• 📅 January 2022 is YE 45.1 in the RP.

SYNC SAR/Field Medical Equipment Requisition/Cross training volunteer request


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To: XO Koyama, Senior Supply Specialist Leyton-YSS Resurgence
From: CMO Wilson- YSS Resurgence

Good Morning,

I am requisitioning a list of equipment to aid both away team and ship based Search and Rescue operations.
Additionally judging by the size of our medical staff, I strongly believe that in the case of a ship wide emergency, we would be vastly understaffed resulting in unnecessary loss of life and a decrease in readiness.

I would suggest a cross training on damage control and search and rescue for volunteers from all departments hosted by willing Medical, Engineering, and EMT trained crew.

CMO Wilson

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From: First Officer Koyama, YSS Resurgence
To: Chief Medical Officer Wilson, Senior Supply Specialist Leyton

Having taken into consideration of our crew compliment, I would agree with you in the regard to cross-training. Having been a part of SAR operations before, I understand the necessity and advantages they can bring. As such, I will volunteer some of my time to help facilitate this as well as hopefully yourself or perhaps Poppy-heisho. On my end, I can provide technicians to take part in rotations so as to not interfere with the overall efficiency of the ship and its duties. I will forward a copy of your suggestion to the Chusa so that he may also weigh in. But I believe I can say he will approve of the suggestion. Not only for making our ship's crew more effective but to also help further foster interdepartmental relations.

Furthermore, your requestion is approved. Please see Leyton-heisho about being furnished with your requested equipment. You may also like to ask our Chief Science Officer about the VCMAD. He may be able to provide possible upgrades or configurations that can better facilitate what you wish with it in a more efficient manner. He is an out-of-the-box thinker, very thorough, and good at his job. When you are ready please bring a list of volunteers to me. Also, welcome aboard the Resurgence! I look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

With regards,

First Officer Koyama