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SYNC SASO to Resurgence


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RP Date
YE 43
YSS Resurgence (IRN NG-S1-575)
TO: Shosa Aoba Kuranosuke, Taii Suzuki Akira, Chui Ketsurui Koyama

The following items have been made available to Operatives attached aboard your ship to assist with your operational flexibility.

Please feel free to requisition any of them from the nearest Star Army Logistics depot if you wish.

Up to two (2) SOFS.
Up to one (1) TARSA.

Further such equipment may be requested from us for Operatives. Please ensure that all provided items are only utilised when mission parameters call for them and are not used in place of more appropriate, standard equipment.

Additionally, a SASO ID card of appropriate status will be dispatched to Taii Suzuki Akira, for her use on this and future assignments.

FROM: Chujo Iemochi Feyani, SOCOM, Star Army Special Operations

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