Laz Public Network [Secure Channel] S849.244.985

Alex Hart

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Kugatsu 15
> Lazarus public network
>> Secure Transmissions Channel created
>>> Connected:

>>> Please enter your UserIDs:

> 1a36*#s



user 1a36*#s > > A secure channel on the public network is expensive, but between the two of our.. groups, we've managed to pay for it in whole.

The target is being held in a converted freighter over a planet in the western fringe of the sector.

It's well guarded, with patrols to prevent escapes, and has an extensive sensor network in the surrounding space. Sneaking in will be extremely difficult, if it is even possible at all.

The ship is run by a large gang, and their MO is to hold their prisoners for as long as their clients want. Or until they get a ransom. These ransoms are extremely high, to the point of absurdity. The best way to get onto the ship is to claim to be offering a ransom on behalf of an interested third party.

user:%e72tmp52s >> What do we do from there? They will certainly ask for money on the spot. Eagle isn't willing to spend much more.

user:#l66jpl22l > > We have a ship not publicly affiliated we can use as transport, they'll also be carrying valuable cargo that might be possibly accepted as possible payment maybe? At least partially by the sounds of it, but we can put money into this operation if needed.

user:%e72tmp52s >> Bad plan. Don't trust gangs. We could reveal ourselves but that won't help us much. If we play into their hands we may spend more than we have.

user 1a36*#s > > They won't let you on without proof of an intention to pay at least in some capacity. Revaling your affiliations will likely lead to the target's execution, and political backlash. Additionally, this gang is known to keep to its word, at least where money is concerned.

The estimated sum for release is 2 million KS, though the gang will likely accept a fraction of that as proof of intention to pay.

user:#l66jpl22l > > We never said it was a government ship. To all public knowledge it's just another independent, and they have a reputation as arms dealers in the area. Trust me, we are far from fools.

user:%e72tmp52s >> Eagle isn't keen on spending more than 100,000 KS. We want to complete this op without spending a single bill.

user 1a36*#s > > We do not have the luxury of time on this operation, any time spent planning is more time they could be harming the target. The target is relatively politically influential, and if they are harmed and either of our groups are discovered in the area, it is likely that we will be blamed for the target's death. The political backlash, both domestic and abroad could be severe, especially in user:#l66jpl22l 's group.

user:%e72tmp52s >> The associate to the VIP is also getting quite feisty. We may need to perform a prison break if it comes to.

user 1a36*#s > > That must be a last resort only. Additionally, the ship has an observed policy of only allowing on parties of three to deliver ransoms.

user:%e72tmp52s >> Three should be enough. Send one of your techs and a good agent. Eagle just authorized an ESP.

user:#l66jpl22l > > understood, how will rendezvous be arranged?

user:%e72tmp52s >> The ESP and mission operator will arrive by unlisted Concordia. Location and date is unknown. Please schedule.

user:#l66jpl22l > > Just outside the Reservoir system, 48 hours from now. We'll drop a beacon once you've arrived, look for the tag Epsilon .

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