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  • 📅 December 2022 is YE 44.9 in the RP.

RP [Ryu Keiretsu] Investor Day YE 44


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RP Date
YE 44.7
RP Location
Port Jiyuu
Motoyoshi Colonial Sector, Jiyuu System, Port Jiyuu
YE 44.7

It was that time of the year again when the Ryu Keiretsu gathered their top investors and representatives of their lesser ones. It was the 2nd Annual RyuK Investors Day. Instead of the usually boring set of meetings at Ryu Tower within the city of Inuyama on Tatiana, President Ryu-Mizumitsu thought it was an excellent opportunity to showcase the growth the keiretsu had gone through since its inception in YE 42. And much had been accomplished.

The mining operation in the Tange System was going extremely well, helping to fuel the development of the system. It also was helping the RyuK expand their corporate fleet to the point they can begin expanding into both the Fujiko region with the Reds and beyond the borders of the Empire. So to highlight this, the show case would take place on the finished RKS "Ryu-Mizumitsu Aki", named after is long thought dead sister. A massive ship, it would take all day to tour the important parts.

Investor Transport

Despite the RKS "Ryu-Mizumitsu Aki" being still docked to Port Jiyuu, there wasn't a direct connection from the inside of the station to the ship. Thus a shuttle was needed to ferry the invited investors that decided to go on the tour. A modified Crane Dropship was chosen for this task, carrying the passengers on pallet rows of seats in the center of the cargo bay. Volumetric displays were embedded in the sides of the dropship to allow the passengers to see the outside as it ferried them.

The beauty of Port Jiyuu and the distant star of the system (filtered of course) could be seen as the Crane Dropship exited the blue sector docking bay and made its ascent towards the massive Bay 4 of the Gold Sector. Within a few minutes, the Ryu-Mizumitsu Aki and her 3 other sister ships in various states of completion could be seen. At home within the bay, the vessel larger until the Crane Dropship entered the mouth of the Pinghe.

Within the main docking bay, various ships of Ryu Keiretsu or Nepleslian Research and Manufacturing could be seen docked on the side and bottom of the bay. To the port side several Nuwa Class Multipurpose Frigates could be seen docked. On the bottom of the bay, an Ashizuri Class Mining Command Vessel was making its slow exit, waiting for the dropship to pass.

Over on the port side of the bay were the real head scratchers, with a trio of Red Mountain Class Multipurpose Corvettes docked to the vessel. One sported the dull grey green RyuK ships (besides Takeda Mining) tended to sport. But the other two were sported a persian red and sapphire blue scheme with a white and black strip on the front of the ship. On grey rectangles on the integrated naclles, the red star with a white square in the middle could easily be seen. What were Reds doing there?

Outside Docking Bay 8

Being the president of the keiretsu, Masashi was far too busy to personally lead the investors around the ship. Instead he left that task to an executive assistant by the name of Mizumitsu Zhilin. Born into the samurai clan, for some reason she decided to take a life of a civilian instead of working with Black Crane Securities or the Star Army of Yamatai. But she was granted the right to wear the regalia of the clan.

Standing by the airlock of the shuttle bay containing the investors' transport, a tall woman with long brown hair with hime-styled bangs and hazel eyes could be seen waiting. She wore a black haori with the Mizumitsu mon on the back, a red Lianjia half-qipao, black thigh high leggings, and longish black volleyball-styled shorts. A black gunbelt holding her service arm and folding nagamaki styled nodachi completed the outfit. It was formal and professionally put together despite the odd mixture of cultural clothing.

Being a samurai by birth, she had undergone the same training as the others. So kept her face devoid of emotions as much as possible. But the opportunity to led such an important tour on the decks of the Pinghe Class Frontier Development Vessel caused her to faintly let out a giggle as she jumped back and forth on her feet.

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It was rare that Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko traveled without an extensive entourage, be it Star Army related or otherwise. Outside of her intended meeting up with Yuka, and possibly her niece Yue she had set aside time to visit Ryu Keiretsu's Investor Day. Despite her busy schedule and a lengthening list of things to do she had followed the allied corporation's progress especially when it came to the development of the Tange System, she still intended to petition the government of the Empire to change the system's name to free them of their connections with terrorism and a dark past they didn't deserve.

She wore a rather plain black female business suit, the logo of the Yugumo Corporation pinned over the upper left breast. This event was not one to be wearing the uniform of the Taisho, this was about business and money. She knew that her announcement that Port Jiyuu and Port Siren coming with the Colonial Initiative affected Ryu Keiretsu, but she had no doubts the company saw it as a great opportunity it was, either way being available and being seen would open up the chances for questions. She adjusted the decorative clip which held her blue hair up in a ponytail and moved through the crowds, a disposable cup with some iced green tea in her hand.

The Pinghe-Class was probably the highest-ranked exhibit on her interest list, she had originally planned to sport a colony ship design for the Yugumo Corporation but had later decided against it, for now, intent on using what they had and focusing on support designs such as the Daikoku that her niece Yue had designed.


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The young samurai had to look twice to make sure her eyes were not deceiving her. She knew Yugumo would definitely send someone to this event as the two corporate entities were allied and partners, but she did not expect that THE Queen Motoyoshi would personally attend this. Her etiquette training kicked into automatic control to prevent her face and body language from showing the shock and panic that was going through her head.

"Mr. President, Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko has attended this event. I recommend you replace me with someone with experience with dealing with people of her stature." she mentally sent in a message to Ryu-Mizumitsu Masashi. She didn't have to wait long at all as one simple phrase flashed into her view as his reply.

"Get it done."

She sightly sighed to herself and waited for all the guests to exit from the shuttle craft being used to transfer them over to the RKS "Ryu-Mizumitsu Aki". Once everyone was accounted for, she began her long practiced performance. Complete with a HUD teleprompter just in case she happened to forget something in her script.

"Welcome distinguished guests to the Pinghe Class Frontier Development Vessel, a perfect supplement for Yamatai's efforts to expand into the galaxy." she said before bowing to everyone in front of her. "The Pinghe is not just a simple mobile space station, it is a hub for kick-starting the agricultural, industrial, and economic health of new colonies. On this guided tour of the Ryu-Mizumitsu Aki, I will showcase additional products in the works or soon to be on sale that can be produced and stored within the Pinghe.

I or an expert at each main area will be available if you have any questions. This way please." Zhilin said as she motioned everyone towards the nearest tram station that would be used to take them to the forward section of the ship.