar she had told Yoyoi she would meet her at.


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Thaddeaus did not have much to do once the ship returned home. Though he did make it a point to find a blacksmith who could attach the Rixx claw that was donated to him from a dying Rixx. He found a local shop and after a few rounds of talking about cost, agreed on a price and length of time needed to complete the work. He left his weapon behind but would soon return.

Thad had learned of the new crew coming on board. Two that stood out to him the most was Delmira and Mia. The first due to always wanting to meet crew he might be fighting this directly. This helped him to understand the strength of each and best plan for combat engagements. Granted since joining Star Army his rank at most put him in charge of the janitor so it would be awhile before he'd lead anyone. Then there was Mia who out of her infinite wisdom drunk called him during a fight. He had a feeling when he first met her they may cross paths. He'd have to make double sure to help keep her out of trouble, or at least not get into it alone.

After asking around he had a good idea where he could find these new crew members. He set out to introduce himself to his soon to be new friends.


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Since she’d been taken off Hanako’s world, she’d done things in order, first, she got herself backed up so that if she died, she won't have a serious loss of memory, then she got a new body made, but had the new body keep the one red eye. The red-eye was sentimental to her oddly enough, but this would mean she was all organic once more. This also saved her from being poked and prodded as people tried to figure out how the resistance had gotten cybernetics to work. She’d gotten a new hidden blade though something new that would work for her.

The next thing after that was to make contact with her batch sisters, and mom. Here she’d have to get deafened as they all squealed with delight that she was alive, and comments about how she was immortal or something. Then she’d gotten some news, namely that her little sister, Kiyo had given birth to a daughter, and that the daughter Luna was a technician. But the biggest shock was the fact that her little sister outranked her.

She felt numb since the call ended and her sisters had to go back to their duties. She remembered being invited to a bar, which was perfect because she needed a drink. She landed just as Sanda had arrived and she gave a half a wave. She’d followed Sanda inside, but made her way to the bar. “Alcohol strong pleases, strong enough to knock out 50 Tsumi, and 100 Neko” and then she’d moved and slumped in the seat that she and Sanda chose before slamming her head down. Clearly, she’d learned something that was bothering her. ”I made contact with my sisters…They are ok but….” She said to Sanda.


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Shosa Aoba nodded and gave the newcomers a nod as they filed out of the transport shuttle. "Welcome aboard the Resurgence," he said. "The Empress...and I...expect everyone to do their duty. The Star Army is the best military in the galaxy because we have the best soldiers in the galaxy, and I hope I will see that in each of you. Carry on."

After asking around he had a good idea where he could find Delmira and Mia. Thaddeaus set out to introduce himself to his soon to be new friends. Thad had just walked up to overhear the person giving out the introduction. Which included the line he loved best. Under his breath he commented, "Yup, our duty to purge the unholy." He couldn't help but giggle at his own comment.

Delmira stood by Kawa Kinie as Aoba spoke to the group. She turned her head to give Thaddeaus a nod.

Gabriela came down to the shuttle bay to greet everyone. "Welcome back! And congratulations on your promotions everyone who got one," she smiled.

Poppy Pink, the medic, was right behind her. "Hello everyone! Anyone need a checkup? New people, don't forget to stop by me in the medical lab soon to get a DNA scan and a mind backup!" Poppy reminded them.

Kinie ran over to her sister Euikoshi and gave her a big hug. "I made it!"

Thaddeaus caught a glimpse of someone giving him a nod. It took him a moment but then it clicked this might be one of the new crew. He took a few steps towards Delmira and introduced himself. "Hello miss, I am Thaddeaus, you new?"

Delmira turned and watched her friend to go meet her sister before looking at Thaddeaus again."Yes i am, Delmira Lulie and you are?" she would ask looking him over.

Mia swaggered over to Thaddeus while running both hands though her big mane of periwinkle hair and gave him a big grin and a wink from over Delmira's shoulder and then started making increasingly lewd kissy faces at him while he talked to Delmira.

That had been a rather strange mission. From what Seinosuke had heard, the away team had gotten into a fair bit of trouble over planetside. Luckily, it looked like they were back onboard and safe now, which was certainly a relief. This mission had been a bit more technically challenging to support from a science standpoint - once they'd given their initial ideas of how to find the survivors, there hadn't been much to go off for ideas on the fly. Sometimes, nasty problems came up which the team needed solutions to but thankfully that hadn't been the case. Now, the Iemochi had made his way to the shuttle bay.

"Glad to see you made it back, everyone. Did you see or find anything weird down there?"

Thad puffed out his chest slighty as he took her asking his name yet again to mean provide his full name. He made a point to turn slightly to show off his new ribbons "I am Thaddeaus Maximus, though you can just call me Thad for short. I like to keep things friendly." He was about to continue when he caught sight of Mia. Oh no, not now. He thought to himself.

