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Approved Submission S6-Linear Rail Accelerated Tri-Barreled Plasma Cannon "Cerberus"

This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
Okay just a few things, nothing really big. First, put in the summary at the top that this gun has a secondary firing mode that fires solid ammunition. That is the kind of thing a person should know right away when searching for weapons. Also you should mention in the summary that this is a mounted weapon and not a standalone. Aside from those things the only thing I see is that the solid ammunition needs some damage values, or at least told it's the same.

This part is a personal suggestion and not necessary for review; it's good practice to if a weapon has two different firing modes, something is different between them other than just aesthetic, that way there is good reason from an OOC player perspective to have the two modes. So as a suggestion, to give the weapon more character and not turn the solid ammo into just a 'back up', maybe elaborate on the ammo and give it some properties that lets it do things in certain situations better than the plasma ammo and vice versa.
Sorry it was meant mainly for the use of starfire rounds which I've added as well as added secondary damage as well. I've also expanded the summary section as suggested. Unless I missed something, I have made the requested edits.
Okay then:

[ ✅ ] 1. The destination URL should be a page in the appropriate namespace and titled lower_case_with_underscores
[ ✅ ] 2. The article is in the appropriate format and article template
[ ✅ ] 3. The article follows our wiki style guidelines, including: No forced line breaks, text after each section header, etc.
[ ✅ ] 4. The article is easily read and free of errors in spelling and grammar
[ ✅ ] 5. Links to other wiki articles are present as appropriate
[ ✅ ] 6. The article fits into the Star Army universe's space opera theme and technology levels
[ ✅ ] 7. Images in the article are hosted on Star Army's wiki and sourced responsibly (contact Wes privately if there's a concern)
[ ✅ ] 8. The article is original and doesn't contain copy-pasted content from other articles.
[ ✅ ] 9. The article complies with Star Army's rules in terms of damage ratings, speed limits, etc.
[ ✅ ] 10. The Faction Manager(s), if applicable, have posted approval for this article in this thread.

I don't see any reason not to, so this article is APPROVED!