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Senate: Misc Senate Proposal #115 (Temporary Act) - Relief Efforts


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The room was bigger than he previously assumed as it has been quite a while "I wonder if there were any renovations" Rawkem mutters to himself. His eyes looks down the papers he had and then to the front as he heard that the given time was granted for the speech of his proposal. He walks towards the stage and gets ready to speak, he was not used to speaking for a gathering like this, most of the time he just followed the most logical path of those that were strong speakers on their own strength.

The Kodian took a deep breath as his eyes fall in view of the other senators "Thank you for your time, I will make it brief. we have already quite the agenda and we all want to make it for lunch as I hear it will be a delight. But I am here that I notice a patron, a sad patron but also a very understandable patron. We have been focused lately on looking closely at our laws, on our rights but we have lost sight of what is important to us, our people"

He hears the back sounds from muttering people to each other about that bold statement that Rawkem made "Please hear me out my fellow Senators, I said that I understand why it is done, I understand why the questions are being raised. But I question you all, is it really the time to do so right now while our planets are devastated, our planets still not under our control and slaves of our enemy" He took a deep breath as Rawkem continued "While the Kuvexians remnants are no longer pushing their luck with us, their claws on our worlds has not been released either"

The claim might be bold, but it was a solid fact "PEARL is doing what it can to rescue our comrades, our people out of these claws. But I personally feel that we as a government can do much more. Thus this Relief Effort comes into play, supports elements to be sent to devastated planets with support of the Star Army, but also has the Star Army mobilize ships to reclaim what was once ours in either diplomatic form or military action. Yes, we might not dictate what happens in army conflicts, but standing at the sideline is no longer an option, our people need us and this Temporary Act would force the Star Army to act to mobilize, reform, or whatever it needs to do to come to our peoples in captive aid. We as a government will be there to give aid where is needed, be it humanitarian aid or economical aid" He bows to them in a formal way "Thank you for your time to listen to my proposal"

He knew it was a long shot, politics stays politics of course, but Rawkem knew that most of the Senators were annoyed with the lack of response to the former Yamatai worlds that are still in Kuvexian grasp. The temporary act was a form that would peer pressure the Star Army to do more than it was actually doing but with Governmental support.



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The Senator for Virginia rubbed his chin for a few moments from his sitting position. It was odd to start with such a comment about where the Senate's energy should be focused, especially if Rawkem was attempting to get wide support on this Proposal. Still, it was true they could always be doing more and it was right for the other Senator to champion such a cause.

After a few seconds, the Iemochi stood and leaned slightly with his hands on the wooden desk. "Senator Rawkem, on a point of order, I don't believe I've received a written copy of what you're proposing in specifics? If you could circulate that to me it would be appreciated. Wording and scope is often where the majority of our discussion lies."

Seinosuke's expression was mildly puzzled as he added, "As much as I support what you're proposing in principle, to my understanding we're constitutionally forbidden from directing the Star Army in any capacity."

"I wish we had more leeway, but Subsection 4 of the Empress' portion of the Constitution explicitly reserves her the ability to direct the Commander of the Star Army. In practice, this means the whole Star Army." The Elysian scratched one temple with a finger, thinking about how that would affect the Kodian's proposal.

"Of course, we could do so if you were pushing for a Special Proposal to grant the Senate that power. However, I'm not sure what your intentions may be in that space or how widely accepted such a measure would be in this chamber." Senator Iemochi seemed to be in thought for a second. "We could create a new Department for disaster relief, or some body for system governments to give resources to that would then be used on such worlds?" They were some ideas, unless there was indeed some way to help in a military capacity.


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Katsuko found the proposal, although flawed interesting. More so the frustrations of the Senator proposing it. It was there, this overwhelming fact that once again while citizens suffered the impacts of war. Her campaign was very focused on the importance of rebuilding. Jiyuu had no Senator present and she had occupied the chair for the last few motions as she waited for the election to come for Premier. She had little right to speak, perhaps no foundation at all, and yet she didn't care at that moment. Katsuko looked briefly at Senator Iemochi and then towards Rawkem, they went ahead and spoke up. The truth was her influence hung over a very large portion of the Empire, being the MCS, and she knew the full good title or not, this was important enough. "Respected Senators, Although Iemochi, is right - legally under the constitution, the Senate has no power over the military, nor should they. They should also not have power over her majesty. The rebuilding of this nation is not about power though, and while the Senate may not be able to enact policy for the Star Army it does have the power to create political pressure in the right places," she said, and introduction to the thought that developed as she listened to them.

