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RP Second Recess

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Doshii Jun

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Yuumi slipped outside without talking to the others.

Telepathic traffic crackled between her and her guards, who explained what had happened to Morioka and Wazu. She accepted the results so far — it wasn't like she had a choice — and elected to let the matter lie.

She dismissed her guards, and sat on a bench extending from the wall opposite the door to the conference room. She needed a moment to think.
It sometimes seemed that the universe had a will, a will that defied any and all plans which a person would have, and that stifling tendency was ever so in effect, as the Lorath delegation stepped out from the conference room, and this time, they brought one of their volumetric projectors along with them, and, they parked the still active device near Yuumi as the image of the High Priest rode along, much like if he were in a wheel chair.

"Excuse me, Premier, do you have a moment?" Velor asked Yuumi, as his volumetric representation sat hovering above the projector, with one leg crossed over the other, and hands placed upon the armrests of his rather comfortable looking seat which also accompanied his projection.
Yuumi didn't hide her annoyance, but it lasted just a second — a twisted lip, the start of a pained sigh. She brought herself into a proper sitting position, hands on her knees and back straight even as she leaned forward some.

"Of course," she said, polite (fake) smile donned, even as her eyes fought the urge to wince. "What can I do for you, High Priest?"
"First, be honest." Velor spoke as he remotely commanded a set of wheels on the underside of the volumetric projector to move him closer to the Premier. His projection carried a smile, as he spoke in a rather candid tone; "I wanted to ask, what happened in there? Your style is distinctively calm, controlled, calculated, with measured concessions and boundaries. That Star Army officer who walked in, was distinctively not working with you, and it has me concerned in regard to how serious the rest of Yamatai takes these talks, or, if you're the only sane representative your nation has in its ranks."
Morioka, your attitude is paying me back in thorns. The former Empress put her best face on it.

"The Shosho had her own agenda, but I invited her on the basis that she could see who she might be dealing with during her next mission. She is part of a task force headed to the former UOC territory. She didn't handle it very well, but the Shosho is a forceful personality."
A soft nod came from Velor as Yuumi spoke "I must thank you then, Premier, this gave me an opportunity to get to know the kind of animal that will be let loose in my backyard." Velor spoke, showing no respect to the Shosho in question, though, he left it at that as he shifted topics. Even through light-years he could see the tension which the mention of the Shosho brought, and so, he decided to cut to the chase.

"As for the other issue on my mind..." Velor started, as a frown crossed his features; "I am going to circumvent the diplomatic garbage, and I'm going to be direct. I must ask; how does the Empire feel about my people and the Matriarchy as a whole? I've seen the way which your Star Army officers behave in regard to the Matriarchy, but does this sentiment reach through the Empire as a whole?" He asked quite bluntly, like a freight train. What he wanted to know, was where the Matriarchy stood in its dealings with the Empire, not just the brass, but the whole of their people. Despite the bluntness, there was a candid nature to the question, the sort of thing which was a distinctive tip of the hand. Truly, he did not speak like a diplomat in the slightest, but as a person of royalty speaking to another.
Yuumi looked at the projection with eyes studied in masking emotion. Even with her years as Empress being murky at best, the lessons hadn't left her.

She'd needed them with Eve, among others.

This wasn't the time for that, though. She respected the High Priest's supposed straight-forwardness. He might be mining for ammunition against her for later in the talks, or possibly he just wanted to get a bead on another potential opponent. Yuumi accepted those motivations.

"The people of Yamatai don't have time or energy to consider your nation and how it fits into their daily lives," she said. Her tone rung with honesty; Yuumi wasn't lying anyway. "They're hungry, war-weary and looking for light at the end of a long journey."

