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SYNC Resurgence Training?


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RP Date
5月 YE 43
To: Aoba Kuranosuke, Ketsurui Koyama
From: Iemochi Seinosuke

Dear both,

I was wondering if it would be possible for myself to run a training session, or series of training sessions, for certain members of the crew, or the crew as a whole.

I feel like this is something I would take satisfaction in doing between missions. I don't mind coming up with their contents myself.

Obviously, I thought it best to contact you both in regards to this to see if it had your support.

Additionally, I would like to propose we start looking at up-skilling some of our infantry force and select some as potential to form a SOFT team in the future.

How much such a team will be used is down to yourselves, but I'd like to offer my past experience in a SOFT team to help bring our tactical capability up in any way I can.

I can personally attest to how much one can learn from SOFT training, and having 4-5 infantry be able to destroy an entire station if and when needed is certainly a boon.

Kind regards,
Taii Iemochi Seinosuke

From: Aoba Kuranosuke
To: Iemochi Seinosuke
CC: Ketsurui Koyama

Aoba Kuranosuke.gif

My intent is to have the crew train on a constant basis whenever we are not otherwise engaged in a mission. I look forward the submission of your proposed training missions. The only guidance is that they shouldn't interfere with our main exploration operations or substantially decrease our mission readiness. You can probably minimize risks by training a portion of the crew at a time.


Aoba Kuranosuke
Commander, YSS Resurgence
From: Ketsurui Koyama
To: Iemochi Seinosuke, Aoba Kuranosuke

I must concur with both of you. With our prior experience upon Hanako's World, I have felt we require better unit cohesion. As they say 'get a feel' for each other's capabilities on and off the field. As the Shosa has stated, I too look forward to your proposals for training missions. As First Officer at the very least, I would like to observe these as I am curious as to what you come up with. And also the responses of those you select to take part as my duties in my dual role allow.

If you wish I can assist whenever I am able. You only need to ask, Iemochi-taii.

Ketsurui Koyama
First Officer, YSS Resurgence
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To: Aoba Kuranosuke, Ketsurui Koyama
From: Iemochi Seinosuke

I'm glad to have positive responses from both of you. I have no doubt various members of the crew are doing individual training as required, but I feel collective training could likely be a boon as Koyama-hime has already touched upon.

I'd like to put together a running contest of sorts. The best improved of the crew will receive tallied points which I'll keep track of. These will come from various planned activities I have in mind:

- Readiness level drills and response scenarios
- Pioneering, crafting and improvised survival
(potentially camping on a planet)
- First aid, casualty recovery and extraction under fire tutorial
- Fighting without a Mindy: traditional combat trials
- Hand to hand / grappling tournament
- Introduction to covert tactics, unit tactics and infiltration
- Fortifications, watches and vigilance in static positions

I'd be likely to appoint people to lead small teams for each experience, to try and give them an idea of what it's like to be an NCO. It's good to start learning those responsibilities early.

Let me know which of these seem viable from a mission readiness standpoint and you'd like to see happen.

Iemochi Seinosuke,
Chief Science Officer, YSS Resurgence
To: Aoba Kuranosuke, Ketsurui Koyama
From: Iemochi Seinosuke


I'd like to ask again for for any feedback regarding the above proposal.

Following the debriefing I attended for the last mission - to Sood Zadra - the consensus for teambuilding exercises to be introduced has now spread to the enlisted crewmembers. Unit cohesion and professionalism seems to be a growing concern across all strata of the crew.

I would like to go ahead immediately with either a ship-wide training exercise, or one more focused on the members of the crew with the most difficulty managing their behaviour and decorum.

Given we have a new Counsellor, and others, I'd like to bring them in on the exercise to assist me. I'm very happy to use my past experience to lead these exercises from an officer perspective, and having been an NCO for many years, I'm sure that will help.

I'd also like to request that a SEA be appointed at the Captain's earliest convenience. I believe having a strong and competent individual to link the enlisted and the officers would be a great boon. Despite her rank, I'd like to suggest Sanda. She's consistently displaced NCO qualities and the taking on of SEA duties as a collateral assignment has no restriction based on rank.

Giving Sanda the responsibility and power to fix matters of discipline best she can within the enlisted ranks will likely make our lives a lot easier and establish strong role models on the ship.

Let me know what you think.

Iemochi Seinosuke
Chief Science Officer