"I'm so glad you're here!" Euikoshi beamed.

"Do you want to be roommates?" Kawa asked Euikoshi.

Euikoshi hummed and rubbed her chin. She wanted to hang out with her adoptive Nekovalkyrja sister but she really liked her current roommate, Pidole the technician. "Huh...umm...officers have their cabins on another deck, actually."

"Oh!" Kinie blinked. "Fancy, eh? Well you can visit me anytime!"

"You can call me Del for short, so whats next on the agenda for today?" Delmira could probably pull that information up but she chose not to make conversation with the others. She will flick an ear and turn to face behind her.

"You asking about the official or unofficial agenda?"

"I think everyone has earned a little time off - the schedule can wait I'm sure." Seinosuke crossed his arms as he leaned against the door frame, "At least, for a few hours, heh." The Elysian pondered for a moment, "Do you guys fancy a drink, or something more exciting?"

Thad tipped his head to one side and looked towards the Elysian. "I don't know you but I like where this is going."

Mia just waved at Delmira and sauntered away from her and Thad for the moment. She helped Sakuko and Beryl haul some luggage to the cabin areas while the others were talking. Gabriela headed back to the bridge as well.

Mochi smiled and snapped his fingers once, nodding to Thad. "I think it would be good for team bonding. Then again, it's up to the XO or Captain ultimately." The science officer may be a Taii, but crew morale and things weren't his department. Still, there was no harm in pushing the boat out a bit, right..?

Delmira will look at Mia before looking back at Thad and Seinosuke. "I was going to see where i was being bunked and was going to get my gear settled before going to check in with the quarter master about my non standard equipment. And maybe try to buy a new gun or two." She will tap her tail against her duffle.

"Oooh, fancy equipment!" The Elysian rubbed his hands together in an over-exaggerated manner, "You'll need to show it off some time!"

When Thad overheard talk about weapons, a small glint sparkled in his eye. "Talk of drink and weapons has me all excited. I am sure something good with mixing them." A light chuckle left his lips.

"Hello!" Kinie introduced herself to Seinosuke. "I'm Kawa Kinie, I'm the Resurgence's new bridge starship operator!"

Mochi grinned at Thad's enthusiasm - it sounded like an excellent chance to unwind and exchange stories. With Kinie saying hello, the blonde-haired scientist raised a hand in a friendly wave. "Good to meet you! My name is Iemochi Seinosuke - people call me Mochi. I'm the science officer."

"Oh, my sister's boss!" Kinie blinked. "Wow!" She smiled sweetly.

The seemingly laid-back officer raised an eyebrow in surprise. "Ah, of course! She's quite a bright spark, I'm sure you're no different mhm?" Seinosuke grinned warmly.

"I am a fresh cadet but I promise to do my best!" Kinie assured Seinosuke, giving him a deep, respectful bow.

"Yes yes i willshow you all my guns and my drum set, i hope itgot approved and brought to the ship." Delmira looking at Thad and Mochi. She would give Kinie a smile and let her speak to Mochi.

Seinosuke seemed just a little surprised by Kinie's bow. It was something he'd probably never get used to. "We all started somewhere, if you ever need anything don't be afraid to ask!" Mochi's fatherly tone came out as he replied. After a second, he would return the bow respectfully, but in the traditional Elysian variant. His large, bright wings would stretch out behind him as he bowed, their vibrant sunrise tones casting strange reflections on the metal walls nearby.

"Aye, I am here to help as well. Need advise, a punching bag or a hug. I am just the guy for the job." He took his thumb and tapped it against his chest a few times. "Which talking about a drum set, this might give reason to break out my banjo I havn't played since." Thad paused and looked off into the distance. "My time during the battles with the black knight." He said it a deeper tone of voice.

Delmira grinned. "Lets start this ship band up." She will turn to Kinie "Do you play an instrument as well?"

"I'm learning the piano," Kinie told Delmira. "I am a bit of a novice," she admitted.

"A band? Man, that would certainly make the place more like a home." Mochi nodded with enthusiasm. "I can only play the violin, which doesn't do well with- Hang on.. I suppose I could fiddle along with the banjo-" The Elysian laughed at the idea, shaking his head incredulously.

"And I know just the person who can be the groupie. Mia still owes me for doing a drunk call during a mission. It's like damn woman, I am out here slapping some Rixx around, I will get to you in a moment." He chuckled thinking back on this moment.

Delmira briefly curled her tail around Kinie's affectionately "Well we can teach you I'm sure."

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Sanda pulled up in front of the bar where she was suppose to meet Yayoi. The motorbike ride had been just what she needed to clear her head after that brutal simulation. She was still shaking a bit and was in need a a drink. She spottend Yayoi and followed her fellow Ranger inside.

