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[Rules] Corporate Buildup Limitations

For Reviewers:
Who's going to keep track of compliance for these? I'm worried about the staff's workload as there are many corporations.
That’s a...good question, to be honest, and one that I didn’t think of. Don’t most of the pre-existing corporations have little to no ships, though?

(I know, I know - that’s not exactly a solution. I’ll start thinking of something over dinner... >.<)
Please no.

MBLG don’t cover civilian ships. In a nutshell: everything is fine.

PMCs can work by going and getting their own system as a faction, or getting a budget allocation from the MBGL from another faction like we already do with the USO and S6/ragna

Individual ships aren’t a problem, no need to burden people like the ISS brimstone with this.

And no one needs a ‘make a corp’ rush to cheese their system production numbers.

This seems like an across the board bad rules set.
The Military Buildup Limitations are not guidelines, @Zack, with the exception of a paragraph in this section.

Anyhoo, private military corporations can’twork by going and getting their own system as a faction,” as corporations are not factions - and to the best of my knowledge the MBL mentions nothing about “budget allocations.”

I’m not saying “individual ships [are] a problem,” Zack - though my apologies for not including that in the article to begin with >.< - and these rules don’t affect the ISS Brimstone, so there’s no “burden” being placed on “people like the ISS brimstone with this.

Lastly, I agree, Zack - “no one needs a ‘make a corp’ rush to cheese their system production numbers,” which is why this limits the amount of shipyards a corporation can have, because right now there’s nothing in the rules that stops someone from using a corporation to build a thousand shipyards and ten thousand warships.

The only solution I could think of, @Wes, was that anyone can send a staff member a PM if they see a corporation with too many assets. I know that’s not much, but it - as far as I know - is what we’ve been using for the Military Buildup Limitations, and from my limited perspective it appears to have worked thus far.
I thought due to recent rule interpretations, the fleet IIS would have had was denied.

In any case although it makes sense, making a corporate state as a faction would make you incredibly powerful. You'd have about ten corps, so you'd have probably around double your MBL.

In other words: OP, pls nerf.
Although I’m not the reviewer (bias), I called for nerf because Nepleslia has 24 corporations. Before the nerf faction-owned corps got a whole capital ship (and like 20 warships) per system their faction owned.

This effectively meant Nepleslia had an extra 24 capitals and an extra 480 warships per corp.
Are you intentionally trying to get rules passed that will benefit players who don’t RP the most?

First thing I’m going to do when this gets passed is open 200 different beverage and snack product companies so I can have as much whip cap as I want.

This warfleet sponsored by Cool Ranch Usoda.
This seems unnecessary to me. If people are trying to bypass the military build-up via civilian corp hacking, just report it.

Too many systems when I'd like to think that we can just deal with people directly on this matter. Plus there's places like Nepleslia and Yamatai that are pre-build limit and will always have these massive fleets.
I think we should just focus on writing for now and less on stats and ship numbers.

I think the guideline for the amount of ships a corporation should have should be something that can be expressed in 1-2 sentences.

Note: Most corporations shouldn't really need ships anyway unless they are providing transport services like an airline. We already have Trinary Star Shipping and other "space Fedex" type services and transportation groups -- most normal companies don't hand-deliver their merchandise to the customer, they just pack and ship it via other corporations.