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RP Session 1: War

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Yuumi gazed through the projector's mock-up of the galaxy as the lights dimmed enough to allow the full-color, slightly transparent image to really pop. The glow cast a green-white light across the table and the delegates.

The image was tilted a little toward the Lorath, but it was high enough that everyone could see it, especially the galaxy's four arms (two dominant, two trailing). The galaxy was a smaller type — just 75,000 light-years in diameter. A section of one of the main arms was zoomed on, bringing to life a 400 light-year expanse that centered on the black hole around Null and Void.

From there, the image cast off two parts of itself, using Null and Void as the pinpoint edge of a display that looked like a global pie with two, strange shapes cut out of it. Pyros, Vishta and the Envoy knew the three-dimensional map was one that was common in the Yamataian Empire, but modified to take Yamatai out of the center, instead placing it as one of many systems.

Light hazes cast over portions of territory covered by the various nations. Yamatai was an electric blue, with its systems becoming neon beacons; Nepleslia took green; the Freespacers had peach; the Gartagens, red; the Lorath, lavender; and the Abwherans, white. The Iroma, who kept their homeworld's location somewhat secret, was represented by a bland globe of tan space in the "galactic north."

The NMX were yellow. And the largest portion of the map.

"I expect the topic of the NMX will dominate this conference eventually. But before it does, I have something to address first."

Three areas — Nepleslia, the Freespacers and the Lorath — became brighter, while the others faded.

"My nation has not been a good neighbor. Violence has visited your doorsteps, and be it in pursuit of terrorists or the Mishhuvurthyar, it is inexcusable."

Yuumi's eyes gleamed in the light as she looked to the Envoy, but not with tears. "Though my nation has made some attempts at reparations, or have assisted in other ways, nothing can ever make up for the wrongs we have caused. There are times we even nip the hands of old friends — " she looked through toward Pyros — "and that is equally unacceptable.

"I won't pretend any apologies I offer will soothe such wrongs. Nor am I going to expend time trying to please you all. Instead, I offer a proposal that will give my nation a chance to redeem itself in your eyes, and will lead us, perhaps, to a time of peace."

All areas but the NMX faded away, leaving a harsh yellow glow casting a pall across the room.

"The being you all knew as Melisson no longer is in power, as she now is a captive of my nation. The reason the NMX are not here is because the leader of it now, Reiaz, is a murdering bastard who has no use for any of our kind, or yours. He wants only to conquer, to control and, failing those things, kill. He has to be stopped because, after he has finished off my nation, he will come for yours."

Yuumi's eyes crossed around the table, and her posture softened in her chair. " ... But my nation has not earned your trust, and rightly so. I don't expect us to take the reigns of any proposal to destroy this evil."

She looked directly at Pyros, fire meeting fire. "Instead of treaties or agreements, I propose an alliance of mutual goals. With the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia leading this union, I have no doubt that we could succeed — and as the Imperial Premier to Her Highness, the Empress Himiko, I stand here ready to commit the Yamatai Star Empire to this endeavor, serving under the command of the Imperium."

Yuumi held her body slightly leaned forward, breathing slow and steady. She held Pyros' gaze, watching for a reaction, a twitch, a sign he was about to throw his flask at her head.

No risk, no reward, she thought.
Wazu would respond quietly, leaning in towards Vishta, “She has no need to lie, the threat she will talk about is real, and I am certain she will make a good case for dealing with it the way she wants. I would not expect her not to focus on what we should do in the future and avoiding things like why we are in this position now. If you want something at this conference, you will need to focus on adjusting her narrative to include your goals. I would not expect her to be concerned for us out of the goodness of her heart.”

Wazu would then move away just slightly, getting an unobstructed view of Yuumi.

“It is not her claws that are dangerous; I would assume she is like Yui.

Her soldiers do not merely follow orders, they genuinely love her.
And love can make one do stupid things…”
Varuna pressed her rectangular spectacles up her nose, raising it just above a red line that connected to all of the glowing, swirling tattoos that webbed all over her body. Much like her colleague, and much unlike the Temple Guard Ahrim, Varuna was very sharp. Her head smoothed down to a small pointed chin which could be followed all the way up to her horns, which swirled inward just slightly. Her hair, which was cut short to fit just above the mantle of her robe, curled inward, with various strands kissing her cheek.