Sanda was somewhat surprised when Yayoi grabbed a bottle of very strong stuff. She was even more surprised that the Ranger seemed so depressed. "But..." Sanda gently prodded while poring two glasses of the hard stuff.

Yayoi looked at Sanda, and then she took a breath. “She’s an Ittô Heisho, this means she outranks me. I mean I’m just a Santo Hei, a rank far below hers by 5 atleast. My sisters were just teasing how I’d have to salute her when we meet. I’m even more shocked that my pure innocent little sister got promoted.”

"Damn." Sanda said simply and took a drink. She made a face and said "Damn." With more conviction. She got up and went to the bar for a bottle of fine Rum and returned with two new glasses. "If we're going to drink our problems away, we need at least something that taste good."

Sanda poured two new cups of the Rum and took a sip. "Now that's more like it." She eyed her companion with a mix of pity and detachment. "You've been fighting for your life for 2 years on Hanako's world. You've got to have some kind of promotion coming to you after all that." She took another sip, savoring the taste and the burn.

Yayoi watched her go to the bar and soon return with the bottle of what appeared to be fine rum. She gave a rueful smile at her words before she took a sip of it. Sanda did have a point, though, the rum tasted better. The glass was placed back on the table as she listened to her words and realized that she was right.

To her shock and surprise about her sister’s promotion, she hadn’t asked about her own promotion. She did remember hearing that sometimes those soldiers who died sometimes got promoted though they weren’t there. “Yeah, I think your right, ” she said to her and shook her head “I’m a goof’ she said before she took another sip of the fine rum.

Sanda smiled, "Exactly. Shoot, before we picked you up my team extracted another girl who had been posthumous promoted to an officer and she had gone down an Itto Hei and was rescued a Chui." Sanda laughed at that as she poured refills. She could feel her body relaxing from the warm liquor.

Koyama had returned to the ship briefly, speaking to her Captain and to welcome the newest arrivals. Yet in his stern, tacturn manner had recommended she return planetside. If only for a while longer. Bruised still from her ordeal at her home, Samurai House, Koyama had simply nodded stiffly. The woman had boarded the shuttle again and returned to her homeworld, the crown jewel of the Empire with a sigh of mild relief.

She could not face her teacher again, yet had no one else upon the planet to be with. Yet, looking at the roster, the XO had noticed two were in Kyoto. One familiar, and another she had been meaning to interr- question. After the shuttle's landing, the Chui had simply taken a cab to a specific bar in her native city. She had never gone into a bar before. Nor had she ever even let a single drop of alcohol touch her tongue. But it was lonely and she did not feel like dealing with the half-ID SOL at the moment. At the very least with their resident Ranger she shared somewhat of a kindred spirit. Standing there, and with a bit of courage, Koyama strode into the bar with a foreign expression, one different from her usual neutral countenance.

She appeared more... open. Expressive. At ease. Still in her bodysuit with its bone white panels, it drew a few stares. Especially with her rank pin and golden bands. Yet she ignored them all, instead finding the tattoo'd woman and the other Ranger. Moving with an almost artless grace, weaving her way through the people, Koyama cleared her throat delicately.

"Hello...?" her voice uncertain as she looked to the two with that smoldering golden stare.

Yayoi listened as Sanda spoke to her about how they’d picked up someone who had been posthumously promoted to an officer rank. She learned that this girl was an Itto Hei, and when she was rescued, she was a Chui. Yayoi took another sip, emptying the glass before the refill. She was about to make a comment when another joined them. She noted that she was a Chui, so she immediately saluted her. “Greetings Ma’am,” she said in greetings.

Sanda stood up so quickly she almost spilled the bottle of rum on Koyama. But even sippsy Sanda had great reflexes and set the bottle upright without losing a drop of the precious licquid. "Ma'am." Throwing a salute.

Koyama smiled softly to Yayoi and then Sanda, "Please, Koyama-san. I am technically not on duty. The Shosa sent me planetside again. He believed I needed more R&R as he called it." she wanted to add 'Difficult Man' to it but thought better of it.

She made to seat herself, then stopped and looked to the two women. "May I?"

Sanda visably relaxed and smiled. She could read between the lines as to why the XO was really planetside. "Please do." She grabbed another glass for Koyama and poured her a messure of rum.

Yayoi indicated she could sit “please sit, Koyama-san.” She indicated the bottles “we have a bottle of fine rum and a bottle of a kind that can intoxicate even a Tsumi or Neko.” she said as Sanda poured a glass of rum.

Koyama took a seat, wincing seemingly in pain as she did so. An audible pop emitting from her as a grimace soon twisted her lips. But it passed within an instant. Yet the offering that lay before her, the glass with the liquid being poured caused her to blink. An eyebrow going up.

