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Interest Check Sea of Darkness (NDC)


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Hello everyone,
This is an interest check for a space horror plot set on the NDC Ferryman Colony ship the Kharon, think Deadspace and John Carpenter’s The Thing. The story will follow the fall of the Kharon as it and the crew infected with some kind of alien organism. The plot is going to be intense with blood and gore along with characters being minds being assaulted by an alien intelligence and is intended for mature audiences only. Despite that, if any player at any time feels uncomfortable with the content please feel free to reach out to me and we can work together to deal with any issues.
This plot will be run on the forum with a new GM post every two or three weeks and will be separated into three acts with a new thread being made for each new act and will include a recap.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask me either in the thread or through a DM, I’ve also included a teaser below to help give an idea for the atmosphere and story.

The details of the video recording are hard to make out everything is either covered in shadow or out of focus. The audio on the other hand is crisp and clear “Is it on?” A man asks off-screen another person answers that it is and the man sits in front of the recorder he’s tall and slender with the pale skin and silver hair of an Operator “This is Captain Rudolf of the NDC Colony Ship Kharon, we are under attack by an unknown foe and it has overwhelmed most of the ship. I and the bridge crew have barricaded ourselves in the Bridge but….” He pauses the sound of scratching echoing through the room a look of fear on Rudolf’s face. The scratching died down after a few minutes and looking back to the screen the captain began again “We’re not sure how long we have until they find us but they’ve taken over-engineering and severed command connection to the bridge so we can’t even deny them the ship. The last we checked they’ve also taken the cargo bays, along with refining, the shuttle bays, recreation, and most of the habitation. As far as we know they haven’t taken the cryo bay but we can’t be sure the colonists are safe. This enemy isn’t like anything I’ve ever seen it’s more like some kind of virus infecting the crew and the ship itself turning our friends into most…” the operator stopped again looking past the camera “Emily? Is that…. No, you died it took you! That can’t be you!” he shouted standing up the same voice asked Rudolf if he was alright breathing heavily the captain responds with a no before sitting down “I know there are some personal still fighting but all is lost, as Captain of the Kharon I ‘am declaring the ship under quarantine and that no one is allowed to enter or leave the ship. This thing can’t be allowed to spread….” The sound of scratching return this time louder Rudolf stood up and pulled a pistol from his belt holster “They’ve found us get ready!” he called out as a loud crash came from above him and some creature landed behind Rudolf and grabbing him blood squirting from where its claws dug into the Operator. Screams and gunfire fill the room as chaos erupted the camera is knocked over and cuts to black.

Thank you @Jack Pine, @Whisper, and @Charaa for helping with the Ferryman Colony Ship page and your feedback on this teaser, you guys are great!


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I'm going to postpone this plot for the time being, after trying to write the first post I realized I've rushed it out when it needed more time in the oven. I'll come back with a new interest check when I'm satisfied with the plot.


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@Morrs13 Any updates on this plot? It sounds awesome and you definitely got interest.