As the debates for war took hold, she reached to rub her eye. The bridge of her spectacles split, and the right lense flowed back onto the edge of her eye, allowing her to rub it gently. The other lense simply stayed steady, held in place by wiry strands of metal that appear to had melted into a filigree pattern on the edges of her face. As she returned her hand back to her lap, the lense returned to its place, connecting the bridge once more. The glasses were quite clearly, a part of her body, and a prime example of Iromakuanhe Symbiotes.

For the most part she was silent and sober, but very invested into the events. She herself showed a genuine interest in the field of outlander politics. Though, as Yuumi proposed her offer to Pyros, Varuna urned her head gently to speak to Ahrim in whispering Sal'Saari.

"Why is the leading power of this conference offering the position of leadership to what seems to be the most disorganized group of the entire conference? Their Sengraiv doesn't even seemed that bothered in listening to his Makuzhar, and the assistant is floundering in her responsibilities."


Unaware, or at least uncaring, of the whispers about the room, Pyros leveled his gaze at Yuumi. The Premier of Nepleslia heaved a sigh that sent him back into his chair a bit, before he came back to resting on the cane. He took a look Flint, who would probably seem awfully off-put by any such relation to Yamatai. Then, he turned his attention to Sheva, who was in absolute awe of the offer being presented, almost bouncing in anticipation. With a few silent seconds passing, Pyros stroked the wispy, pointed tuft on his chin thoughtfully.

And then he took a swig of his flask.

"So let me get this straight. You want me to lead a union of nations to stop a problem that started with you, and was originally just your problem." summarized Pyros as he tapped his flask gently against his cane. "A problem that could be traced all the way back to the beginning of the squid's existence."

Tap Tap Tap, went the flask, getting a little louder for a moment.

"And you're asking Nepleslia to take the reins of this operation? A people whose sole purpose thus far was to get away from these foreign problems. We broke off of Yamatai for the sake of commanding ourselves, and, for once, fixing our own problems." Pyros took another sip, letting the alcohol sting his tounge on the way down. "The Reds prevented us from living the life we wanted, and we kicked their asses for it. Now? They're not a problem, they're people of Nepleslia now, and wherever their radical, governmental heads of power were whisked off to, they're no longer our problem.

"The Squids are no longer our problem. Our complacency let them sink their teeth into our hides, but we put in the good fight, and we're kicking their asses off our worlds. We've had our fight, we're sick of the enemy, and we're tired of being drug into problems, issues, and debacles related to Yamatai.

"Nepleslia, once again, is here out of courtesy. Our only demand is our independence from the galaxy's issues, to be given space to handle our own problems, and the god damn politeness from the rest of the galaxy to mind their fuckin' business."

Pyros wet his lips with another sip from the flask.

"So the answer's no. We don't want nothin' to do with this." The Premier rolled his hand, "But thanks, Yuumi." He gave a little salute with his flask, "It's nice to see someone in Yamatai that doesn't have a stick shoved square up their ass."


Sheva's glowing smile, previously beaming brightly, had sunk into a rather dejected frown. A disappointed, yet understanding frown.
Vishat listened to Wazu’s summation of Yuumi and responded with a hushed “Indeed.” She then drew silent as the Nepleslian spoke his opinion on Yuumi’s suggestion to solving the NMX problem. The Nepleslians had apparently already made up there minds, and judging by everything she had read and heard about them, changing their minds would be no easy feat.

“Ever stubborn..” She whispered to Wazu. Vishta stood up and drew in her breath. She looked directly at Pyros and followed him up. “ I can see that there is much bad blood here in this conference. Obviously many have sour intentions against Yamatai because of the things they have done in the past. Because they caused the NMX as your stated my dear Pyros. But the question I pose to you is simple. What happens when the NMX finish with Yamatai? The NMX have shown they will destroy you Nepleslians just as willingly as they will destroy us, or any of the other races here.”

“This is not a conflict of politics, or ideals. This is a conflict of annihilation. We sided with the Yamataians based on data we had collected. Based on the fact that the Yamataians needed any help they could get.”

Vishta paused. “Let it sink in, based on patterns the NMX will not stop until they have raped and slaughtered every last sentient species in sight. We have all seen the reports, the news vids. You Nepleslians have experienced their fury first hand. I am not asking you to suddenly change your answer in regards to the Premier’s new bold battle plan. What I am asking is for you, and every other representative here to understand, process and accept the harsh reality. Even with the crushing defeat Yamatai handed to the NMX in recent times, this war will end badly for all races, intelligences, and political entities if we do not stop squabbling over the past and start actively coordinating our respective militaries to combat this menace.”

