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Senate: Misc [Senator Introduction] Voices of the Nation


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Ketsurui Sora being currently elsewhere in the Star Empire, made her suggestion as she had her other recent Senate inputs, through a holographic projection of herself wearing a deep green kimono fed through her mutli-function bracelet that kept her up to date on the goings on in the Senate among other things.

"Since we are back to a Senate representative system for the various systems, we should endeavor to introduce ourselves to one another and what systems we represent. I shall begin to get things started," the young crimson haired Ketsurui said politely with a smile. "I am Ketsurui Sora, daughter of Ketsurui Sharie and granddaughter to Taisho Ketsurui Yui. I am a diplomatic and public relations officer in the Star Army of Yamatai, currently ranked as a Shoi. I am the current representative for the Himiko System in the Ketsurui Military Sector and I look forward to working with you all."

Her projection bowed deeply before rising. "If someone else would like to introduce themselves to keep the proceedings going?"
A booming sound was heard from outside the Senate Chambers. The booming steadily grew louder until the doors flew open. Coming through the doorway, barely able to fit, was a hulking mass with well-groomed brown fur. He was a Kodian, a biped Ursoid race. This specific Kodian has a scar running down the side of his face, and there was noticeably a metal cybernetic part where his left elbow should have been. He also wore red pants and a dark grey shirt with a red sash. He took a moment to scan the room, a stern look on his face, before he continued towards his seat, the booming noise sounding with each footstep against the ground.

He eventually found the seat designated to his planet. Before sitting he addressed the Senate.

"My name is Wularu of the planet Gashmere, located in the Frontier Cluster to the Galactic South-West of Essia. I am of the Kodians and am the recently appointed representative to the Senate of Yamatai by the General Assembly of Gashmere. I look forwards to my time with all of you."

Upon finishing his speech, Wularu took a seat, at which point the frail wooden bench collapsed under his weight. With only a slightly disgruntled look, as if this was a common occurrence, Wularu growled and the stood back on his feet.

"Looks like I'll be standing..."
"I'll be home tonight at 7:00, don't you worry," Someone said into his mobile communicator as he walked under the entrance to the Yamataian Senate, wearing a green beanie and his other hand carrying a briefcase, "Love you, bye." He pocketed the communicator and removed the beanie, tucking it inside his blazer. It was rather cold outside and he had no hair.

He walked in to his first day on the job as a Senator as voted by the people of Albini. The people of Albini and his family were trusting him to do the right thing. And he made a promise not to let them down.

The senator arrived shortly after the Kodian senator did, and found the large, furry alien standing standing at his place for Gashmere. Pursing his lips in surprise, he moved over to his seat for the system of Albini and sat down with his briefcase on the table.

He then cleared his throat and stood up: "My name is A. Winsbury, elected official of the Albini System for representation in the Yamataian Senate." Senator A. Winsbury was a Nepleslian in his fifties wearing a conservative looking three-piece suit setup with a crisp off-white shirt and a green tie with a single diagonal silver stripe running across it. There was not a single hair on his head, save for light brown eyebrows, "I am honoured to serve the Senate, and I will do so to the best of my capacity."

Winsbury then opened his briefcase. He produced a Yamataian darnunia doll with both eyes blank. He painted in the right eye and placed it on his desk, wishing for good luck in his endeavours. He then placed some blank papers and a pen down, ready to take notes even though he had access to a volumetric screen.
A moment later, the doors opened and a tall, raven haired man entered, escorted by another person. He was wearing a brown jump suit with with the SSS logo on it. As he walked he pulled up a quick interior display on his Personal Holographic Computer. Finding his location, he walked purposefully to the station with Daichi on the placard.

Once there the person behind him sat and surveyed the room. Gunther looked around at the various members present. "Greetings fellow Senators. I am Gunther Bordolf, a member of the Yamatai Scientific Studies Service, Governor of Daichi, and its duly elected Senator. It is an honor to serve with you all to the betterment of our Empire.

Although due to my other duties on Daichi, I will most likely attend most Senate gatherings via Virtual Collective Experience. I do return to Yamatai twice a year so naturally during those times, if we are convened I will attend physically."

Gunther then took a seat next to his assistant.
"I am Mifune Adele. I represent Fujiko system.

"I am a member of the Universal Labor Party and I represent the local planetary governments as a whole. As an elected official for the purposes of representing the interests of the people who work on the mining colonies in Fujiko, I will be remaining in Yamatai year-round. My duty is here.

"I am happily married and I have two daughters, who are lovely, and my husband accompanies me."

Mifune sat down.

She wasn't particularly interested in the introductions; she hadn't been short, exactly, because she was a self-admitted demagogue - and good at it, which is why she was a politician. But, she was extremely curious about one of the nominations she'd glanced over on the list of new senators. A name she had not wanted on the list had somehow cropped up.

Hanako was in the Senate, stars and bars and all. Mifune wondered just how that decision had been made. It had to have been military fiat. If that decision had been through a vote, Mifune might just be convinced to leave politics and the discussion of sufferage and rights by the wayside.

She sipped her water and waited.
An older gentleman with greying hair around his temples — and little above his ears — stood. He was clean-shaven, without jowls or age spots, and his pearly grey eyes looked through red-framed spectacles over a hooked nose. He dressed in a conservative blue suit of fine silk; a white dress shirt with a button-down collar; and a blood-red silk tie in a perfect full Windsor knot. His suit coat was a three-button, and all of the buttons were closed.

He looked over the Senate chambers. When he spoke through thin red lips, he had a voice with a higher pitch that reached across the chambers.

