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RP [Shiroyama] - Pre Mission 1 - Samurai Support Group


Everything Is Magical
RP Date
YE 41
RP Location
YSS Shiroyama
YSS Shiroyama
Wardroom after dark

Despite the fact Shasse had only been on the station for a little while, she'd already met with the daughter of her superior officer and chased her around the halls before basically demanding food. Now that she was alone once again the blue devil had snuck into the kitchen after hours to make herself some food while she chilled out. Though nothing she ever made tasted as good as what Miko made her, or even what Midori, and Valerie had made her on those one times. "Well, this sandwhich is pretty boring, bath time!" The blue neko said aloud to herself, rushing out to go wash off from her day of bouncing around the halls.

As it seemed to be the only place the two ever met, Midori was already in the baths. She relaxed back, eyes shut and head against the edge of the water as she let out a small sigh. She was already annoyed with half the people she worked with here and took small solace in the bit of relaxtion she got in the water every night. She let out another sigh as she tried her best to recall the others, who they were, their quirks and tells. It was an all to old habit of hers that she tended to fall back on, her way of learning the others and how they would act and react in different situations. Granted it wasn't always perfect, but it usually gave her a good idea should things start to go badly.

“Look out below!” Cried the blue neko as she splashed into the water, slowly floating up to the surface and lying on her back in the water like a starfish. “Hiya there friend, did you come to play in the bath too?”

"Not so much play, but more relax. Hello Shasse, how are you?" Midori asked as she wiped the water from her face with her stony expression.

“Going great! It’s always fun to play in the bath, but relaxing is cool too. Are you having a midnight snack after the bath too?” The bouncy girl spoke rapidly as she let her body sink beneath the water until just her head remained above with her hair spreading out behind her. “This bath is so waaarrm, I could just go to sleep.”

"I had not planned on a meal no. It is not good to eat so late." Midori offered as she relaxed in the bath. She let out a small breath, not in annoyance but more in relaxation, Midori began to move the water back and forth with her hands to create small waves. "How does the new assignment find you? A bit different than the task force."

"Yeah definitely different to before, but I still get to hang out with Miles, I think he is making sure we always end up assigned to the same place." The little neko replied, bobbing up and down in her little spot in the bath, spinning in a slow circle while sighing, it really was so warm and comfortable. "And yeah, duh, I wasn't going to eat either. Just testing you cause, its bad..."

"I see..." Midori raised her brow a little to the smaller Neko but left it at that as she shut her eyes and leaned her head back. "Miles seems to enjoy being around you, any reason for that?"

"Well we've been friends since training, I think he wants to protect me. He always says I'm not mature enough to be by myself around some of the other people we've met, he thinks they'll take advantage of me or something I think." Shasse said thoughtfully. "BUT he's really cool and always takes care of me, and it means I always have someone to go and annoy at any time of day."

Midori let out a small "hmm..." As she listened to Shasse but nodded a little regardless. The normally quiet woman simply remained that way for the time being. Before Shasse had entered, Midori had been looking over her previous life again, or at least the records she could access to try and get some idea of just who she had been. Since she had returned to service the past had started to eat at her a little and her curiosity had begun to grow.

Shasse wasn't really used to quiet people, she'd met with Sacre on the Kaiyo but she was less quiet and more scary. With a pout the little creature drifted over and poked the older woman. "What about you? Don't you hang out with people?"

Midori opened her eyes and tilted her head to look at Shasse, her blank expression evident as usual. "No one wants to... 'hang out' with me besides you. I do not mind that though, I am used to being alone." She admitted as she watched the smaller girl. She was in fact used to such isolation, years of being a stealth sentinel had made her used to people looking through her.

"Hmm well that's no good. I'll just have to hang out with you even more then! Everyone needs someone to hang out with." She said, smiling innocently at the other neko with her eyes closed. "We should hang out right now, let's do something fun!" The little girl was practically bouncing out of the bath at this point, water going everywhere in her excitement.

"And what would you suggest?" Midori asked. She had little to do, and it could help her to grow a little more. She had seen reviews from previous crew members who had said she was... nice? If a little cold, but that she cared.

“Uhhh, how about a race, or maybe hide and seek. There’s so many to choose from!” The little neko cried out in despair, grabbing her head and sinking below the water, almost certainly just to build the drama. “How about, we race to the holodeck and then play a game!”

