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Sci-Fi Shows and Movies


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So I was watching this trailer:

And it got me thinking. Man, there's a ton of cool sci-fi coming out recently. So much I want to watch! This is actually a really interesting time for sci-fi fandom in general.

I was thinking, would it be worthwhile for Star Army to compile a list of sci-fi media and reviews for it from members who watched them? Not sure if that would belong on the wiki or not (I mean, it could have an OOC namespace like the audio one perhaps) or we could add an extension for articles to the forum perhaps. At minimum we could share our cool finds in a thread. What do you guys think?


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There is alot of movies and series coming out that caught my interest in regards of scifi, such as Star Trek Discovery , Picard and Star Wars. Totally would love to review those :D
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