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Approved Submission [Shasta] Micro/Meso/Macro lasers systems

Charmaylarg Dufrain

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I agree
Im trying to make a weapons system for T1-3, Not a specific weapon, So descriptions are left vague. That way i have a system of weapons i can make for drones and mecha and weapons without needing to make something super different every time. Its just a weapon with one of those systems installed the same way everything uses the same kind of power source.

ive followed the weapon template loosely. removing the pricing and additional ammo types. Its not a physical weapon for sale its the framework the weapon is built around. And while it would be nice if i canonized it that a macro based weapon could use meso batteries it would have to need editing for the DRv3 stuff i dont want to do, And the batteries are different sizes so im treating it like trying to fit a AAA battery in a D battery slot tbh.