"The holodeck? I have never played a game on there before." Midori looked to the ceiling for a moment but nodded regardless. "I think this could be acceptable. Though I would suggest against the race... It is not good to run in the halls of the ship unless it is an emergency."

“Aww, but I run around all the time! No one ever tells me off either, so it’s fine right?” The blue neko said pleadingly as she came closer to Midori, big eyes shining with anticipation and hope.

Midori looked to the Neko with a blank expressionless face for a moment, but eventually she rolled her eyes quickly and looked to the side and away from the big shinging eyes. "Very well, a race, but do not be to reckless." She told the girl as she stood from the bath to dry herself off.

“Yay! Its gonna be so much fun, you’ll see!” The excitable little neko cried, dancing around in the bath sending water flying everywhere. After a moment splashing about Shasse hopped out and grabbed a towel as well, managing to dry everything but her impossible amount of hair. “Uhm, Midori... could you help me dry my hair?” She asked cautiously, while usually Shasse wouldn’t think twice about asking for stuff her instincts told her this woman could be scary if she was annoyed.

"I can." Midori replied simply as she sat down after dressing and held up a fresh towel she retrieved to aid Shasse with her hair. "Sit in front of me on the bench, and I will help dry your hair."

“Thanks heaps!” Shasse replied happily, scooting over to plonk herself down in front of the other neko, eagerly swinging her legs infront of her while her head bobbed from side to side. Unlike so many of her brethren, Shasse behaved a lot more like a child than any other, though she could still understand more serious matters. “Do you want me to dry your hair too?” The blue neko asked, turning to look back at Midori.

"My hair is fine. I let it dry while in a braid. Thank you for the offer though." Midori replied as she went about drying Shasse's hair as best she could as she bobbed her head about. "Why is it you are so friendly to me?"

“Okay!” Shasse said, not sure how drying in a braid worked but still enjoying having someone else drying her hair again. “What do you mean? Why wouldn’t I be nice to my friends?” She turned her head again to face the older neko and tilted it to one side, her big red eyes looking over quizzically.

"But why am I your friend? Not many on the ship seem to be interested in being friendly with me, and I understand I have not been the most friendly with the others." Midori explained as she continued with her hair.

“Well, everyone is a friend! But everyone is also a special friend, some people have made me food before and some have helped me with my hair but everyone is a special friend!” Shasse explained proudly, and anyone who knew her could vouch that she really did see a friend in everyone she met. “Its ok if people don’t like me, or if they don’t want to be friends, because they’re always a friend to me.”

"It is ok if people don't like me..." Midori pondered on the words aloud as she finished with the towel and grabbed the brush she had found. She was oddly gentle as she brushed Shasse's hair in smooth strokes. She took care to not try and pull hard through any tangles, but instead work through them gently.

“Yeah! Cause even if someone doesn’t like you it doesn’t mean they’re a bad person or that you did anything wrong. Sometimes you just can’t help it.” Shasse said, humming happily as her hair was gently brushed. “You’re really good at this, it feels so nice, are you sure no one else wants to be your friend?”

"The only two to speak to me since I came to this ship were the foul mouthed Ranger Hinata, and the leader of her team Lucas. Besides them... Just you. Otherwise everyone keeps their distance." Midori found a certain satisfaction in the compliment as she continued her brushing. It felt nice and strangely even familiar as she continued until the hair was smooth and soft. "I believe I am done."

“Well they’re just missing out on having a cool friend, I think you’re nice.” The little blue neko said, turning around and grabbing the older woman in a hug, since she’d just finished brushing it was perfect timing. “So its time for a race now!” The neko jumped up and ran over to where her uniform had been and struggled around on the floor for a moment before standing up fully dressed once more.

Midori stiffened as she was hugged suddenly and watched the smaller girl for a moment before she let out a breath and stood. It took her a moment to regain her composure, but she nodded, already dressed. "Very well. To the VR deck correct?" Midori asked

“Yeah! Bet you can’t catch mee!” Shasse exclaimed while scampering out the door and down the hall giggling all the way. The blue neko wasn’t sprinting yet, keeping an eye out behind her to see if Midori was following or not.

Midori did indeed follow behind Shasse, though from her hand in a small cut she had made through biting the tips of her fingers sprouted a few tentacles of blood. She used the tentacles simply to help push her along through the ship faster, as well as reducing the control of gravity on herself through her gravity manipulation abilities. While Midori seemed serious, she did seem to know how to have a little fun...

