• 📅 February and March 2022 are YE 45.2 in the RP.

SYNC [SAMP] Slave Salvage

Immortal Cyan

The Cyan Neko
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RP Date
TO: Star Army Military Police, Yamatai
FROM: Santô Hei Ohara Chiasa, Medical Specialist, YSS Resurgence

To Whom It May Concern,

In the recent Second Chance Salvage Giveaway, I received the following as salvage:

Someone's desktop sculpture (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 84-94, IC: 7869-5227-168)
Helashio In A Box With Collar And Control Device! (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 80-98, IC: 7897-5545-169)
Hand Cannon Ammunition (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 31-65, IC: 2072-3762-93)

Since all of the salvage was shipped to my rented storage space on Nataria, I have yet to interact with it as I am currently on deployment. However, I understand that I am not the only individual to have received a slave as salvage from one of these giveaways. Nevertheless, I am requesting to have my storage space raided, the Helashio decanted from stasis, freed, and enrolled into an ex-slave social integration program. I have attached the location of my storage space to this message. As for the rest of the salvage, the Investigators may do with it as they wish or leave it be.

For the Empire,
Santô Hei Ohara Chiasa



Banned Member
TO: Santô Hei Ohara Chiasa, Medical Specialist, YSS Resurgence
FROM: Star Army Military Police, Yamatai


Thank you for your message, Ohara-hei.

We of course take the matter of slavery very seriously within Yamatai's borders.

We'll pass this on to our civilian colleagues on Nataria so they can handle the issue appropriately.

Hopefully we can send Second Chance Salvage a message to not provide ownership of prohibited items to anyone who is currently a citizen of Yamatai.

All the best,
Nito Hei Yunnani Taki,
General Branch, Star Army Military Police