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Seeking Reunification of Motoyoshi Assets


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As most of you know, the division of Yamatai and the UOC split the Motoyoshi on the Corporate Level as well as the Political and Family Level.

MFY, the company founded by Katsuko was made into the Industrial Powerhouse of the UOC. I notice that PaladinRPG, a player which has not logged in since June 2018 merged MFY into Peacekeeper Heavy Industries. These assets are mentioned in the newer Tokyo documentation and other places as still existing. So I am seeking to assimilate these assets (minus the Lorath Components of PHI) into Motoyoshi Hanei Kaisha.

I've discussed this with Wes, and he suggested I come to this forum to see if anyone objects or wants a say with this move.

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No objections from me. It's good to see abandoned stuff get new life.