“Woah! That’s super cool.” Shasse said seeing the other cat flying towards her, in an effort to maintain her lead she started sprinting full speed, her hair billowing out behind her. The little blue neko rounded a corner and bounced off the wall slightly, spinning in several circles as she continued down the hall. “Try to keep up!”

If Shasse looked, a smirk played across Midori's face as she started to work a little harder. She used her natural strength, coupled with her gravity manipulation and her tentacles to spring and slowly begin to close the gap between the two. Her mind worked quickly with her training to start and lay out the most efficient path around each corner and through each corridor.

Shasse did notice the smirk, the faintest hint of enjoyment from the usually stoic older woman. It made the little creature happy to know she had managed to crack the very outer shell of Midori. “Never gonna get me!” She taunted back again, now using her own gravity manipulation to speed up.

The smirk stayed, but her eyes narrowed a little as she sped herself up even further, taking her to the limits of what she felt safe in the halls as she let out a small grunt and pushed off another wall to try and close the gap a little more. She was sure there wasn't much time left before they came to the doors, but Midori was going to give the little blue ball of energy a run for her money.

Shasse laughed as they sped through the halls, her arms now windmilling as she ran clearly enjoying herself to the fullest as she ever so slightly slowed down causing the two to draw level. The little neko looked over to Midori and gave her a big happy smile... Right before tripping over herself and falling onto the floor, though instead of sliding to a halt she continued to speed along the floor instead while keeping pace just behind the samurai. "I'm ok!"

Midori's expression went from one of a smirk to shock for a moment as she watched Shasse take her spill. Tentacles that had been a help in movement and stability soon became a safety net as she reached out and scooped the girl up, then in a moment of playfulness, tossed her ahead to regain her position as the two closed on the door. Though the Samurai was silent the entire time, her smirk played across her face as she gave her companion the lead again.

"Weeee." The blue neko cried as she was tossed ahead, the pair of them already traveling fairly fast before she was tossed. In a concious decision to show off she executed several flips while gliding through the halls before landing on her feet and sprinting a little further. As soon as she saw the door come into view, Shasse ceased her running motion and leaned back, sliding along the floor on her little feet slowly arriving at the VR room, smile not having once vanished during their journey. "See! That was so much fun right?"

"I suppose it was." Midori's tentacles simply disintigrated as she neared the smaller girl and touched down gently. She had slowed herself down as she saw Shasse make the door first and hands fell to her side as she looked to the VR deck door. "I have not been on a VR deck before, how realistic are things in here?"

"Super real, you can even feel stuff that happens to you while you use it! Like if you get hit, or when you walk on carpet. I think its something to do with our digital minds, they link to the VR thingo and can create artificial sensations or something, Miles explained it to me once ages ago but I didn't really listen." Shasse said casually, hopping over to the terminal and scrolling through the list of programs they could load. "Do you wanna do something with combat, or maybe flying a ship, driving a vehicle?" She asked, looking over at her partner.

"No combat, something nice and relaxing I suppose." Midori offered in return as she shook her head. "We deal with so much combat already, why do more on our off time?" The Samurai asked.

"I find it fun, but yeah something relaxing will be fun as well. What about a zero gravity lounge? Or something nature-y" Shasse suggested putting a finger to her chin and thinking.

"Zero gravity would not be bad, neither would a nature simulation either. I do enjoy beaches." Midori offered up in interest of simply floating in the waves of the ocean. It was something she could never truthfully get out of her head.

"Alright a beach it is!" Shasse said proudly, loading up a basic scene for them to explore, as she loaded the program their digital minds were fed a new set of information making it appear as though the two now stood on a soft sandy beach, blue waves rolling in gently off to their side with a warm sun above them in the sky. "Pretty impressive isn't it, I can't believe you've never tried this before." The blue neko said while grabbing an inflatable bed thing and launching herself into the water.

"I never had an interest, nor much chance at the Samurai house." Midori walked closer to the edge of the water and simply dug her toes into the wet sand to revel in the sensation. She took a deep breath of the salty air and in the back of her mind marveled at just what the computer was capable of simulating as she looked around the scene. She sat at the edge of the water and drew her knees to her chest and simply watched Shasse swim and play.