"I am Abraham Yamashita," he said. "I am the Senator for Yamatai, hailing from Ternifac, where I served as a Municipal Councilman for 12 years. I am a widower, as my wife died in the Battle of Yamatai. I have one adopted daughter — a Nekovalkyrja. She is the light of my life.

"I was elected to this position by a close vote by the citizens of Yamatai. I stand before you all as a man who seeks compromise so that we may do the people's work, as we are charged to do."

He sat down and unbuttoned his suit coat.
“Maeda Yusuke-taisa,” said the man sitting behind a little placard that identified Tami’s senator. The Type 35 uniform was immaculately kept and its white panels complemented his blonde hair, which was cut more closely on the sides than it was on the top and back. And though he wore no award ribbons, a blue aiguillette bundle tipped with a crimson red point — identifying him as an officer on political assignment — spilled over his left shoulder and connected at the collar.

Some sort of communications device, no doubt to enhance and filter PANTHEON networking, arched over one ear and ran flat down his neck. Two fingers were gently laid on it as the taisa listened and conferred with his military support team on what more to say.

“I represent Tami on behalf of the Ninth Fleet’s transitional authority,” he finally stated. At no point had he stood as others were, choosing instead to lean forward with an elbow bracing against the desk space before him. He didn’t particularly like the assignment and already yearned to get back to the public relations office at Star Army Command. “May the discussion here remain less spirited than purposeful and more reverent than divisive.”
Yet another projection joined the growing circle of senarors, showing another Ketsurui princess clan in a white, blue and red kimono-like dress.

"I am Ketsurui Kotori," she began as she announced herself. "I have been appointed by the governor of the Kotori system as its representing senator."

"My achievements are mostly military ones, though I have spent the last year apprenticed to Imperial Premier Ketsurui Yuumi for matters of statesmanship, and this experience will be furthered here within this newly defined assembly."

"I look forward to constructive deliberations on matters which will help define our nation in the future," the raven-haired, amber-eyed princess finished with, her projected likeness joining hands as she bent into a slight bow. "Yoroshiku gozaimasu."
"My name is Hanako. I served under Emperor Uesu in the palace and I have been a soldier of the Star Army of Yamatai since YE 21 serving under Ketsurui Yui and I am currently division commander of the First Expeditionary Fleet's strike squadrons. I am an experienced senator, having served before the direct democracy attempt and my proudest achivement in legislature is the law protecting memory backups. I am also an explorer, having cataloged over two dozen star systems to help grow our Empire. I wrote the national anthem of Yamatai. You will find that I am a progressive senator that strongly protects the civil rights of the individual and that I am fiercely patriotic."
The volumetric projectors activated, revealing a beautiful young woman with fiery red hair and glistening emerald eyes. Fujita Minato was unsure of what to expect within the assembly, the retired long-time worker of the Nataria Fleet Depot had spent her life among the bone yards of the Empire's military past -- a lifer of the forested oasis to the Empire's southeast.

"I am Fujita Minato, I am a retired member of our Empire's armed forces. My constituents voices have placed me in this appointment and they will determine it's direction along with my dedicated and loyal support of our Empire as a whole." Young eyes betrayed life long experiences, she could not help but to feel a little under-dressed wearing a dark green chamois button-up top, tan inner-knit pants, and a rugged, but clean pair of hiking boots. Her projection transmitted from the comfort of her log cabin within the forest of the world she adored and was honored to represent.

She looked around, the other projections falling within her analytical gaze. "I look forwards to working with you all." She stepped down from her podium, awaiting the introductions of those who had yet to come forwards. Her achievements, in her eyes, that related to the senate were forthcoming, not something she could speak of in the past tense.
In the corner of the room stood a young yamataian adult female, she had her arms crossed but was clearly talking to someone. She was making a few mentions of 'farms' and 'agriculture' along with issues related to 'piracy', but then ended it with her telling whomever it was she was speking to 'to get it done'

She tapped her ear, let out a sigh, then waited for her turn before speaking up. "The names Yuki Asunana, I represent Anisa. I am an advocate for pacifism, although it doesn't mean I don't understand the reason for a military; just that diplomacy should always be the first option while military force being the second."

"I was voted into this position by the people of Anisa and I am to represent their best interests," her light blue eyes moved over the trio of senators there, including the one military one she recognized from reports. A military senator? she pondered with a mental shake of the head. I just hope she knows that the citizenry comes before the military...
As next coming through the door was a nekovalkyrja. She sported a civilian clothes. A grey jacker and same coloured skirt reaching just under her skirt, under the jacket was peach-coloured blouse. Her black shoes had heels, that click-clacked as she walked through the doors. Her hair was long and bright orange, held back by simple grey headband. Her visage was simple, yet remained some elegance.

"Good day to you fellow senators," she said and bowed deep to others in the room. "Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Iwase Tamako-shosa. I serve as a governor of system Ahrbeg, apointed as such by Shinja Rika-taisho as part of 4th fleet colonisation group. People of Ahrbeg choose me also to represent them within walls of senate. I wish to serve well both them and our empire. Yoroshikou onegashimasu." She finished her introduction and bowed again.
It was some time after the other senators made their introductions - some time after senators themselves were a real thing again. The system of Asura was relatively recent, after all. Or its return, anyway.

His entrance was a bit boisterous, casually shooing away the small crowd of reporters and whoever else behind him simply be entering the chamber proper. A rather large man, he placed his hands on the collar of his partially opened jacket as he looked about the room, nodding to the various seated senators. He looked like a business man: dressed in what could only be described as a power suit. He was a business man.

"Senators! I am Richard Wolfe, representative of the outstanding Asura system. It'll be a pleasure." His voice was loud enough to be naturally heard in the hall, though he quickly made his way to his seat.

Such a long travel to get here - and in person, no less!

Let's make some change...