• 📅 January 2022 is YE 45.1 in the RP.



Banned Member
RP Date
YE 43.1
FROM: Star Army Special Operations Command, Valentine
TO: Star Army Personnel Command, Kyoto, Yamatai

Taisho Ketsurui Hanako,

It occurs to me that there isn't a specific, unified MOS or budget that currently exists for SASO to use as a catchall for our teams. An example of this is our TANTO teams, which don't quite classify as regular Infantry and certainly shouldn't be attached clerically to a fleet or base as Infantry are. As you hold the purse-strings and the roster, I thought it best to send this up the chain towards you.

Professions that may benefit from an MOS:
  • TANTO (4-5 per planet in the Empire, very capable, detached from units, infantry role - could use purple panels?)
  • SOFT (in an odd position of mostly being starship-specific, but members to be tracked somehow for strategic purposes)
  • PSYOPS (used for morale damage and creates covers for our operators, doesn't fit any MOS?)
  • KATANA (Giretsu in space, may be able to share the same MOS..?)

Professions that likely fit under an existing MOS:
  • Rangers (MOS exists, not divided by Regiment, should be fine)
  • UMBER (split between green and red panels)
  • BATON (MPs)
  • CSAR (neon green)
  • NAV-STRIKE/Aces (fighter pilots by profession, so can use their panels?)

Please let me know your thoughts.

Perhaps making one catchall MOS would be good for us to use as and when needed, but the issue then is what panel colour.

Kindest Regards,
Chujo Iemochi Feyani, Chair, SASO