The small blue neko continued to wrestle with her inflatable toy for a bit longer before finally clambering atop it and getting comfy just laying donw on it with the artificial feelings of a warm sun beaming down on her. "Well now you get to experience it! It's pretty crazy what they can do just by messing with our heads." The neko sighed and floated around for a couple of minutes, enjoying the down time from their race earlier. "Hey I only just noticed, but I have the same eyes and hair as you, we could be related." Shasse giggled, nearly toppling off her inflatable.

Midori let out a small chuckle at the thought of being related, but shook her head. "I was one of a kind, an experiment to make a more... humanized... NH-28. When I was born, white hair like ours stood for AI related Nekos, and red eyes for experiments. It is strange to see so many of our sisters now with these traits."

"Huh, I never knew that. So you were really special when you were made?" Shasse asked, her bed drifting by the shore while she layed on her side staring at Midori.

"I was, but the project was deemed a failure. To many redundant systems cause my programing to be unstable, so they scrapped the project and relinquished me to the Samurai, where I was supposed to go to begin with. The testing left me with a few odd... quirks...." Midori's ears flicked a little at the thought and she let one hand go to the sand and dig softly into the ground. She wondered how deeply the simulation would allow her to dig.

"You don't seem like a failure to me, can't say I've seen any quirks other than sitting alone in the bath all the time." Shasse said thoughtfully, moving herself over to where the other neko was and flopping into the sand face first beside her, legs flailing madly while she giggled. The blue neko had never been able to convince many people to come into the holodecks and hang out with her before, the last time she did she fought with someone. "Can you get a new body without the red eyes and white hair? If you wanted?" She asked, looking expectantly at Midori from her spot in the sand, though it seemed like she was almost hoping the answer would be no.

"I can, but I don't want to. Just like I've never removed my scars." Midori touched her cheek with the three claw like scars rested before she looked to Shasse. "My quirks are more, physically induced. My ears are very sensitive and before you touch them they do... Things... To me." Midori didn't want to turn into a mewling mess in front of Shasse from her curiosity.

Shasse had immediately thought of touching the ears, now she was even more interested. "So can I touch them?" She asked, the little neko wondered what kind of things would happen if she would, would Midori fall asleep? Or maybe speak a different language, maybe even sing a song, the possibilities were endless in her mind not once considering the actual outcome.

It was strange how quickly the ears disappeared from view as Midori shook her head. "I would prefer that you did not. I am sorry Shasse, but I do not enjoy it." That was a lie, Midori enjoyed it immensely in the moment, but afterward she often regetted it for how much of a fool it made her look.

"Aww ok." The little neko replied, apparently no sadder than before, for the life of Shasse it was a situation of do as much as you can and never regret it. "So are you enjoying the beach? I think Ocean Day is meant to be happening soon too so we could go to a real one if our CO lets us! Splashing around with tons of other people, getting buried in the sand and digging out." The last part sounded a bit odd but everyone knew the blue neko was strange.

"I am. I do not remember having gone to a beach before, but from my records I seem to have gone several times." Midori explained as she nodded a little to the smaller neko. She was indeed interested in going, it would be enjoyable to relax on a real beach and dig down deep for real, or even just lay on the beach under an umbrella and read a book. "It should be an interesting day."

"Yeah! It's sad that you don't have your memories though, isn't there anyway to get them back? I'm sure Miles could help, he's a medic after all!" Shasse suggested helpfully, she wanted to try and help her friend but wasn't really sure how to crack her tough outer shell. "If we do get to go to the beach we should play together, like vollyball or something."

"I do not believe so. They were taken from me, so I do not think I can recover them. I do wonder what I was like before though... Was I mean or kind o?" Midori shrugged a little and looked down as she pondered on her past life before Shasse suggested her idea for the beach day. "I do not see why we could not play volleyball. I have not played, but it could be enjoyable."

Shasse was completely astonished! Memories were special things, you couldn't just take other peoples! "Well, I'll help you find whoever stole your memories, we'll beat em up and make them give all of them back to you, they've been super mean to you." The blue neko cried out defiantly as she suddenly stood up on the virtual sand and raised a fist to the air.

"Please do not attack the Daimyo of the Samurai house." Midori said with a small frown as she looked to Shasse. "It was part of the condition of my return to the Samurai house, and I do not think you and I combined could beat her."

"But, she took them away from you! That's a mean thing to do so she should give them back." Shasse said with a confused look as she dropped her fist. "Even if I can't beat her I should still try, that's what friends do!"

