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SYNC SAR Reports YSS Hizen to 1XF HQ


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RP Date
YE 43
To: Taisho Motoyoshi-Yamada Ayano
From: Taisa Fukuyo Ano

Good day, Taisho Motoyoshi-Yamada Ayano,

The YSS Hizen is trying to move further into the Ayumi Nebula to continue the search for the YSS Wakaba, we were asked to ignore the Star Army policy of M.I.A. policy and continue the search of our flagship. We are happy to obligate these orders, however, we are noticing an increase in storm activity in the region of this nebula. I have received a damage report of having at least two squads out of commission due to the interference of these storms.

Yet I do have some valuable information that the engine traces of the Wakaba has been found and we are trying our best to get closer. We also gain scout reports of remnants of Kuvexian ships in the area, they are not destroyed by any Star Army vessel, they were ripped apart by some unknown anomaly. This is giving me great concern for my people's safety and I wish to receive further orders from the command on how to proceed further in this search and rescue operation of the YSS Wakaba. I do note that there has been no indication of any destroyed elements found in the Wakaba.

I await your orders.

Taisa Fukuyo Ano
Commanding Officer, YSS Hizen
Task Force 48 - 1XF

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