"Rum?" she asked, seeming confused, "I... have never had alcohol before. Not once."

Sanda raised an eyebrow. "Really? Wow you have lived a sheltered life. I think the first time I took a drink I was six. Course that's pretty typical for a Nepleslian." Sanda shrugged "I won't be offended if you don't drink. You're still welcomed to share our table."

Three Ketsurui Samurai in uniform marched into the bar, their black boots barely visible under blood red hakama pants over their white kimonos.

Koyama laughed, a small, soft laugh, the first heard since the shuttle. If not a bit more subdued, "You could say that, yes. I was born at Samurai House and raised there, Sanda-san." she picked up the glass, stared into its depths and brought it to her nose. With a sniff, the Neko reared backward from it.

"... You drink this? Does all alcohol smell so... sharp? Would this not be better used as antiseptic? But I have heard Nepleslians may drink so young. Amongst other things. Such has being given weapons as children." the woman stated before something caught her eye. The Chui turned her head, seeing three figures standing there. Dressed in hakama and yukata, red and white. Koyama put the glass down and frowned.

Why were three Samurai here? It wasn't often they made public appearances these days.

Sanda just laughed. For a moment it was just as if a pressure valve had given way and everything pend up inside came out. It didn't last very long, but it felt good to release it. "Haha. Probably. I've used it as an antiseptic before. Hell I cut my teeth as a baby on a pistol." Sanda noticed Koyama's intreset in the Samurai figures that had entered the bar. "Friends of yours?" She asked.

"Perhaps," was Koyama's answer. She seemed wary. "Where there are Samurai, there may be trouble."

The samurai made their way to Koyama's table with an air of authority and the ranking leader of the trio was handed a huge golden scroll case by another and unfurled the scroll. "The Empress of Yamatai, at the recommendation of Ketsurui Yui, and Ketsurui-Shinjuku Hanako, requests the presence of Koyama at the Empress Palace in Kyoto, in two days from now, to participate in a clan ceremony of adoption. Signed, Her Imperial Majesty, Himiko I of Yamatai, Queen of Elysia."

"Trueno Santo!" Sanda swore. Looking at Koyama with wide eyes.

Koyama tensed a little as the Samurai drew near. She knew what they could do. The variety of them. Her face immediately went impassive as they brought forth a scroll. Such a thing was an official document, the seal that of the Clan. The air of authority with which the leader showed was as if offering a challenge to her. Purely reflex in her case.

But it was not until it was unfurled, and the words spoken that Koyama's expression broke, that calm, emotionless feature of her sisters she had worked hard to attain shattered. Instead she goggled at them, mouth opening and closing before her teeth clacked. In answer, Koyama felt the glass shatter in her hand. She had been holding it that hard. Pain lanced up and down the palm of her hand and stung from the alcohol. But that was ignored.

Sanda's words fell on deaf ears as Koyama got to her feet, drawing herself up to her full height. She did not bow, by inclined her head to them. Even on official business she was still known among them. And treated them as equals as often as she could.

"Please inform Yui-Sama, Hanako-Sama, and her Majesty I will arrive promptly," her words wavering, cheeks, once pale as milk flushing as if embarassed and to the point she visibly trembled.

Yayoi listened to the conversation around her with interest before turning her attention to the samurai. She couldn’t help but remember how her sister had apparently been training with a Aether Katana that she apparently built. “Em…Empress?! “she said in shock and surprise. She knew that Koyama was a Chui, but Empress? That was a shock.

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Bar on Yamatai

"Trueno Santo!" Sanda swore again as the glass in Koyama's hand shattered. "Good news?" She asked as she tried to pick up the broken glass that had fallen on the table. She had never seen Koyama so flustered before. True she hadn't had a lot of experience with the XO but she had always been pretty stoic. "I think you should sit down Koyama before you fall over." The Nepleslian suggested.

Giving Koyama a chance to recover, Sanda turned her attention back to Yayoi. It was then she suddenly noticed the woman had two whole arms! What happened to her...Oh yeah. Neko. Sanda thought. Out loud she said. "So I see you got yourself a new body. Do you miss the cybernetic arm?"


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With the absence of a bar onboard the Fuji-class gunship, the recently returned away team and off-duty crew members were looking for a place to blow off some steam and socialise. It was tradition at times like this that the mess hall was the place to be, with cards, drinks or whatever else brought in so everyone could have a good time.

From the shuttle bay, Iemochi Seinosuke was one of the first to make his way into the mess hall.

Thad had moved ahead of the group so he could get things setup. He would put to good use some of the items he had picked up from engineering. Surely this injector would make a great beer tap.

Mochi waved to Thad as he entered. The Elysian seemed to be busying himself moving around chairs and pushing several different tables together. After a moment, he seemed to stop and rub his chin in thought. "Hmm.. I have an idea. Thaddeus, right? Have you ever seen the wardroom's floor before?" The officer spoke with a grin, pulling out his PDA and tapping it a few times.

