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Nepleslian News Network Seeing Red

Potent combat stimulants being issued to our servicemen is nothing new, helping them fight longer and harder, but where is the line drawn?

YE-40's year-long campaign over New Bernese will always be remembered for the mountains of bones left in its wake and the eventual peace talks that came from them, desperation in the face of possible defeat very well could have resulted in mutually assured destruction with nobody left to claim victory for either side, but there's a side to the bloody conflict that few know of and even less talk about.

The timeline is fuzzy at best, but sometime between YE 35-37 a new combat drug began being concocted in the depths of The Swamp megaprison and tested on its less desirable inmates. Initially penned to be a general-purpose combat drug made from a cocktail of CNS stimulants and performance-enhancing substances already commonly used by our troopers. Under the code-name "Project Ichor" it quickly snowballed into something far more potent - while the exact chemical forumae have yet to be uncovered there are reports of experiments dipping into the realms of perceived time dilation in combination with pluripotent stem-cell therapy to fortify the minds of the test subjects.

To call these people test subjects is the depressing reality of Project Ichor's outcome, resulting in the deaths of many a convict desperate to shorten their sentence in the feared prison, and the project was scrapped in early YE-39, it is reported that all documentation related to the project was destroyed or redacted into oblivion.

Were that true, this article would end here.

It's been recently uncovered by a credible source, who wishes to remain anonymous for their own safety, that traces of Project Ichor have been showing up from YE-40 onwards. Medical post-battle reports on a handful of the surviving fighter pilots from the New Bernese conflict have shown anomalous chemical traces in their bloodwork, initially thought to be from a combination of conventional CNS stimulants pilots are sometimes drip-fed over long flights it's since been revealed that these roughly line up with the scraps of information we've managed to dredge up about Project Ichor's ingredient list.

These pilots with anomalous bloodwork, whose names I will keep anonymous out of respect for their families, have died off in the years since. Suffering from severe mental and physical degradation - a combination of mass internal bleeding, organ failure, rapidly spreading tumours, cardiac failure and eventually an agonizing death.

Similar bloodwork has cropped up more than a few times, notably among members of our Special Forces, but to a much lesser degree and with far less severe consequences. Concoctions reported to have a similar effect to the blood-red serum of Project Ichor have cropped up in a few police raids and in the veins of various mercenary groups under the street name "KILLPHUCK" due to the fits of blind rage it sends users into, though tests have so far revealed these illegal combat stims to be pale imitations of what Project Ichor was trying to achieve.

The thing that scares me is the steadily increasing frequency of these shreds of information, this resurgence of Project Ichor must be stopped in its tracks before groups like the Nacht get their hands on the stuff, the thought of that happening sends chills down my synth-spine...

By Abebe Yohannes

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