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Yamatai News (YINN) Separa'Shan Art Show Sponsored by Yugumo Corporation


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Senator Anslen Volontany opened the first Annual Omnihue Art festival at the Kyoto Modern Art Museum today. The museum is hosting a wide variety of Separa'Shan artists for a three month exhibition. Sponsored by Yugumo Corporation to show off their Omnihue line of true color reproduction technologies, the exhibit also highlights one of the species that have been deeply impacted by the war with the Kuvexians. Almost all of the artists are from Essia or are part of the wider diaspora of Separa'Shan. Over a hundred artists and their creations are on display.

[Moving image of a Separa'Shan with a spear killing a Kuvexian, with a small town gathered in the background. Above him is a stylized depiction of Nagashun.]

By Narcissis Ven, This piece shows a Separa'Shan Templar killing a Kuvexiuan during the occupation.

[A picture of a painting that morphs between a happy and healthy village and a destroyed one. A thermal camera shows diffrent levels of heat in the picture changing. A Separa'Shan with black scales is explaining something to what appears to be a Kodian and a Human child.]

Lysurgis Crotalinae shows two children his artwork, the thermal camera shows the heat image that a Separa'Shan would see.

[Picture of a destoryed Ke-M2-4E and a destroyed Revenant Power Armor encircling a Separa'Shan child in a green forest.]

by Boie Elapidae, this picture represents the allies of the Separa'Shan who fell helping them to regain their freedom.

[A tattooed Separa'Shan with moving tattos is explaing something to a surrounding crowd of Minkans. There is what looks like a tattoo device nearby.]

Tattoo artist Basila Dendroaspis shows off her new tattoos and offers her services to a group of Minkans.

All proceeds are being donated to the nonprofit Separa'Shan Refugee Fund.
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