Yuumi formed her dull-red painted lips into a small smile. "If you want a personal opinion, I can offer something more nuanced. But that's how my people see yours — distant, unknown and frankly not of their concern."
"Then I am glad." Velor spoke, as he smiled softly and a distinctive glimmer of optimism crossed his features. "After being at the receiving end of a long history of abuse at the hands of the brass of your military, I had fears that for some reason, my people had managed to offend your Empire as a whole in a manner which had set public opinion as firmly negative in regard to the Matriarchy." He stated, as he made a shrugging gesture; "Now I know that it is just portions the Ketsurui clan and parts of your military who have it out for my people, and vice versa. I want it to be clearly known, that we have no grudge against the Empire as a whole, merely the elements within it which have seemingly made it a point to make our lives difficult." Velor stated ever so directly.

"I wanted you to know that fact, Premier, because I want you to be aware that I came here to make progress in regard to the relations between our people. While some posturing has been carried out, it was necessary for the sake of asserting ourselves in a situation, where frankly, we have little leverage to keep from being trodden upon by your Empire, as some, such as that Shosho, would prefer. Though, I personally find you respectable enough to speak fairly with you, and to set aside the games." Velor explained as clearly as possible the how and why of the way things went during the conference so far.

There was a sigh from Velor at that point though, before he spoke further. "I'll be honest, as royalty speaking to one who has known a throne; I think one day we could prosper well together... though, it would have to be a day in which cooler heads are in control of your military. Until then, Premier, we will have to keep on our toes with the Empire, and I assure you, that what we do to stand our ground, is not intended as any offense to the citizens of your Empire, and my actions within the conference room are not intended as an offense to you."
As Lorath and Yamataian continued their discussion, Ahrim stood nearby eyes on the two. His arms were crossed, gaze impassive as he waited with an air of quiet patience. While the IRC's talk of Trade had gone reasonably well with only a small hitch, the Guardsman had taken note of the impatience that had hung in the air like a miasma over a simple outburst by a Colonial and another of the Synthetics.

When his gaze met Yuumi's from behind the Lorath it was clear he wished to speak, or perhaps give the woman a means of side-stepping further discussions outside of the Conference Room.
Unlike the previous recess, the Freespacer representative followed the others around the table and out of the room, passing them by if they stopped to speak with each other. There was data to be filtered concerning project proposals and variations on the shipping lane idea.
The Ahrim would hear the soft voice of the Gartagen representative call out from behind him. "Fascinating." She said in trade.

She was looking up at the horned creature, inspecting his physiology, then looking at the others in the hall way. "Your race heavily resembles the Imperials, and the Nepleslians...and most of the others at this conference."

"I was curious if there was a shared common ancestry but now I am almost certain that is the case." She said speaking to her self.
DocTomoe said:
There was a sigh from Velor at that point though, before he spoke further. "I'll be honest, as royalty speaking to one who has known a throne; I think one day we could prosper well together... though, it would have to be a day in which cooler heads are in control of your military. Until then, Premier, we will have to keep on our toes with the Empire, and I assure you, that what we do to stand our ground, is not intended as any offense to the citizens of your Empire, and my actions within the conference room are not intended as an offense to you."

Yuumi collected her words before she slowly, purposely set them out.

"My sister does what she has to in order to protect the Empire she was created to protect," she said. Her eyes kept on Velor's. "She has lived almost 35 years doing those things. And nothing else. Even as Empress, she was a warrior first.

"You think you can imagine that, but you can't. Thirty-five years where every second, waking or in slumber, you consider who has to live or die. 'Has to' is purposeful, because every life carries a value, and it has to be spent, and spent right, or the whole Empire falls apart. Not just a clan, or a planet. An Empire. An entire form of existence. Your civil war, with the Helashio, it went on for centuries, but your people never saw what my sister has seen for 35 years.

"She took that responsibility to the limit when she permanently became part of our quantum computer network. Now she experiences the seconds of everyone connected to it. And has to calculate their lives' worth, and how best to spend them. She can't control them, but her directives affect billions. Not distant billions — billions who touch her soul, with each thought they send along the aether, and will do so until she dies, which might be never."

