Star Army

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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

RP [Seventh Fleet] Changes of Command


Convention Veteran
RP Date
YE 41
RP Location
YSS Densetsu
YSS Densetsu
Seventh Fleet Flagship
Admrial Office

William sat across from Katsuko, the office was clear of the nearly constant crowd of officers that followed a Admrial. It was just the two of them. In a few minutes, they would leave and preform the change of command ceremony. There were some cups of tea on the table between them. He smiled at her. "It has been a wild ride." He commented.

Katsuko nodded, she leaned back in her chair and gazed towards Wlliam. He seemed well enough, it was not like she didn't have a say in all of this, reassignment was inevitable, she needed to end this phase of being a ghost, the chance to rebuild a fleet and reinsert herself into the scene of command was important to her career, the avoid the path of retirement she had once considered when the trail, the obsession of locating Angelica, had long went cold. "It has, a wild ride that leads only to a new ride, a new journey for both of us. I wish you well, I hope you and the Seventh find success in your ventures, and if you need me....I will be a call away," she said, as she adjusted the taughtness of her ponytail, she was wearing her hair up again, a sign she was ready to get down to business as she had done when she was a much younger, less experienced Taisho. " So do you know what your first set of orders will be? Where you are going?" she asked, curious as to where her soon to be former fleet would be headed.

"My first order is probably going to be telling the fleet to Rally for the assualt on Essia. Now that the ninth and the third fleets have been redeployed, we have a real chance of taking it back. Especially now that we can track them to a degree through the nebula. Senator Anslen tells me that the goverment in exile has now seen the value of having a larger Star Army presence on Essia. There is talk about seeing if they can put a Star Fortress over it. I don’t know if it is going to come to anything. They also seem to be upset about the Separa’Shan who were taken from Essia. Some counts have it as being millions taken by the Kuvexians as slaves. They want them back. If it were up to me, we are probably going to need a year or two to recover our full strength. Then I’d like to see about paying the Kuvexians back for all the trouble that they have been." William explained.

"What about you? What do you see yourself doing with the first expiditionary?" William asked as he took a sip of the tea.

Katsuko thought for a moment, thinking about the plan for the Seveth, "Well remember, you have two Star Fortresses at you're disposal, sure they might be a little dated and have been adapted for mobility, but you could at least hold Essia down until something more permanent can be arranged," she knew her fleet inside and out, it was perhaps the easiest part of the conversation.

Katsuko reached for her mug and took a sip, a thoughtful look on her face, "Plans are still not finalized, but it is my hopes that the First Expeditionary Fleet will become a modernized, effective fleet that fits new mission profiles and can be sustained as atonomously as possible," she paused for a second, then added, "We will see where it goes. This is an opportunity for me to show what I can do, it has been a long time since such an opportunity presented itself."

William nodded, "Like when you first started Seventh. You’ve done a good job with her. I don’t know much about the First Expeditionary Fleet, but I have heard of the YSS Kaiyo, the ship with princess Aiko, is an unorthodox, but effective ship. Their out towards Kuvexia now, so they may be a good choice to bring in. You may also want to consider bringing along a few Tranquility’s with you, there is a lot of space between us and them and some of it is inhabited. You may also want to consider seeing if you can make something like the Ulican-class that the Abwehran have. I know I wish I had more construction and repair facilities and I’m operating inside Yamatai."

Katsuko smiled slightly, then took the last of her tea, "We will see what is out there, William. Yamatai will get through this, lets hope the next time we see each other we're celebrating victory." She stood up, looked down at her desk, "Well, this is yours now....Lets go make this official, the universe doesn't wait for anything..." Her gaze shifted around her office, she took a deep breath then motioned towards the door, "After you, Taisho.." She composed herself, back straight, blue hair bound to perfection, and with confidence she prepared to end an era in her life, and move onto something new.

