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Approved Character (S.E.A.R.C.H. Initiative) Alphonsa Artreux

Primitive Polygon

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Link; Alphonsa Artreux

Howdy. Don't like mega walls of text, so I'll give you the low down; It's a weird cyborg lady that does space-youtube cryptozoology stuff. It's not *exactly* a SHPO Archaeologist, but... Kinda similar?

Thought it might be fun to attach to your plot, if you are okay with that, buckaroo?



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Hey @Primitive Polygon ! Awesome to see interest in our little Tomb Raider plot :D

As GM I approve of the character, welcome on board and feel free to post! I will be posting later today myself :D

Primitive Polygon

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Great! Thanks for the fast reply!

Edit; In agreement with RaWolfe, this character page has been deleted in order to combine the concept with an older pre-existing character.

This thread may be deleted if you so choose!
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