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Shipping orders for S6


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RP Date
Dear Lord Pine,
As per the agreement of our alliance. Using the ship plans you shared upon making of said treaty. We have constructed 15 SS2 cruisers for your government.

Jack Pine

Staff Member
FM of S6
Game Master
To: Scarecrows
From: Section 6
Acknowledged, we look forward to receiving of the new vessels. Recent losses due to hostile activity and the sacrifice of our 10 existing broadsword cruisers to build the new colony, have left us fewer in number. Significantly so, therefore we are grateful for this fruitful alliance. As per agreement, you are free to continue construction of this ship model for your own use, along with the MSF light craft units. We shall contact you in the future when we have need of more vessels.

Communications Administrator,
E.V.E. unit 2971