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SANDRA Risen From The Ashes


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Jiyuu III
First Expeditionary Fleet Command

Early morning announcements out of the Office of Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko brought a much needed refreshing dose of good news to the Star Army of Yamatai after months of heavy losses on the fronts with the Kuvexians. The Taisho charged by Mistress Taisho Ketsurui Yui with the rebuilding of the First Expeditionary Fleet reported this morning that the first two hundred and fifty warships have finished production at Gemini and Leo Star Fortresses, including the fleet's new flagship the YSS Tokyo, NF-X1-001. Katsuko praised the contracted workers through the partnership between Yugumo Corporation and Ketsurui Fleet Yards for keeping construction queues for the bulk of the fleet moving even during the construction and supply issues that plagued the completion of the fleet's intended flagship for several months.

"We have a lot of ships still to build, but we've definitely made strides since the project started last year. The ships completed for the First Expeditionary Fleet have begun their space trials and shakedown cruises in the Yugumo Cluster. It won't be long before we're once again a fist for the victory of Yamatai." the recorded statement of the Taisho was included in the broadcast.
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