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YSS Kaiyō II
30日 1月 YE 45


Narrating over the scene of the interior of Deck 5 of a Fuji class, a SANDRA reporter spoke, "The gold floor panel you see here is a Kuvexian version of Zesuaium, bartered from an independent trader years ago after a boarding mission left the YSS Kaiyō II without a piece of her necessary framework. Known for being a frontline ship in the Kuvexian War, the crew of the Kaiyō now no longer face Kuvexians, but instead an older enemy."

At that moment, the media drone's camera had panned inside the power armor bay of the Kaiyo, showing several Mindy, Sarah, and a sole Kirie with red-and-white livery amongst them. Some of the armors showed battle damage and were out and being worked on by armorers and technicians, including the famous Princess Aiko's Kirie. Among the working crew was a familiar face, the captain of the YSS Kaiyō II.

"Hello again, Yamatai!" Hoshi said, waving to a media drone as she stepped out of the group in the armor bay and closer to the drone's camera. "We're returning from Uesureyan space right now. Quite the two week journey, though."

"Last time we spoke to you, you were heading into Uesureyan territory to help aid former Emperor Kitsurugi Uesu in clearing out the Mishhuvurthyar threat. Are you returning home successful?"

"There were months of planning and going back and forth," Hoshi said. "But it all of the preparations were worth it as we took back a planet important to Uesureya called Kessica. The squids really entrenched themselves in it, but strategically it was of importance to Uesu so we brought our best to the fight and won, though it was difficult."

The reporter asked, "You expressed fear of the threat that he faced during that last interview. Now that you, too, have faced it, do you still feel that way?"

Hoshi leaned against the hallway wall and gave the question a moment's thought. "The Mishhu are one of our most capable enemies. When they are not reaching out with their tendrils to harm you, they are striking out with their minds to do the same. The battle to retake Kessica spanned the better part of a week and nobody within Task Force 282 had a second to rest without fear in that time. But it drove us to fight tooth and nail, which we did. And we won," she said, finishing with a decisive expression on her pink face.

"How has it been working with Nepleslians within Task Force 282?" the reporter asked while on the subject of the joint task force.

Hoshi's blue eyes didn't stray, "We couldn't have won without them. On Kessica the Nepleslian members of my unit really showed their commitment to keeping our sector safe."

The reporter made a soft noise, either of understanding or about to ask another question, when a stately figure wearing white paneled Type 35s emerged from above within the zero g passageway. The drone's camera panned from Hoshi to show Ketsurui Aiko touching down onto Deck 5 and begin to walk towards the power armor bay.

"Ketsurui-shosa," the SANDRA reporter said gleefully. "We have a few questions for you, too, if you don't mind!"

Aiko strode over to where Hoshi was talking with the reporter, her adjusted course framed her perfectly within the drone's video sensor so that she was captured from the chest up and offset one-third from the center of the screen. Behind the princess, members of the crew continued to walk through the Kaiyō's corridor as they went about their work. She then gave a graceful nod to the reporter in acknowledgment of their request.

“As a diplomatic liaison for the Yamataian Star Empire, how has your experience been working alongside Uesureyan forces?” the reporter asked.

"Their ferocity in battle is beyond doubt, and it inspired us to victory," Aiko began, speaking clearly and deliberately with a slight smile on her lips. "We came out here to assist in their war, so of course would not have found success without them. Just as at Glimmergold, it has been the highest honor to fight alongside our Nekovalkyrja cousins created in the lineage of Uesu's Empire."

“Of course. We heard that there was an attack on the task force just a few days ago as you made your way back home." The reporter queried, "Do you foresee the Mishhuvurthyar retaliating again, possibly outside of Uesureyan territory?”

"That inquiry would perhaps be better directed to the Office of Public Affairs at Star Army Command," the princess replied, and then looked directly into the camera rather than at the reporter. "I can say with the utmost confidence that we will face those fiends and defeat them wherever they attempt to test the resolve of Yamatai or threaten our people."

Next to Aiko, Hoshi's blue and white haired head nodded fiercely at her XO's determined answer.

“If they did,” the reporter hypothesized. “We know we could count on you and your ship as we have in the past. Thank you both for taking the time to our answer our questions."