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SYNC SARA Asmnt - Eye-Class Line


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TO: Purchasing Department, Star Army Logistics, Central Fleet Depot, Central Uesureya, Yamatai
FROM: The Assessment Centre, Acquisitions Division, Star Army Research Administration, SARA HQ, Virginia


SUMMARY: The Eye-III Class of vessel seems to have the potential to fill a niche that we have yet to fill in the current Logistics-approved set of assets.

REASONING: The currently smallest craft we have in service are certain flavours of shuttle, if you don't count individual power armour. The Eye-Class of vessel is only a few meters long, but includes an extraordinary stealth, surveillance and speed capability. While our engineers note that some upkeep in necessary on the vehicle, the technical specification is correct from our testing.

As a very small, usually one-man vessel, with high stealth and speed, there are several applications for the Eye-Class. SAINT would find use in operating this as a temporary, easily movable, sensor array, that also carries Operatives. Its technical capabilities allow it to disguise its visual and thermal signatures very effectively.

Additionally, the inclusion of additional pods and ability to detach the central pod can allow for easy orbital insertion to a planet. This decouples but the body of the craft remains functioning, stationary, in orbit. Essentially providing a good level of surveillance and overview of the inserted forces and their surroundings.

While SAINT comes to mind, this could also be very effectively utilised by Star Army Reconnaissance. The current plan for the Garrison Regiment of the Rangers, is to utilise old vessels in unpopulated border systems as to keep an eye for infringment on the Yamataian border.

By using the Eye-Class rather than a full starship in very low-traffic systems, this could prevent unnecessary overhead in crew requirements in these systems. This is provided the technical limitation of the Eye-Class requiring some kind of extended life support which it currently does not feature. This can be remedied by a SARA Bounty in future to this end.

SAINT is not the only body that would benefit from the covert insertion nature of the Eye-Class. The Unconventional Regiment could use this to land on occupied planets and organise pro-Yamataian resistances, while the main body of the craft remains in orbit assists to assist intelligence against enemy targets.

Finally, being utilised in the Far Line Regiment would assist in putting further reaching eyes around our main fleets in service. Combined with the Eye-Class' stealth capabilities, we could quite effectively "see them before they see us".

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Signing Officer:
Taisa Shoruki Sayama

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