Vishta would then sit back down, and look at Wazu. "A little dose of truth, give them some food for thought." She whispered as she flicked her hand beckoning Wazu to pour her a glass of water.
Wazu would lean forward, to pour Vishat her glass of water.

He would then quietly start composing his response to her on his datapad in detail, adding verbally,

"The NMX being some nearly unstoppable force is certainly a truth they would want you to help them spread. I would not so quickly accept their colorful projections."
Flint Vanderhuge's first reaction to Yuumi's daring proposal was to stifle a single amused "Heh," under his breath, unable to contain the smirk slowly curling at the edge of his mouth. 'And now the begging begins. It's a wonder they've lasted this long,' the Grand Admiral thought to himself as he crossed his broad arms and leaned back into his seat, glancing off to his right and watching Premier Pyros give the Yamataian diplomat their answer. It was, for the most part, exactly what Flint was thinking, and he didn't need to confer with his Premier to share the sentiment.

The massive ID-SOL scanned the expressions Westwood's words had warranted. They were mixed, some of them obvious in their disapproval. After the Gartagen representative began implying that Nepleslia wasn't fully aware of their situation, Flint began to swell up a bit, his amusement turning to growing indignation and resentment. He kept himself in check, however; he was here to support Pyros and properly explain Nepleslia's will, not make a mockery of her counterparts.
Yuumi considered her options at a speed only a Neko's mind could manage.

  • Play off the argument of Vishta. She crossed it out immediately; much as she appreciated Yamatai's ally coming to its defense, she was in an indefensible position.

    Push Pyros around. She crossed that off too. Pyros didn't repeat himself. It was something Yuumi liked about him, even if she wanted to break his nose for the back-handed compliment.

    Appeal to the crowd. It would come off as ham-fisted, Yuumi thought. She spiked it.

    Retreat. For now. It was the option Yuumi had considered most likely, and the one she best was prepared for. She took it.

"Vishta Joun Amiel," Yuumi said, looking at the princess. "I thank you for your words. They mean much to me, and my people."

When she looked back at Pyros, she didn't focus on him. Instead, her stare looked through him. Past the room, the station, the Empire, the galaxy. She was looking at a bigger picture.

"But the Premier is right. Nepleslia has suffered enough from my nation's inadvertent creations. The people of the Imperium want their freedom and independence, and they have earned it with blood. If they want only to be left alone, then it behooves my nation to respect their wishes. Honor demands it."

She leaned back in her chair. The main projector shut off, and the terminals of each delegate came alive; they now could use the projector if they wanted.

"If no one else has business they wish to propose, we can move onto trade agreements."
Ahrim had only glanced at the projection of the galactic map before closing his eyes. Arms folded as he listened politely to Yuumi's words taking them with a grain of salt for what they were. Prior to their arrival within what the other races called the 'Kikyo Sector', the Iromakuanhe had already been gathering intelligence. What they'd found had at first been fascinating, many diverse civilizations. Information however had a way of souring the more they dug. Wars had wracked this sector, more so in the last thirty four years than it had in centuries.

It almost made the Temple Guard cringe at the prospect of introducing his society to a place constantly at odds with one another. But not only that, also an outside menace calling themselves Mishhuvurthyar.

An eye opened as Varuna asked her questions, Ahrim waiting patiently as she continued and only to respond in hushed whispers of their native Saal'sari in turn.

"The leading power of this conference has weathered the harshest blows of this war. For them to spearhead a retaliatory campaign it would sap their remaining strength. Attrition and Brute Force tactics are their way and it has cost them. The Colonials have suffered less than their Synthetic neighbors and retain much of their strength."

His eye closed then as he continued. "It is the way of the Colonials. Their disorganization may appear as sand scattered to the winds. But give the Colonials a unifying purpose; watch as the pieces begin to fit and an image take shape from the chaos."

Ahrim gave the briefest of nods as the Premier finished his speech.

"Their Sengraiv and Makuzhar, they are doing what they feel is best for their people given the circumstances with the Synthetics. Both have had strained relations with the other. Colonials distrust the Synthetics because of past grievances and have yet to let go of old grudges. Children learn as they go if they have no hand to guide them."
Vishta nodded her thanks for the water and sipped from the glass as her eyes darted down and began reading the bad. Her clawed hand genitally tapped her response.

She then responded to Wazu verbally. "Nothing will ever change unless we all cooperate, but your advice is noted.