"It helped me to return to what they needed, a Samurai." Midori explained as she let a small smile creep onto her face at the thought of Shasse fighting Tsuya. She envisioned in her head the battle like a lone knight fighting a massive dragon.

"I do not believe she could give them back, even if she wanted to. They were destroyed."

“Oh, well then we’ll just make you some new ones!” Shasse said eagerly, her heart now set on being the bestest best friend she could be. “What do you wanna do first?”

Midori seemed to consider the idea of making new memories... She had a few years of them already, but they were mostly of her assignments through the Samurai house, her training, and sleeping. She remembered in her files mentions of enjoying music and she looked to Shasse after a moment. "Do you play any music?"

“Well I’ve never played an instrument before but I do like listening to music.” Shasse replied thoughtfully. “I haven’t really tried either, or singing. But I can dance that makes people laugh.” The blue neko said proudly before standing up and stretching.

"I seem to have played instruments in my past, a violin I believe." Midori admitted as she wondered idly if she had been any good or not. "Maybe I should pick it back up and play?"

”You’ll never know unless you try! Do you have one with you? Oh wait I can make one in here for you.” As usual the girl was going at light speed and had already got a violin for Her new friend and held it out eagerly.

Midori's ears tilted back at the suddenness that a violin was produced for her. She looked it over once or twice and took it from Shasse, the rest under her chin and bow in her hand,she found the grip and hold of the instrument... Comfortable...

After a few moments of experimentation with the violin, Midori actually settled into a comfortable song, almost as if she could remember how to play. The music was a happier sounding song, something she had in mind for Shasse.

Shasse’s eyes widened and seemed to sparkle as she listened to the tune, she didn’t recognise it at all but it sounded beautiful and cheery which resonated well with the excitable little neko. “That’s so good! It sounds so beautiful and happy, you’re a natural Midori!” She half whispered in amazement.

Midori let a little more of a smile spread over her face as she continued to play. A little faster and more spritely, something that Shasse could dance to if she had half a mind to. There were notes she missed or sounded out of place every so often, but overall the music was well played, and after enough time, Midori brought the song to an end. Violin and bow in her lap now, Midori looked down to her lap and couldn't help but let almost a full smile wash over her face.

"That was... Enjoyable. Thank you Shasse." The samurai felt a odd wave of nostalgia wash over her as she loked over the instrument.

Shasse did indeed decide to dance, skipping and hopping around the floor apparently at random but managing to maintain a constant flow in her motions. Some might call it interpretive dancing, of which the little neko was very good at. While the somg May have been a single instrument Shasse moved to its tune and smiled all the way, going as far as to laugh at several points. Once it was over the little neko shook her hair away from her face and beamed at her friend. “I’m glad you enjoyed it, it was very nice to listen to. You should play for the others too! I’m sure they’d love it.”

"I will have to see... " Midori replied as she seemed a little shy at the idea of showing off to the others. "I have not had a lot of the same interaction with the others as I have you, so that is a difficult request. But... I would like to do so possibly."

"Oh, well if you don't want to right away that's not a problem, you can play for me whenever you like. We could even make a full song!" Shasse exclaimed, her mind jumping the gun as usual as she bounced up and down on the spot happily before stopping for a moment as though someone had just told her something she didn't like, which was rare in itself. "I'm actually starting to feel a bit sleepy though, how late is it now?" The blue neko rubbed her eyes and yawned, the simulation faded around them appparently having triggered the ending sequence. "But, we can defintely do more fun stuff tomorrow, if you want to."

"It may be a good idea to return for the night." Midori stood as the simulation faded and walked toward the door. As she made the entryway she turned back to Shasse and bowed. "Have a good night, and thank you for spending time with me." With little else, Midori turned and exited the room and made her way back for the night.

“Ok!” Shasse said, still managing to muster some enthusiasm in her words even as she yawned. Watching Midori go the little neko quickly ran after her. “Wait you can’t just leave like that!” She cried before wrapping her arms around the other woman from behind. “I’m glad you decided to hang out with me, it was really fun and we should do it again!” The blue neko said while hugging the old samurai. Eventually Shasse let go and hopped off towards her own room waving as she went.

Midori jerked as she was hugged, her body a little stiff from the sudden affection, but she eventually caught herself and calmed down as the smaller neko hugged her. As Shasse trotted off, she might catch a glimpse of a small blush and a smile as Midori returned the wave and headed to her own room.