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Approved Submission [Shasta] Fairy AI

Charmaylarg Dufrain

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Simple portable AI in a box with a physical avatar. So ye can have ye own Navi-like fairy floating around you, critiquing your every action while actually being useful unlike the Zelda sprite by interfacing with technology remotely. No template for such an article so opted out of that option.


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Okay There isn't really much wrong with this honestly. However there is a bit of an organizational issue. The information about what this product is is buried deep in a history of how the product came to be. There needs to be a clearer description of what exactly is being sold. I'm mainly referring to parts like the tangible nanites and the fat that it's a contract hire and not a possession. Information like that needs to be easy to spot, I would suggest adding it to the summary at top, or making a "What you get when you buy" section. That's why it got those 2 X's

Also this part isn't about the actual approval, just a tip. I don't know the actual rules Nepleslia has about AI and sentience, but I would suggest having an article somewhere that describes them, cause the level of sapience described in the article would not let you have them work for no pay in Yamatai. Again, this isn't actually for approval, just a suggestion to make that article somewhere so people don't get confused.

Charmaylarg Dufrain

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Ill amend these tomorrow. And also add something about sex since it was mentioned to me in passing about other ai's and i have to let people know you cant... Well it just wont work out kids, Platonic is as far as you'll get with this product...

Nepland also doesn't have outright laws on AI that im aware of. There are convenient ones like JANEs that are property. But due to their close ties with the spacers its kind of a grey line since the spacers take a more liberal stance on AI and their rights.

Shasta leads an inid/nep business but that's essentially where that ends and leans more towards the spacers. She is in essence a spacer proxy (or will be) and takes more after their rules and culture for stuff like this. That since her close friend and fellow founder wouldn't appreciate or allow her to grow AI and use them as property. The stance the company takes is that they created the AI so they are responsible for them the same way you are responsible for a litter of puppies your dog had. In a nep sense they are viewed as property im sure, but im kind of marketing it more as a contract the same way your phone is under contract. And its also a good excuse for shasta and phage, The two corps founders to ensure that none of these AI are mistreated or discarded under penalty of a lawsuit or having charges pressed.

As for pay...

Well im not 100% sure how i would figure that out or what AI like this would do with money. they have access to the polysentience and InterNep where they can go/do whatever they want. And they cant really do anything with physical objects, so short of some tiny barbie furniture to have tiny tea parties or just buying the very cute clothes offered on the page im not really sure what/how i would have them paid.

Charmaylarg Dufrain

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Ive added a what you get header towards the top. Mostly there so they can see what they get without needing to read through a wall of text. As well further down about the companies stance on AI and why it is a transference of its employment contract kind of instead of property.

i also added some fluff saying you cant lewd the fairy... I know how some people are on this site and...You just cant, ok?...

please let me know if ive interpreted your request for this submission, @Syaoran ~