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Vana glanced at the sky as the first few drops began to fall. Great. Just great. She moved her cloak slightly to cover the scope. Porky scooted closer and she reached behind her and scratched his back. She kept scanning the area, looking for something anything she might have missed on her first check or for anything new that might have developed.

Then she noticed the shimmering. Active Camo? Why would someone need active camo in a place like this? Vana sighted through her scope for a closer look. The dome shaped thing could be some kind of heavy defense weapon. Something that would attract undo attention if it was out in the open. That would explain why there was active camo there. The other thing on the roof... Sniper? Vana suddenly felt her heart rate rise ever so slightly before returning to normal. She'd been in fights against other snipers before. That tingle when someone else has you in their crosshairs. This mission just got a whole lot more interesting.

Being extremely careful not to move her outline, Vana reached down and typed a quick message on her portable computer to Remy. Boss. Be advised. Active Camo on top of safe house. Possibly hiding a heavy weapon turret and a sniper.

Maggie, not fully fluent in Trade or even comprehending completely every single nuance of it stared with a dopey smile and her unsettling eyes trying to make out at least every third word the man was saying after the first string seemed just utter and complete jibberish.

His eyes, however, tracked them up and down and Maggie could at least understand that.

"Oh, this coat? No, it's not a sex thing. Yes, fashion either though it is rather stunning we know. It hides our equipment if you understand our meaning. It's made from some creature called a Del-saurian or about the like." Maggie patted her large bionic thighs and the radio rifle underneath. While her clearly mechanical legs weren't hidden the rifle underneath made the same flat, hard thud underneath that their thighs would making the point moot.

"The leotard is a sex thing though." They admitted the black bodysuit underneath leaving noting to the imagination on Maggies feminine yet still androgynous frame as it hugged around the neck, shoulders, and all the way down and around the groin which was nothing more than a durrandium plate that conformed to the shape of Maggies curves but with the bodysuit underneath was clearly armor and not where the biological-part of the foreign cyborg ended.

Only half paying attention Maggie was also spying the data. First looking up towards the top of the building as if trying to picture what might be on the roof, Maggie then trailed down to look below ground level and began trying to form a picture from their limited knowledge of Nepleslian technology as to where they might put the extra capacitors or equipment to-

"Milyy Milyy, posmotrite na etogo ID-SOLa s yego bol'shimi sil'nymi rukami!~"

"Oh?" Maggie's head tilted to appraise Charming Callie and the big man. Not understanding the words they made out ID-SOL and immediately got their interest peaked.

"Is this a SOL?"
Maggie Cooed, suddenly very interested in the before 4/10 at best who approached them. Maggie had heard a lot about the SOL and had seen a few but not yet encountered one personally. They knew they could get very big and some other things but more importantly that everything was proportional on their massive bodies and it made Maggie wonder just how there were so many of them in this place if the average consenting woman was at most Maggies proportions give or take seven bust sizes with whatever was in the water in this sector that made the Bust-Waist-Hip proportions so off (not that they were complaining).

Already running some scandalous maths in that regard and coming to the conclusion the men (and more importantly women) of this sector were considerably more hardy and resilient than their intel had immediately surmised it made them consider that perhaps it was not the logistical strain and mass of bodies that shattered the Emperors mighty forces in this sector but perhaps other factors had contributed.

Nodding along to whatever Charming Callie was going on about in the strange tongue speech Maggie added the occasional affirming hum or grunt of acknowledgement as to whatever was being arranged.
The Shittle

Victoria was no capital-P Pilot, and everyone could feel it when the stabilizer would short out - felt just like hitting a micro pothole on the road. Remy occasionally heard what was certainly cursing from the foreigner's voice when it happened, the bound-up Daur clearly not enjoying these inconveniences as she worked. At least she could fly the shuttle straight enough.

The blonde exec took a deep breath as Remy gave her the go-ahead, then Vana mentioned something about a heavy sniper. Are they on to us? Too late now, anyways... he should still be here, She thought to herself.

The shuttle began to push forward, gently at first before Victoria really gunned the throttle. She spoke quickly into the little network for everyone, "Prepare for impact! I'm going all the way!"

Victoria was fully committing to this charge, her approach angle forcing the shuttle to crash at one corner of its frame first, and - she hoped - making it's way through more than half of the building before it would have to stop. Maybe even the whole damn thing if she was lucky.

Her breathing quickened. Three second to impact and things seemed to slow down, but only for the Daur. She felt her heartbeat, threatening to break her ribs and the harness around her chest with it's force. She hoped the armor was as good as Remy wanted her to think it was.