"The Senate can pass a motion to mobilize the existing Departments to gear their infrastructure towards the restoration and re-establishment of the worlds in the Empire. Requests can be made of the Empress, suggestions given to mobilize some of the Star Army. Her majesty has shown time and time again her gracious, loving heart towards her citizens, so a plea for help no matter the jurisdiction will undoubtedly bring her to at least consider. Those within this Dome represent worlds, and their voices right now as Rawkem suggests should be unspoken about the needs of the people. The need to rebuild and restore," she said, Katsuko had not planned to make such a speech but the words that hand unfolded before hers definitely weighed on her. "Creating a new Department would take time, sure it is a fantastic idea but it is more red tape than what is needed. Yamatai's existing departments and agencies can be motivated through the proposed motion, corporations can be offered financial incentives to assist with efforts. I believe the Kodian Senator is speaking of frustration and while the logic of the bill's action is flawed, his heart is in the place where many should have theirs right now as well," she added.

"I promise you, Senators, should I be elected. The cries for the wounds of war to heal on our worlds will be heard and acted upon. Senator Rawkem, while you may have overlooked your delivery, your heart is in the right place."


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Hearing already some of the Senators speak, it was only logical that one can propose something and yet had not shown the proposal itself in the finer details. Rawkem shrugs a bit and bows his head to the senators "I apologize for the stupidity of this Kodian, my head has been all over the place and primarily focused on the wellbeing of our people. The proposal I have suggested is now sent to your consoles to review. Please if you have questions I will gladly answer them" He saw that some senators indeed looked at their consoles and were nodding to each other on various things they saw. There were a lot of red wires and obstacles that needed to be overcome. But Rawkem was here to serve his people and their lives are in a fragile state.

Proposal #115

  1. To aid Yamatai planets in their economical infrastructure
  2. To supply Yamatai citizens with basic needs
    • Food
    • Fresh Water
    • Shelter
    • Medical Facilities
  3. To reclaim Yamatai planets that are currently in the holding of Kuvexian remnants

  1. Every planet within the Yamatai Empire requires to be heard in their plea for help or support.
    • This can be economical aid to be able to rebuild the required housing.
    • Taxes are frozen on a temporary period of at least 6 months and will be reviewed per planet to see if a new cycle is needed or taxes can be demanded again.
    • A support fleet with the designated purpose to aid humanitarian support should be built on a temporary note. The size of the fleet is up to the experience and wisdom of the Star Army.
      • Temporary in this regards means until the fleet has served its purpose and will be disbanded afterward.
      • An example of structure is Task Force 48
  2. Planets that have devastating results should receive priority in humanitarian relief.
    • Food should be provided to local citizens
    • Fresh water and equipment to create such should be installed and given
    • Shelter areas should be created for local citizens
    • Proper instructions and guidance for cooperation in search and rescue operations in ruins should be coordinated by SAR specialists.
    • Medical Facilities should be constructed to aid the Star Army in SAR or potential PEARL operations.
  3. A request is made to the Star Army to start the operational reconstruction of their fleets to consider reclaiming former Yamatai planets that are now in Kuvexian control.
    • Operational experience and guidance are left in the hands of the Star Army Command structure.
    • Government and Political bodies demand quick action on this activity so that Yamatai can focus fully on recovering from dreadful war.

Hearing Katsuko talk about the matter made him grin a little bit, only to quickly go back to his neutral facial expression "The Senator is right, the idea of creating a department to serve in this regard sounds ...well perfect but a bit wine after the cheese situation. For now, this act would give leeway for people to act properly and quickly. We got planets currently in dire need of support, some planet infrastructure doesn't even have the ability for fresh water while others need medical assistants as they only have a few operational hospitals while the others got destroyed. Creating a department would mean time, time is a luxury our people out there" He points somewhere random up "Don't have...they need our government to act and act now"


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Seinosuke's expression was a little terse as Katsuko offered up such a speech. He personally was already against having non-Senators sit anywhere other than the public gallery, as it diminished the political legitimacy and safety of the chamber. Technically speaking, it was actually illegal to do so..