To: CO, XO
From: Chief Science Officer

Hello both, I was wondering if it was possible for us to use the wardroom for a little celebration of successfully completing the last mission. I think it'll be good for those of us who haven't had the chance to properly greet and chat each other to make friends. Thanks!


Hearing someone else, the ship's cook, Agrippina Rossa, poked her head out of the galley. "Hello, sir!" she smiled. She had red-brown hair and brown eyes. "Do you want a snack? I can make some nachos," she offered. "I also have dinner going. It's burrito night." The scent of cilantro, onions, and tomatoes was already drifting out of the galley.

Thad looked up and in the direction of Mochi. "I have, during the last mission briefing but it seems you have the right idea." He paused for a moment before he reached for a mug. He put it under the tub coming out of the large injector. Anyone from engineering would have knew this was the same injector used for the engines. He grabbed the lever that was attached and a dark something came out.

Mochi whirled around as he heard a female voice from behind him. "Ah, hello! Sorry if we're here a bit early - it looks like everyone else will be here soon." The scientist grinned, "Burritos sound lovely. I'm just seeing if we could eat over the fancy floor, would you like us to move some tables for ya?" After that, Seinosuke spotted Thad pouring out some delicious looking.. beer? Mmm.

"Whatever you think is best, sir," Rossa nodded, disappearing back into the kitchen. Soon a garlic-lime steak was sizzling inside on a grill, which smelled amazing.

Thad perked up at hear what they were having for dinner. "Oh man, we going to be getting to the bottom of some of those deep questions." He pause a smile forming across his face. "Such as, does a neko float when they fart."

Mochi was going to reply to Rossa, but Thad's question drew his attention. A moment passed of the Elysian blinking blankly, before a smile slowly pulled at the corners of his mouth. Shaking his head, the officer turned, clearly hiding a laugh as he watched Rossa disappear. "Excellent. Let's- Ahem- Start moving into the wardroom, Thaddeus." It seemed that Mochi was struggling not to let a chuckle escape him.

Cassie the anthro came into the wardroom next, a little early for meal time. She looked at Iemochi and gave a respectful bow. "Good evening sir," she said, still looking vaguely troubled by the near-death ordeal she'd been through lately. She took a seat in a corner and began scrolling through Yamatube videos on her communicator.

Iemochi returned the bow when someone he hadn't had the pleasure of meeting joined them in the galley. "Evening! We're all heading into the wardroom for a bit of R&R later if you fancy joining?" The Elysian glanced to Thad and back, "We may as well start spreading the word if you know anyone else who would be interested?" Mochi gave a warm smile, "I'm Iemochi Seinosuke by the way - people call me Mochi."

Cassie snapped to a standing position, bumping the table on the way up. "Sir, pleased to meet you, sir. I am Cassie."

Koyama had returned from her adoption ceremony as rigid as Zesuaium. Unbendable. Unbreakable. Ramrod straight. Eyes wide as dinner plates as a detail of Samurai had escorted her to the shuttle back to the Resurgence. Not only had she become a member of the royal family, but had stood in the presence of Her Majesty, Himiko herself. Suffice to say she had been awkward around the older Neko, and the situation. She had stammered but had been gently coached by the Empress who tried putting her at ease. Patience itself given form it seemed. And it had helped. When finally it was all over and she had boarded the waiting shuttle it felt as if a boulder had been lifted off her.

But still, she walked almost mechanically and not with her usual grace. Those she passed in the hall greeted her, and she did so in turn if a little stiffly. Worried someone would add an honorific somehow. Perhaps she would give up her resisting the temptation of alcohol. Or merely gorge herself on food she had found comforting. Anything to alleviate the feeling of running up and down even her SPINE.

The wardroom. Yes, she would ask if the chef aboard the ship would have something, anything she found fitting given her stressful state. With a rattling breath and looking at the deck whilst entering the wardroom, not expecting anyone within, Koyama's head snapped up as she heard voices within feet of her. So wrapped up in her own thoughts and worries, the Neko looked as if she had been poleaxed at first, then appeared as timid as a newborn youngling exposed to the outside world for the first time.

"A..." was all she managed, somehow pulling off going even paler than she already was.

Mochi wasn't used to having two "sir"s rendered towards him in one sentence. Maybe Cassie was nervous or trying to make a good impression - who knew? The officer only managed to nod warmly in return before Koyama made her way into their midst. The Elysian's eyebrows raised as he whirled around and offered a bow of greeting. After a moment, Mochi noticed that she seemed quite different to the last time they had bumped into each other. Part way through the bow, he asked curiously, "Is something wrong, XO?"