William drank the last of his tea, "Yes Ma'am." He said, opening the door of the office and leaving it with Katsuko behind him. It seemed only moments later that they were standing on a small stage together with a large crowd of crew and guests watching them. The formal uniforms were perfect. "Attention to Orders!" The chief of staff announced.

This was it, that step forwards that Katsuko had felt tense about. Change was something that the Taisho didn't accommodate for so long, the same people, the same missions, the same goals, it was time to finally step out of those routines and into something new. A slight smile formed on her lips as she glanced towards William and then passed her gaze over the officers and crew who had gathered for the Change of Command proceedings. The Seventh Fleet had been groomed into something that Katsuko was proud of, but it represented a time of transition in her life and career, it meant something to her and the rest of clung to the Motoyoshi name even after she had been accepted into the Ketsurui, the act of mercy that many resented her for, but an act of friendship she could never fully repay until now.

Katsuko gave William a squeeze of encouragement on the right shoulder before she passed him and stood before the podium at the center of the stage and began to speak, “Today is a day of change, a change that will no doubt define the beginning of a new era in the history of this fleet. The first steps you all take under the command and leadership of Taisho William Fletcher. William is a capable, devoted leader who has been an honor to serve with. William has grown, and with that growth comes new responsibilities, a new mission to preserve and protect the Empire.” She paused briefly, and rested her hands on either side of the podium, before she continued, “I've known most of you since the days of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet, and those who I have not have joined us along the way since then. Many times we've wondered what the future will bring for us, we've lived together and we've fought together. We have shared victories and we've to share defeats, not just with each other but with the entirety of the Empire. It has been an honor to serve with all of you, and while many of you question the reasons why I've accepted reassignment, I assure you, I've done what is best for this fleet and for the Empire. Thank you for your duty, for your loyalty, and for your devotion to our home. William will carry this fleet forward from this moment on, and does so with my blessing and support.” She was no good at speeches anymore, but she put effort into this one, she had to show those in the fleet who were not just her subordinates but for the most part members of her clan that she supported this man.

Katsuko had always held a staunch adherence to loyalty, there was no secret that her tight circle had always operated as a unit. When they clapped, supported the words she said it had meaning for the former Empress. She picked up the pad on the podium then and read her orders through to them all, she finished and stepped back giving William a short nod, it was his turn to speak. Meanwhile, two officers stood beside the stage, the gift of a ceremonial sword and something in a small black box waited for presentation to the new Taisho and Commander of the Seventh Fleet.

William stepped forward to read the orders that would put him into command of the seventh fleet. They were short and to the point. He paused for a moment to seperate his own words from the orders.

"I have served under many commanders in my service to Yamatai. Few have been as dedicated and as reliable as Katsuko. She has led us with strength and wisdom. For that we will always be thankful, her example and her words guides us all. Therefore, I wish to present this sword to her that was created in the fleet that she gave so much to."

He took a sword, while it resembled the type 40, the details were different. The sheath carried stylized images from the fleet and it's symbols. It was clearly the work of those who cared deeply about what they were creating. On sword blade there was a message of thanks from the Seventh Fleet witten in gold. He presented the sword to her.

Katsuko accepted the sword, she also handed him the black plain box, she said quietly, "Open it later." Inside was a hummingbird, the same hand-blown glass figurine that had sat on her desk for years. The glass was made from ashes collected from the Taiie debris cloud, the former home of the Admiral and her Motoyoshi Clan.

William gave Katsuko a crisp salute. "I relieve you Ma'am."

Katsuko saluted back, "I stand relieved. Safe Journeys, Taisho. If you need anything, ever, you know how to reach me." Katsuko then gave a nod towards those gathered and made her exit. It was time to go, time for new adventures to begin for both her and William.

William turned to the crowd and stepped up to the Podium to give his first orders. His speech was good, but his mind was on the weight that he had undertaken, especially with the campaign to retake Essia. However, as he looked out at the officers who has supported his predecessor, he knew that they supported him as well. With their support, William knew that they would overcome.