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Approved Submission [SAoY] Mini-missile, Type 41


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I agree
This was orignally the munition for the Tailpack, but wes suggested that we make its own thread for it.

One thing I'll note is that they are about a foot long and a third of that in diamiter. Something that I noticed is that Mini-missile sizes vary depending on type. So you can have a shoulder mini-missile that is a few feet long to ones that are only a few inches long. I went for what I thought was reasonable, but we may need to change the size of the missile.


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I've updated the destination URL to meet naming standards and to be plural since we're going to refer to these in quantity in most cases. I changed the title header to be the standard capitalization.

As a request, I would like the visual appearance of each missile to be described. I think a color pattern (like a stripe or colored nose) could be used to differentiate various types with similar appearances. Also I would need this for getting art made for them.


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I fixed some hyphenation (short-lived) and linked aether. Can you also put some explanation text underneath stats? Not a big deal.

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