Koyama cast her gaze to the Elysian science officer, seeing the bow. "I... ye-, no. Nothing. I am fine, thank you. Is the chef within the kitchen? I had hoped for something... appropriate for myself." she managed fumbling at her answer yet managing the question with only the barest of reluctance upon catching the hitching of her voice at the beginning.

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Planet Side

Sanda and Yayoi had had a great time the other night at the bar. They seemed to have bonded well. The XO hadn't been as much fun, but Sanda had enjoyed her company as well. She could see how hard Koyama had been trying to relax but the message from the Samurai had seemed to have taken all of her attention. Still the leave was fully enjoyed.

Back Aboard Ship

Sanda finished filling out a requisition form to Beryl in the hopes the supply specialist would be to procure 2 Hoverbikes before they left Yamatai. She glanced at her time piece. Almost dinner time. Maybe she'd go give the cook a hand with dinner. She did love cooking and it had been awhile since she had done any. Not since I volunteered to cook a welcome aboard dinner for the crew and no one came to eat it. She thought irritably.

As she entered the Wardroom she immediately noticed that it looked like people were getting ready for a party. She also caught the smell of garlic and lime which made her think of cooking with her sister. She smiled at that. She had always loved cooking with her sister, even when they fought they always would cook together. The second thing she noticed was Koyama. Today was the day she was suppose to meet the Empress. Sanda and Yayoi had been with her when she had received the summons. Both Rangers had joked that Koyama should put in a good word for them. Especially Yayoi, who had been depressed that her younger sister now out ranked her while she had been suck on Hanako's World. Sanda was about to ask the XO how it went and when could she expect her promotion when she realized the poor woman looked like she was about to fall over.

"You ok Ma'am?" Sanda asked gently as she moved up closer to the smaller woman. "Why don't you have a seat and I'll bring you out a drink and something to eat. Settle your stomach." She pulled out a chair for the XO then headed into the kitchen to see about getting her something.


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Back Aboard Ship-Wardroom

Yue had left her assigned quarters shower for what seemed like the hundredth time. She couldn’t get enough of how amazing it felt and how different the bunkers had been. Now completely clean, she thought she should make her way to the wardroom and get something to eat when she’d overheard that there would be a party.

The Neko smiled at the thought of parties, and she remembered how the resistance used to party when they scored a victory against the Kuvexians. With hands behind her, she made her way to the wardroom where everyone appeared to be setting up. She also spotted Sanda with the XO, so she made her way over to her area of the room.


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Koyama had looked to Sanda as if she were a stranger for just a moment then nodded. Taking the seat, she let forth a shuddering sigh and looked to the others in the wardroom, "Apologies for coming in here so abruptly and acting the way I had." she said, taking some of her cool calm back while pulling a stray lock over an ear. The ceremony had come and gone. It was over, said, and done. And while Sanda and Yayoi had joked about her putting in a good word while she had been gone, they had, had no idea that she had begun the process of just that. To their Shosa, and a recommendation to the head of Personnel of the Star Army, now seemingly an aunt in a confusing family tree, Hanako, for the now fully organic Ranger. That still felt weird.

Something appropriate for them both. One she had something in mind already, the other as well beyond simple rank pins and a pay bump that accompanied it.


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Sanda went in the galley and took a deep breath. Garlic, onions, lime, steak... beautiful. "Smells delicious." Sanda commented to Rossa the cook. "I'm just grabbing something for the XO. She looks like she needs some fortifying." Sanda took an avocado from the table and cut it open. Setting the pit aside she carefully pealed the skin off and sliced it into pieces. "I can come give you hand in a minuet if you like. Cooking has always relaxed me." She sniffed again. "Besides, I'm going to want that recipe." She then grabbed a water bottle and bottle of Rum and headed back out.

Sanda saw Yayoi as she came back out and smiled at her. "Koyama just got back from seeing the Empress." Sanda commented quietly to the Ranger. "She looks worse than we did the other night." Referring to the late hour they had returned to the ship the other night. "And I doubt she has anything to drink either."

The tall Nepleslian Ranger set the water bottle and avocado in front of Koyama. "So how did your meeting go?" Sanda asked. She deliberately didn't mention that Koyama's meeting was with the Empress. That was completely the XO's business but Sanda couldn't help but be curious. "Anything worth celebrating?" Indicating the bottle of Rum.


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Mochi spotted Sanda - who he had met before during the last mission - enter the Galley and attend to Koyama. It was good she was getting some attention, something was clearly wrong there. It wasn't often an XO was sheet white and out of their head as to not return a bow. The Elysian offered a reassuring nod to Sanda after catching her eye. Hopefully they'd all get to the bottom of what was worrying Koyama by the end of the night. She then apologised nervously, which made Mochi offer an empathetic smile from across the room. There was no need to apologise for being a bit shaken up by whatever happened, especially for something as simple as a bit of a pre-party.