She stood up, slowly, and faced Velor with a hint of aggression. "So when you say you want cooler heads in control of our military, I can assure you right now that my sister? She's as cold as space. If she finds something wrong with your people, or your military, I trust she knows what the hell she's talking about.

"I'll carry the spirit of honesty," she said. "Your government, military, you — whoever — want to jerk my sister around. Get big enough to fill out your bra and swing all eyes your way. I get it. You're not bad neighbors, and we can be bitchy. But tread light, High Priest. I can put up with your government's bullshit all day, but my sister? She doesn't exist to be the patient one."

Yuumi tipped her head in a bow, hands at her sides, stiff, formal, flat-lipped and without any shine to her eyes. She came out of it without looking at Velor, instead walking away from him, Ahrim and the Gartagen princess.

She needed a drink.
"We no longer hold much in the way of genetic kinship with the Colonials, 'Nepleslians'. Thousands of years of genetic mutation, evolutionary and cultural changes have made us distant cousins. Nothing more. Any others at this conference we share no common ancestry," the answer was short and bold but it served its purpose as he watched the outburst from the Premier.

Yuumi stalking past, Ahrim's chin came down his eyes closing to slits as he thought. Things seemed to be growing a little more heated by the hour he realized, and this began to make him mirror the Premier's expression, thin lipped and more than a little exhausted by the proceedings thus far.
Vishta did not continue the conversation, rather she watched as Yuumi left looking rather displeased. Her intent had not been to broach conversation. But it did alarm her to see the host of this convention clearly irritated.

Vishta nodded to the Iroma. " Shall we talk later?" She said moving off to follow Yuumi. Vishta knew that look. She knew it well after her dealings with members of her own family.

Vishta merely pulled out her pad and walked at a relaxed pace behind the premier, heading away to the nearest lounge.

It appeared everybody was all business and emotions and had little room for relaxed discussion. Vishta decided she would keep to her self and leave the rest of the delegates to them selves unless she was approached.
There was a bow of Velor's head in return to Yuumi's own display of mutual respect; "I thank you for that honesty. May the rest of this conference benefit from this moment." Velor spoke as she left, and when she did, he cut the audio and paused the volumetric feed as he released a sigh while watching the Premier walk away.

That was an intense moment, but that one moment, gave me a glimpse into their workings that I have not had since the 5th became the United Outer Colonies... Even then, it was my sister who had the most insight. Velor thought, as he remotely directed the volumetric display device to move along, and as he did, he continued to brood. That explains the deity complex which their clan holds dear, though, it also sets their military as a beast without a heart. A beast of that sort, it can't be slain, it can't be appeased. Velor mulled, as he felt an unease in the pit of his belly. The only solution right now, is to give that woman no reason to advance her agenda, while also ensuring her current plans can not put us at a disadvantage... this is a formidable task, one that I know, I absolutely know, I can not do alone.

As the thought of being on his own crossed his mind, it also rekindled a thought of a task which needed doing. Pulling his thoughts to the world around the projector once again, he went to seek out the Sky Marshal for a friendly talk, well, as friendly as he could manage without being there to partake in drink.
In a small matter of coincidence, another notice of a message request chirped within the telepathic mind of the Premier. She would come to notice that the hailing was declared no given priority by the sender. The originator, however, was from a Chusa; That Chusa, the KAMI noted, was under the service of Shosho Morioka Naoko. A small note was attached to the hailing.

To be answered at your greatest convenience, if at all. If possible, in privacy.
Dammit. Yuumi wasn't going to find any peace at all. First Morioka, now her lackey? Why? What did that crazy broad want now? Setting the High Priest straight made it hot under Yuumi's collar, and now this.

"KAMI," she sent to the station.

"Premier?" the male computer's responded with its usual talking-through-a-metal-voice-box sound. Yuumi was glad for it; the "new" IES units all were women.

"Who the hell is this Chusa messaging me?"