Vishta nodded in response to Yuumi but spoke once more after the premier made her retreat. "No disrespect is intended, but honor and pride will mean nothing when our respected people are slaves on burning worlds."

It seemed as though her words had stung the Nepleslian giant. Though Vishta's goal was not to make irritate them, it did her well to know her words held enough weight to warrant a reaction.

As far as Trade went, Vishta sent another message to Wazu, seeking his guidance. She was no economist, and he knew how the economics of this sector worked.
"I see no reason to linger on the topic of Nepleslia's involvement." Velor spoke, as he made a gesture of his hand to let things pass. "However, I caution the Imperium, that it is counter productive to alienate neighbors in a time of need, one day, the Imperium may need a favor, and may look for a helping hand, to find that no one is willing to help. I however, can guarantee that when possible and viable, that my people will aid Nepleslia in times of hardship, and I hope that the Imperium will recognize this fact while licking wounds and enjoying all that freedom has to offer." The High Priest added, as he gave a nod to Yuumi; "Carry on with the topic of trade, former Empress, after all, it is a subject of great interest to the Matriarchy."
The Freespacer representative remained silent. There was nothing that, as a whole, the Free State could offer. Individuals might contribute themselves as researchers, soldiers, or other staff, but materials and similar resources were already scarce for the Freespacers. In fact, they were, in a way, accepting hand-outs, though doing their best to return any perceived favors with labor.

Though the Polysentience buzzed, there were no clear calls or arguments for or against joining the Yamatians in their fight. As it was, much that needed talked of between the Free State and the Yamataian Empire had already been discussed at the Lighthouse; the Envoy had been sent to observe the other races in attendance, for the most part, and allow the majority of the State to observe first-hand -- or live, at least -- who their neighbors were and what they represented in the field of greater galactic politics.
Across from the Nepleslian Envoy, the sole Abwehran Representative (now that Wolfgang had left the room) sat with her legs crossed and her eyes observing her fellow delegates of the Conference. Most of what she saw displeased her, but nothing could be done about that.

It was apparent past transgressions sat heavily in the seat in front of her, she could tell just from the surface emotions, the body language, it was all there. The Gartagen Princess was right over all about the NMX, but pledging to fight a war when the front wasn't united and only few were prepared for was folly. Raising her hands to her chin, Iris intertwined her fingers and rested her nose upon her knuckles.

It seemed like Yamatai couldn't be the self-serving natures of the nations around it. They wanted to protect themselves. Some probably felt Yamatai would weaken the NMX enough to stall them and they maybe right. But Abwehr wasn't ready for interstellar war. They're homeworld was right next to the front line, so it was obvious they would have to join eventually --- even a bureaucrat such as the Minister of State could realize this. Abwehr needed a buffer zone and they had the ground troops for it...but none of the ships. Her military advisors had warned her that relying upon the ships of others would be a serious weakness the Empire couldn't afford.

Which made the upcoming coalition with the Union so important for the future.

"I believe moving onto Trade Agreements would be most ideal," Iris stated as she moved her hands away from her face and glanced around the table. "It seems talks of conflict are an ill-fated topic."
Pyros scratched his chin, before propping himself over his cane. He expected the dissatisfied statements from other nations, especially in a conference where codependence was expected. Yet the Premier didn't seem too phased by words. Though he was mildly surprised by how quickly they were to assume their own defeat in the face of monstrous. Despite the years of war already permeating the galaxy, there was no call to arms until now. Yamatai was weakened, and all of the smaller nations began to fear the Galaxy's big brother shriveling against its enemy. If now was the time they would realize the threat of this enigmatic force of insane aliens, perhaps they did deserve to burn.

The Sky Marshall was only more perplexed by the negativity he received for not wanting to play Eagle Scout in this political charade. Did they all really think that Nepleslia's supposed independence was a cry of isolationism? If that were the case, then Nepleslia would've refused attendance.

I hate politics. grumbled his boozing thought engine, Why can't talking about war be more fun in these sort of events?

"Here we go." sighed Pyros, much to Sheva's professional distaste.

"Sir! Please, do not carry yourself in such a way. Especially when terms of galactic trade are being discussed!" whispered Sheva sharply.

"Listen, the interesting part of this conference is already over." groaned the Premier, looking increasingly bored.

"Sir!" Sheva whispered sharply again, but stopping momentarily when she found herself at a loss. For a few seconds, she bounced her knees pensively. "I'll bet they'll talk about pirates."

"Pirates?" hummed Pyros.


"Space Pirates."