Within a couple of minutes, the combined effort of those volunteering to move the tables and chairs into the Wardroom meant that there should be enough for everyone. Once that was done, Seinosuke popped his head back through to the Galley. "It looks like we're all set in here, if anyone wants to come in!" A large single table would occupy the centre of the Wardroom, made of many tables pushed together. Several other tables were placed at other positions for those wishing for more intimate groupings. All tables would be laid with white tablecloths, cutlery and pitchers of water and juice, along with various bottles of alcohol scattered here and there across them. The glass floor was spread out below all of it, offering a beautiful look into the vast blackness of space, spiralling galaxies, colourful planets and zipping comets making a great sight for all. Mochi took a seat that was rather central on the main table, reaching over for a bottle of whiskey, which he uncorked and poured a small glass for himself before returning it to where it came from.


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Yayoi allowed a stern frown to form on her lips as she heard Sanda’s words about Koyama’s state of being. The former cyborg Ranger had followed Sanda as the other ranger was the only one she knew on the ship. This brought the young Neko to be at the same table as Koyama, and she listened to the conversation with interest. She didn’t know what she might add to the conversation, so she chose to say nothing. Instead, she listened to those around her as she took in the wardroom and how it was all prepared for the party. She did find a reason to celebrate; the kids were off-world, safe from harm, and she’d left the world with not one single child left behind.

As she looked back and thought of what Sanda had told her, about how Koyama appeared, he began to think maybe Koyama had gotten bad news or something.


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Koyama offered a small, trying smile in return to the Elysian Science Officer. She'd known of her slight, and that smile was one of apology. As the scents of the galley hit the air, her enhanced senses picked out the spices, that lime had been used, she was fond of citrus, very much so in fact. While lemon was her favorite for flavor, with lime, she found its clean scent pleasing more so than that of its yellow, tart cousin. But as Sanda came back, water, rum, and what looked like sliced and prepared avocado in hand, the woman stared.

She'd wanted comfort food. And for her, that was something of expense. A person of rarified taste, or rather expensive taste that is. Fresh bluefin otoro, the scarce cattle of Yamatai whose meat was heavily marbled that had been fed sweet grass and grain. But she also enjoyed fresh fruits and vegetables. And had frequented one of the Motoyoshi establishments while in her early days of the First Expeditionary Fleet. She offered Sanda an appreciative look, then blinked at the question that had been asked.

The response given was a simple one. A glass, and water. With the barest measure of the alcohol Sanda seemed to favor. It had colored it a little. With a trying look, perhaps nerves. Or simply because what she held in her hand was foreign to her. She lifted it to her lips and drank. Even watered-down she cleared her throat several times, the unfamiliar sensation however minimized causing a little shiver.

"Besides my relatives by blood, and those I was raised alongside. I have more family now." her voice sounding just a bit distant. A screen popped up in front of Sanda, it wasn't opaque. It showed part of her service record, incomplete, mostly date of birth, year enlisted, yet it carried the royal name now as well. She said this to the scraping of the bottle, the same mix, and another shiver later, Koyama sighed. This time not pulling a face as she had on the first try.

"So I would suppose yes? Worth celebrating?" her gaze having slid from Sanda, to Yayoi, looking critically at the Neko for a moment. And then finally to the winged officer.

"I have also put in recommendations for you both." her voice level, more than it had been. "For you, Asakura-hei, promotion and the Survival Award and if Personnel wished for others that they feel appropriate as well. I have also taken the liberty to contact a friend and colleague of mine who founded the city of Tsubomi. If any of the children have been orphaned, they have a place waiting for them. And their care will be funded by myself. And for you, Sanda-hei, promotion. I have noted your request with Leyton-hei as well." their joke was now on them.

"It would seem then I had ordered materials for nothing then," she said with a sigh, pushing the bottle toward the tattooed woman, along with a glass, and another toward Yayoi. "I had planned for your reward to be of a different nature."

Finished, Koyama speared a slice of the avocado with a toothpick, ate the slightly soft, green flesh while looking back and forth between the two women.


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Seinosuke lifted his tumbler and took a small sip, watching various others enter and settled down into the Wardroom from the Galley. It was good to take a moment here and there to unwind. Slipping a hand to his left wrist, Mochi tapped his Type 34 bracelet a few times. A message to Arbs, in case she wanted to join them all. Whether she did or not would be down to how she felt right now, which was always a question when she was expecting. She could bring the kids, but he was confident they could occupy themselves in the safety of their quarters for a while, or even just be hypnotised by the Wardroom floor if Arbles wanted a break.

