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Share some of that music love.


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So this staffer has traditional some troubles sleeping and as is tradition to help me sleep I just jam out to music till i'm tired. That's right chair dancing, straight dancing to music with it pumped out loud. When I get in these moods I tend to post on the discord and tonight had some fun sharing some music. So I thought i'd make a fun little post and see what my fellow sarpers jam out to.

Though as with all things want to give abit of a challenge and also to prevent a spam got some rules. Max three links to three different songs. Also I want you pick one song from when you where growing up as a kid, then something from those teenage years to college. Lastly something abit recent that just got you hooked. Bonus points if they got a special meaning to you and if your okay with it share some info.

So i'll get us started.

Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower. Okay to be fair i'm not old enough to hear this when it was released but growing up my dad was a big Jimi Hendrix's fan. On weekends we had this tradition to listen to alot of his music during the day and this just stuck with me. Also lets be honest Jimi is honest to listen to.

Foo Fighters - Best of you. - To this day I love listening to this song. Just brings up alot of great memories with some dear friends who I dearly miss. Nothing like staying up late a cold one and singing with your friends around a fire so off tune.

No time to Die & Skyfall cover - So when I was younger metal and rock was my main thing but I always loved orchestral and classic music. So of late been listening to more sound tracks and not sure why this song has hit home abit.

So theres three of mine and I'd love to see what people add to the mix.


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Let's play. Even if for me three songs are not enough... in particular for teenage years to collage onward. Anyway. Let's try to narrow it down to three titles...

Robert Miles - Children A long time ago when my family was still more or less a family, my father had a cassette, yes a cassette, in our old Ford, with this song and it got played when we made trips aboard. Forgotten for a long time, when I rediscovered it some time ago, in my subconscious it had become connected to the idea of good travelling.

Nightwish - Amaranth Nightwish, the group that changed everything with Within Temptation. In particularly, the song Amaranth, was the first one, the one that opened the door to the time of discovery. It was the song that I can say I found out, it didn't get passed on radio or family listening. From there, there hadn't been enough space for music anymre.

The Night Flight Orchestra - Midnight Flyer A more recent addition to my ever growing music folder, a University friend of mind proposed them to me and it had been insta-love. They had became a must have when there is a need of energy. When travelling, when going out to conventions, when charging up before an exam, when I need some good vibes, the Night Flight Orchestra is there. And live are just as good.

Yoshiro Tanaka

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This is going to be weird but the songs that I love are from Tokusatsu shows, in the Sentai sub-genre I guess you could call it and some vdeo games.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Opening- I was looking up some Power Rangers stuff when I found this. A friend of mine mentioned this series and I had watched a few episodes and loved it. It has a very good vibe as expected of sentai series theme and it is one of the songs that helps me when I want to get jazzed up for a good day.

Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Opening-Old school sentai series. Haven't watched it yet but I loved the theme song. The fact that it is an old school theme song is what made me love it. Not much else to say.

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Opening and Ending- My two favorite sentai songs. The opening is fast and strikes like lightning, just like a ninja. The ending is fun and has a silly dance routine to go along with the ending song. It is a fun and very easy dance to get into. I do not know if it is still on Youtube but there was a video where the Japanese Ninja ranger leader's civillian actor was showing the steps to the dance.


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Nor would my choices. I likely both soft and not so soft music when I go to sleep by myself. I listen to the beats of the song and effectively count sheep.

One day it could be "Rip and Tear" from the Doom soundtrack. The next it is "Judgement Time" from the Dredd soundtrack. Then after that it is "Zeig Dich" from Rammstein.