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RP: Neshaten [Session 1] Levia Disaster


Insane Story Writer Foxy
Council Chambers, Netoshen

Sitting at the end of a long marble table was the Queen of the Kingdom, a young girl with green eyes who had her legs crossed over and was looking at some paper work.

The young queen had the expression of annoyance on her face; it was pained her to see that a lot of her people were killed in what she perceived a senseless display of violence. It wasn't just the military that records show were killed, but many civilians who were living out in the countryside where the asteriod had impacted as well.

She looked around the council chambers, pondering curiously to herself. "I will bring this council into order," she muttered although it didn't sound like how she would normally do it, typically when the queen brought the council to order she was cheerful and happy but today wasn't the case; her flare wasn't there, her mind was more focused on what had happened.

"Emergency supplies, along with food, medical, and refugee camps are already being sent to Levia to help deal with the lose of life. However, what I want to know is why this was allowed," the Queen cast a gave over the council chambers, at all of those present. "Why is it that our sensor net didn't pick up on the asteriod until 'after' it had crossed the point of no return?"