The scientist was clearly listening in to what Koyama was revealing, seeming to pay closer attention once he realised it was to do with a topic he himself had struggled with for as long as he could remember - family. "Congratulations to you all! It's always a joy to see promising up-and-comers." Mochi raised his glass and nodded at the newly-promoted Nekos with a warm smile.

"More importantly-" The Elysian looked to Koyama, Yayoi, Sanda, Thad and whoever may be looking for a place to park themselves, chuckling. "Is anyone gonna join me or shall I be the Lord of the Ridicuously Large Table?" It was clear that he was making a joke and not detracting from the good news that several members had got. The Taii also seemed to have forgiven Koyama as soon as she smiled over, but perhaps was leveraging that to try and get his fellow officer to join rather than letting her be in her own head for the rest of the night.

Rummaging around in one of his pockets, the officer produced a mixed bag of traditional Yamataian sweets. They had been for his kids, but Mochi popped open the sealed bag and slid it onto the table. They wouldn't mind and it looked like Koyama needed something comforting. A fatherly look touched his features as Mochi cast his eyes to the saddened XO. "Koyama-chui, if your family hasn't tried to kill you, you're in a better place than some of us. How about we all have some drinks and you can tell us as much as you want, mhm?" Mochi fished one of the snacks out of the clear bag, waving it in a teasing back-and-forth motion, much as he would do for one of his young ones. "I don't think I can eat these all myself!" He trailed off with an encouraging look.

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Sanda raised an eyebrow at Koyama's attempts to drinking. Oh course it's going to taste bad if you water it down like that. She thought to herself. She didn't quite get Koyama's comment about family until the screen suddenly appeared in front of her. Sanda glanced at it. Then looked again. After the third read she let out a low whistle. "Trueno Santo." The lightning tattooed woman said as her eyes glanced back and forth from the screen to Koyama.

Sanda looked over at Yayoi. She was quite pleased that her new friend was going to be getting some recognition. Sanda had such respect for Yayoi. 2 years fighting on an enemy held world elevated her in Sanda's eyes to one of the best Rangers she knew. Truth be told it was one of the reasons Sanda had been pushing herself so hard in simulation lately. She wanted to prove to herself that she would have been able to endure as well as Yayoi.

Sanda was taken slightly off guard at the mention of her own promotion. Sure she had joked about it the other night but to have Koyama take her seriously... And then the mention of her request for some hoverbikes... Now it was Sanda's turn to look stumped. She stared ideally at the glass Koyama had pushed her way then reached for the bottle and poured her and Yayoi a drink. She raised it up to Koyama and said, "To you....Your highness." And nocked it back. As the sweet liquor burned down her throat Sanda smiled and chuckled. Then it became a full laugh as she refilled her glass and saluted the XO again with it. "Thank you Ma'am."


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Koyama sighed, more to Sanda's salute than the former. "Thank you, Sanda-hei." replied the Neko as she got to her feet. "Also, I had planned for your reward to be a custom-built motorcycle as you had to leave the one you had found on Hanako's World. But, you've ordered the Akira." there was a hint of finality to it as she turned. Then looked over her shoulder, "Active Camouflage, rechargeable capacitors through solar or other means out in the field instead of finite hydrogen-fuel cells. Completely silent, self-sufficient with modular mounting system for weaponry or other combat modules. Also, a more advanced sensor package. The Akira hums as it gets to speed, Sanda-hei. Be mindful, they're thirteen years out of date using technology older than I am. Likely left over from the First Mishuvurthyar War."

"I will just use the parts and materials for something else. Maximus-hei could always use a weight-lifting set."

She lifted an eyebrow, looking back toward the table with which the Elysian Science officer sat and walked over with just the barest HINT of a swagger of arrogance to her walk. She was either screwing with her or just thought she was that good of an engineer. Koyama was both. And she knew it. But as she neared, and saw the candy that was between his fingers, her ears flicked curiously. Looking closer, she saw that it was yellow. And quick as thought, providing a demonstration of a Nekovalkyrja's speed it was now within her mouth.

Lemon! The woman emitted a pleasing rumbling purr for a moment, and then sobered. "I would not say that, Iemochi-taii." she switched the candy to the other cheek as she sat to the right of him.

"Let me just say some of those I had considered sisters decided they were no longer friendly with the rest. My mother, sister, and I amongst them." there was the slight sound of the candy being adjusted again as it clicked against her teeth. Then the sound of a crunch, and then another and another until it was all gone. Clearing her throat, "I.. and sorry for snatch it from you, you could say someone very much as a grandmother would often and too frightening levels loved sugar and gorge herself. And while she shared, I had a... tendency to make her cache disappear. Mostly to the koi, that is when she was being particularly hard on me."

Like a child caught, Koyama looked off to the side all innocence, "She never figured out who until they got so fat we had to replace them, and then worked me harder. I ended up with my hair being turned bubblegum pink for two weeks when I tried to raid from her again."