The Iemochi gazed across the chamber to their other speaker. "Given we don't have a Premier to keep order in this Senate, I'd like to say what they would. Until you're elected, it is out of order to act as if you were a Senator and attempt to sway lawmaking in this place. Shall we invite those in the viewing gallery down here to take the seats of absent Senators too?"

"This isn't the place for campaign speeches, especially when doing so during such a process borders on impersonation." The Elysian shook his head, "Either way, the Premier's role in this chamber is to keep order, not to influence the will of the Senate."

Seinosuke wasn't one to mince his words on matters of protocol. He genuinely had nothing against Katsuko, but was astonished that security had let her down here to be able to weigh in on process. Everything Mochi had said was true and he hoped she knew that.

Collecting himself for a moment, the Star Army officer turned back to the only other Senator who had spoken so far. "I agree with the spirit of the text you have proposed, Senator Rawkem. One thing occurs to me: How are we to gain these additonal resources - food, water, shelter, hospitals - to offer as charity without raising tax to gain the capital to do so?"
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Katsuko's lack of response was nearly as strategic as the move that had put the bird in the cat's mouth. It may have seemed like she had come to campaign as he had suggested but when she had spoken she knew full well that any voiced opposition or aim at her words would have the exact result she had in mind. It was no secret that the former Empress didn't need to win an election to have sway, every governor in the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector and soon every candidate for the Senate from the region would be within her sway. More importantly, the move that had begun years before when she brought the Motoyoshi back to the region, driven Imperial loyalty and prosperity down the throats of the war-torn region was a yoke. The Yugumo Workers Federation and her corporation had simply bred loyalty through lining the people's pockets and during the war their resource drive economy had made the region rich. She didn't need to flex, she didn't need to win. What burned in her heart were the words of the Empire's citizens and regardless of how lacking of tact her words were, she very much had snagged Mochi like a mouse in a trap.

The Senate was at least looking at a matter now that actually held the people's interests at heart, even if it had cost her. She has appreciated Rawkem's flawed proposal for what it was because regardless of how the goal was reached, rebuilding the Empire was the most important focus of any leader. She closed her eyes and smiled pleasantly as she sent the silent secure message to Governor Motoyoshi Taro and their representative within the Workers Federation. The Senate wouldn't be the battleground, the affected citizens and those loyal to Himiko's rule would be the voice she needed further. Mochi was right about the technical job of the Premier, but where he had fallen short was that Katsuko had always acted outside of her station, her signature move even in the Star Army had been unorthodox.

Steel apertures reopened with an almost lazy motion, there was no reason for her to respond. The two-dimensional thinking had always been the folly of the politicians that displayed certain views in that arena and she had begun to understand what she had originally sought, where each of them that had spoken so far stood in terms of political alignment. In terms of inviting down the gallery, the very reason the Senate seats in her region were not fully occupied, although soon to acquired, their lack of representation had a historical spin on it that she had fully manipulated in the clan's transformation of the region from destitute rogue to an Imperialist paradise. She held the fact that at least inviting the public from the gallery would put real citizens with real issues in any empty seat to herself. She had played with the bird enough.


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Anslen watched the exchanges of his fellow senators. The proposal was similar to ones he had made during the occupation, trying to bolster the refugees from Essia and winning support for getting it retaken. Katsuko's comment was interesting, it also antagonized the very people who voted to make her premier. While the public was polled for their opinion, and a senator usually went with what their world voted, they could vote differently. Something make much more likely by stunts like that. Anslen had to admit, he was not a completely unbiased observer given his own candidacy for being Premier. Which was why he had chosen to let his fellow senators speak before himself on a issue they likely already knew his views on.

"My fellow senators, part of the issue is funding this project. I have three solutions I believe will resolve this issue without raising taxes. First, we are seeing a reduction in expenses for things such as shipbuilding and personnel as the Star Army has decided to move to a more peacetime footing. Second, most of what is provided for here is already funded under the Department of National Infrastructure and Utilities. Thirdly, our unused production in military shipyards can be used to build ships and construction equipment that we can then sell to both bring in revenue and increase the supply of equipment available to build the infrastructure we need. In our constitution, we have promised to keep our citizens safe not just from external threats, but also from internal and natural ones as well."