"Fujiwara Miu-Chusa, Task Force Lantern, 5th Expeditionary Fleet. Chief of staff for Morioka Naoko-Shosho." KAMI displayed profile information in a volumetric panel for Yuumi's convenience.

The Premier was closing in on the bar, where she hoped Wazu was no longer. Off the nearest starport pier would be better. As well, she made a little plea to Chiharu to let no other delegate or aide bother her until she swallowed something alcoholic.

"What does she want?"

"Unknown," the computer responded.

Yuumi imagined replying to the Chusa with the image of her biting off the head of this Neko with the chalk-tipped hair. There was no joy in the thought, however, so she gave up and thought-typed a reply:

Meet me in the bar.
She rounded the corner and reached the bar, where the host — standing straight behind his podium at the entrance — bowed and silently got a waiter to Yuumi. She waved him off and took a seat where she wanted, at the back of the mood-lit alcove at the corner of two corridors. It was a cozy booth.

I wanted Pyros for this, she lamented. Or better yet, Sheva. Instead, I get another military stiff.

The waiter cautiously approached, maintaining a buffer of space between him and the circular, high-backed booth. "Madam Premier?"

"Bourbon," she said. "The good stuff. On the rocks."

The waiter bobbed his head and was off.
Yuumi did not have to wait too long. Almost a minute after she had sat down, she found a Chusa of the Star Army who looked exactly like the projected picture. She was plain, almost boorishly, for a Nekovalkyrja. Her features, while good-looking for any average woman, were simply unremarkable. Unlike Morioka Naoko, who possessed an almost blinding beauty, her second had none of these qualities.

What did stand out; beyond her white-tipped hair, and genetic bar-code placed under the eye; was the fact she was completely stoic. She did not appear happy, distressed, or bothered by anything around her, she simply moved in those boots, each one strapped tightly by an empty sheath. The holster on her side, which seemed to bounce side-to-side with each turn of her uninteresting hip, was also empty. She appeared to have only one purpose at that time, and that was to speak.

Fujiwara's stone-gray eyes caught sight of the Premier, noting her presence with just a slight raise of her brow. She looked as if she hadn't even expected Yuumi to be here, but that didn't deter her from clearing across the floor in that purposeful stride.

"Ketsurui Yuumi-sama," began Fujiwara, before bowing deeply to the woman.

Yuumi could notice some things about the woman stance. Her eyes were down, but not closed, and her ears had folded back considerably. Her posture was completely rigid, despite holding such a deep bow. Her heels had met tightly, giving a straight line between her legs right up to the hem of her skirt.

"You honor me with this audience," finished the Chusa, becoming silent as she held that reverent greeting.
Yuumi was going to develop a headache if this went any farther. She held up her left hand.

"Let's start with some requests," she said, folding her fingers into a fist.

"One," she said, her pointer popping up. "Call me 'Madam Premier.' Two," her next finger popping up. "It's not an honor. It's business. Three," she stuck up her ring finger, "do you drink?"
"I apologize, Madam Premier, but I do not partake of alcohol willingly. Since your time is very important, I will be quick and brief." Fujiwara spoke from her still bowing form, still denoting her respect for the Premier. Then, with one swift, graceful move, befitting a Nekovalkyrja, she came to her knees into a kow-tow. The prostration was bound to garner a bit of attention, but the white-tipped Neko's firm posture was enough to broadcast the sincerity of her action.

"I have come to ask for forgiveness for my superior's actions in the earlier conference. As her Chief-of-Staff, I received all of the data regarding her actions today."

Fujiwara's back curled a bit, as her voice became a little more demanding of the situation.

"Morioka does not know of this, and I would prefer it to stay that way. She was simply doing, in her mind, what she thought was best. As such, I have come to ask you for forgiveness of her actions and the troubles they have caused you."

Miu's head tilted forward, her nose barely touching the floor alongside a few locks of her hair.

"I will take note of any recompense demanded."
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