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Hi, I'm Zemurray. You may remember me from around this time last year, when I first introduced myself to the forum. To recap, I'm a fan of sci-fi and worldbuilding, and an avid roleplayer for over 7 years now. I sincerely apologize for dropping out of the forum so suddenly, as a really engaging (but very intensive) summer cultural program that I participated in took the forefront of my time and interest. Nevertheless, I'm back and hopeful that I can be more continuously active this time around!
As for what plots I'm looking to join, I think the character concept that I have currently would work especially well with the Hanako Shall Resist plotline. However, I'm open to other suggestions, and am excited to join back in either way.


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Welcome back. Life has a habit of getting in the way. Glad that you have been able to return.

We have plenty of Yamatai plots for you to jump into. The Aeon II my plot is in the early stages. But I'm sure you will find a plot.
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welcome back, and good to see you again. Also there's always the exchange programs as well, for temporary stations in allied nations.


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How are things going since your return? Anything I can help with?


Thanks for checking in! I'm wrapping up my character backstory (which I had to put aside for a while, but I'm back on it) and should be on the tail end of the character creation process. I'm making an older Elysian character, and though the Elysian lore for the period that would be his formative years (YE 1-18) is a little sparse, that actually feels like a boon because I can take a bit more narrative control over my character's history. It's a fun challenge!
I've also connected with Nashoba, my character will be on the Aeon II plotship.

If you're interested in seeing what I have so far , I'd be glad to send you my draft on Discord. I think its a good read, personally.
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