"Space Pirates.

"The kind that provoke fights?"

"Perhaps even terms of international security, which means all kinds of fighting."

Pyros stared at the P.R. Adjunct for a few seconds, before turning his attention back to the table. He seemed a little more vested in the discussion now. "Okay."

Sheva appeared rather pleased with herself, lightly bopping the Grand Admiral on the arm with her dainty hand. The gesture was proud, especially with the smile that said, 'look at what I just did'.
Yuumi’s secretary placed a glass of water at the Imperial Premier’s elbow.

Miki Tanaka had remained silent, a prefect shadow, for the opening talks – and that was, actually, one of her primary purposes. Although she had her own opinions about the Premier’s political strategy, and although some of it caused her pride to stick unpleasantly somewhere between her stomach and her throat (for Miki was not one for swallowing pride, no-sir), overall she agreed. And she had ever relished the chance, just like today, to be near the Premier and to be a part (if a small one) of international relations.

Some of the aides were sitting. Miki, instead, chose to stand nearby, back and a little to the right of the Premier. The focus here was the Premier. Of course.

As she became another species of statue again, Miki considered what to advise, because although she and the Premier had already produced their strategy prior to the conference, sometimes things changed.

Finally, she decided upon, ‘I am given the impression that the Nepleslian delegate does not represent a unified country. If you draw him into other churlish behavior, their press will eat it and ask for seconds, and he may be deposed long before any of the decisions we make today bear fruit.

'The other delegates seem genuine in my opinion. The advice that Wazu is giving Delegate Vishta may be some sort of ruse to please us, or it may not. She brought him along, but does not appear to be heeding him, and it makes me wonder why. Perhaps he is just a stage prop, and the delegate may push hard for something later in the conference, hoping that a blatent show of unity like this will grant leeway or special consideration.'

'I haven't seen enough of the others to give a clear opinion yet.'
Glancing around the room as the conversation began to turn to trade, Flint's complacent smile returned as he recrossed his arms, leaning over a bit towards Pyros and Sheva. "I don't think that the people here understand just how capable Nepleslia is of handling this situation on its own, Premier," the Grand Admiral spoke to the two of them in an uncomfortably non-personal volume; Yamatai had ruled that he was not to speak directly for Nepleslia, and he was not. Yamatai's rules never really sat well with him regardless. Flint's smile grew wider as he went on, his eyes trailing off onto the other delegates as he spoke aloud to Pyros. "Go easy on them, sir. None of them have seen what our nation can do when we fully devote our military into action. With our unified systems producing for war, the NMX don't stand a chance. Hell, I'm certain I could take my own fleets and crush what little the NMX have left on my own, especially after Yamatai's softened them up. It would be easy."

"But trade, huh..." Flint leaned back, resting a large elbow onto the edge of the table in front of him and setting his chin in his open palm. His other hand drew towards the table, one finger tapping contemplatively against the surface as he pondered the next subject and his opinions to give to his Premier. The ID-SOLs eyes drew up and stared into the air, disinterested; Flint knew little about trade. His specialty was war, which he did well. "... we have plenty of provide. What do we really need? Sheva?"
Tafari looked to his two aides and listened intently, refraining from making any overt display of the brewing vexation already fermenting in his mind. Despite having spent a decade fighting the Yamataian-made Mishhuvurthyar abominations, they were perfectly willing to foist responsibility and leave the smaller and less militarily developped nations to their own devices.

"The Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth is not finished discussing the war." He took a very long and deliberate breath and looked out to the others. "And there is clearly more to be said."

"We are not in a militarily advantageous position at this time. The cancerous fruits of your errant biotech corpus... these Mishhuvurthyar, are a menace without morality, culture or ambition. They butcher the bodies of your dead for no purpose other than to mock you, and have no ambitions beyond bluntly quashing all spacefaring societies into oblivion." Tafari reached for glass of water and took a small sip of water, suppressing the urge to gag at drinking something without flavor or precious intoxicants. "While the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia and Yamataian Star Empire can afford non-intervention or even the possibility of a ceasefire... as I believe was one intention of this conference before the NMX 'warlord' refused to send an envoy, it is not so for the other civilized races of this region."

"Consider, however briefly, that a tenth of the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp..." The diplomat said, pronouncing every syllable of that strange collection of words with startling accuracy. "... would gleefully crush the military fleets of any species other than yours. We are not so free as you to foist responsibility or remain neutral, and others do not even have the privilege of subordinating themselves to you. Every moment we speak, the butchers draw closer to some other species that has not been contacted, and will hijack their self-determinative process and make them slaves... or far worse."

