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Art Rizzo's Art (Building a Battleship)

So, there are a couple of things I want to accomplish with this civilian-grade 750 meter battleship.
  • First and foremost, I want this to resemble(to a reasonable degree) the battleships of WWII. I think I've done that but I'm still open to ideas.
  • Second, I want it to have that broadsider, punching bag feel. Sooo, I'm looking for ideas on how I can make this ship a shield monster. I'm considering making those 'torpedo' things shield boosters/extenders that can be launched and flown from the bridge. This ship is going to primarily see use against raiders preying on cargo ships so it would be nice to be able to send them away to protect a damaged ship.
  • Third, NO AETHER WEAPONRY. These guns need a hefty BANG. I'm looking into several types of weaponry for a salvo with enough kinetic energy to displace the ship(like WWII battleships).
Point-defence anyone? It'll have have to be shooting lasers or the ammo bill is going to get outrageous!
upload_2017-2-5_17-6-47.png upload_2017-2-5_17-8-35.png

Aerospace fighters
upload_2017-2-5_17-11-51.png upload_2017-2-5_17-13-14.png upload_2017-2-5_17-14-56.png


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Will we be using this in the USO?
Candon Suites will be the one to Commission it's construction and will most likely do that through the USO, however that dialog has yet to happen so I cannot say.

And I have considered dakka, but the SARPverse doesn't seem to portray solid munitions as being very powerful. I thought about making them gravity guns but I have no knowledge of those. Scalar might be a good direction.


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Okay, so after consideration and conversation about Shipbuilding methods using SADR v3 I have come to a glorious conclusion as to why it frustrates me is why I am about to refuse to use it.

Too standardized. if I wanted a standardized ship I would have simply bought one that is already approved. When I was simply using tech it was a fine guideline, and still is. However, now as someone who is building a ship I have a very different perspective, one that finds it a very annoying standard.

I have neither the time nor the desire to get into the specifics of what it is that I find wrong or offer correction, I'm sure that any points I could make have already been addressed.

Tech team, please be advised that I am not using SADR v3 in the construction of this submission nor am I recognizing its influence. I will do my best to make this ship conform to the previously accepted methods, whose presence has influenced pretty much every other ship in the setting.

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V3 is the standard I use to review. I will use v3 in judging this ship.

No formal rulings were set in place as to when submitters had to confirm to v3. Some submitters are using v2 and being approved, but I caution against ignoring v3 now, because you'll have to convert to it eventually.


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Alas! It is done! I proudly present the Greatsword-class Battleship!
With 27 Gauss Impelled Positron Cannons this capital ship will rule the seas from a distance like the battleships of old making it a massive statement of rugged, heavy-metal power!

This vessel and more can be yours for just 3 easy payments of 99.99 KS.
But wait, there's more!...
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One of the things I've been wanting is a car-shuttle. Something like the above that characters could talk to drive around on a planet with once their ship has arrived.

I'd also love to get one of those sneakily up-armored versions of the above.