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[Rules] Corporate Rights

For Reviewers:
  • Contains Unapproved Sub-Articles? No.
  • Contains Links to Unapproved Articles? Yes, the Corporation article.
  • Contains New Art? No.
  • Changelog: N/A
  • Checklist Requested? Yes.

As Legix suggested here, this is a separate submission for the Corporate Rights section that was formerly a part of the corporation article. I’ve tried to take into account the feedback provided in this thread, however I admittedly...rushed things when writing this up - so I’m open to any constructive criticism y’all have.


Everything Is Magical
More or less it's just, "people need permission to do big things involving corps" althpugh one thing i will bring up which was previously discussed was the whole CM or corporate manager which wes, iirc, decided wasn't really a position we needed since it falls to the fm for most of it.