"This is unacceptable! The lifeform is an outgrowth of the ongoing hostilities between the synthetic-dominated Yamataian Empire, and its once-master and once-vassal Nepleslia, as well as the other colonies which share in its genetic heritage and history of warfare."

"You have birthed a monster through your ignominious conflict, and now you have brought us here so that we may beg for our lives and join in your alliance against the all-consuming menace."
Vishta sat back and watched the Iromakuane delegate cut loose where she held back.

Vishta looked over to Wazu. "I like these people." She said to Wazu.

Building on what the Iroma delegate just said Vishta followed him up. "Discussing trade while soldiers are dying is offensive to me all things considered. My people have a lot more at stake then just pride. We attended this meeting in the hopes of trying to resolve this NMX situation so that we can all flourish."

"I do no doubt the military capabilities of any nation here today. But I think we need to set pride aside, stop dwelling on the past and seriously start considering what we can all accomplish here if we unite again the NMX."
Tap. Tap... Tap...

The Grand Admiral's finger pattered away at the surface of the conference table, the tempo slowing to a crawl before stopping altogether. Flint had moved his other hand from holding his chin aloft to covering him lower jaw, hiding his mouth from the rest of the representatives. He remained silent, his eyes piercing out from the small area beneath the sharp ridge of his cap and the top of his broad hand as he exchanged pensive glances between Pyros and Yuumi.
"Is it me, or have I stepped into a situation where tact and caution have been tossed to the wind?" Velor spoke, smirking softly. "I congratulate those gathered, on treading where I dared not for the sake of being diplomatic. If we are going to be frank during this gathering, and disregard formalities, then I feel that this conference will be worth the effort." Came the voice of the Lorath Matriarchy, and perhaps alarmingly for one of the host nation, the High Priest sounded enthused.

"I may have overheard an individual here speak of the strength of Nepleslia, I am unsure, but it did come through loud and clear. What I heard, was that Nepleslia is capable of handling a lot, and that is what I know to be the truth, and that is why I expect the Imperium to be able to deliver where Yamatai has not been able to, and I hope, for all of our sakes, that the Nepleslian people settle things, and settle them well." Velor spoke, as he then shifted his attention to the Iroma representative.

"Envoy Tafari, the Lorath people have occupied a position similar to the position of your people, we know the agonies of interstellar warfare and politics, and the way they mingle. We know what it is not to measure up to the larger, and more robust organizations present. We can sympathize with your concerns, and we, as a people, agree with your stance and feelings." Velor spoke, his speech clearly solemn as he carried onward. "At this time, based upon the stance of the Yamataian Empire, and the Nepleslian Imperium, I feel that as the representative of one of the better-armed independent races, I can assert that perhaps there should be a united effort on the parts of those separate from the Yamatai Empire and the Imperium, a cooperative effort to sustain ourselves against the onslaught brought on by the scientific horror which our neighbor has been unable to quell."

There it was, Velor went for the throat of the matter, as his golden eyes darted for a moment to the former Empress, as well as the Sky Marshall. "I will make it clear though, that this proposed notion of banding together, would be for the purpose of pooling our defensive resources to ensure our survival, while the Imperium and the Empire figure out just what they are doing, and in the event of their failure, or their asking of us, and ensuring cooperation, then and only then perhaps we could band together to aid them." When Velor emphasized the matter of the Empire asking a favor, he looked square at the former Empress, as if the look would spread to the person he had in mind with those words, as he brought words spoken so long ago to mind... words that warned Yamatai that one day, they would perhaps come to the Lorath with hat in hand.

"I make this proposal to the representatives of the smaller nations gathered in the spirit of forging new bonds, and to ensure that we can effectively counter the threat that has been unleashed upon us. I do this to carry on a legacy set down by the Queen of my people, which was killed by the NMX, I do this to avenge that Queen, which was my sister. Know now, that my people are ready to invest our very souls to this effort, to protect and aid those which would be at risk who exist outside of the protection of the Empire, or the Imperium. We have made this intent clear in the past, and I would like to make it clear that this intent remains even now." Velor spoke, it was bold, and it was liable to blow up in his face, but the writing was on the wall... it was the little guys in the realm of giants, and the only way they were going to make it through, was going to be in a united front.
Wazu certainly did not look pleased, but kept quiet. Conversing with the Vishta over datapad as she discussed with the others.
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