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SANDRA [SANDRA] Reconstruction continues; triple homicide in Jskita

A black-haired, tan-skinned Nekovalkyrja's image quickly fades into view on the image panel. She is centered in the camera, with a shadowed electric blue background. How far it is away from her is impossible to tell; she could be in a closet or a soundstage. She wears a flat white blouse, with just one button undone near her neck, with a red blazer with wide lapels. Her almond eyes and thin pink lips offer the most professional of smiles.

It was a far cry from the makeshift visuals from the first broadcast after the Battle of Yamatai.

"Good morning, Yamatai — this is SANDRA."

Off to the Neko's left, on the panel's border, the word "SANDRA" vertically appeared. Below the Neko, inside a little graphic, was the Neko's name — Ogama Mio. It was written in Yamataian and Nepleslian, though the Neko spoke Nepleslian.

"The mayor of Malifar announced today that reconstruction efforts have reached 10 percent of the city's original boundaries. Mayor Hakeem Yamamura said the milestone was encouraging. He said construction crews have focused on restoring residential housing to reabsorb the thousands of refugees left homeless after the Battle of Yamatai."

Video appeared of the dark-skinned mayor talking with officials in front a construction crew rebuilding a long, single-story stucco house.

"At least 40,000 refugees await a chance to return to their hometown from neighboring Ternifac. The Ternifac Municipal Council has promised to house them, as well as those Jskita, until reconstruction efforts in those two cities are complete.

"Mayor Yamamura said reconstruction efforts are happening at the same time a vote is being conducted on whether to keep the city's name or change it. The results of that vote should be tallied next week, Yamamura said."

The anchorwoman paused. The graphic at the bottom changed to the next story.

"Police are searching for suspects in Jskita after a triple homicide was reported to the city's domestic violence shelter. According to the city's independent news agency, The Informant, a physical parcel filled with papers, photos and a map to the murder scene.

"The agency's operators turned the materials over to the police, who have released a statement authenticating the materials. The victims do not appear to have known each other, Jskita Police Chief Jonathon Kozukara said. They also appear to have been killed before the Battle of Yamatai. More information on this story as it develops."

The anchorwoman paused ever so briefly. "This is SANDRA."