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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

RP [Shiroyama] - Pre Mission 1 - Sweet Reunion


Everything Is Magical
RP Date
Mid YE 41
RP Location
YSS Shiroyama

Mark stepped off the transport, heading straight to administration to get all the arrangements made for his posting. After he just felt kind of exhausted, having been out of the loops of stable postings for quite some time. Hell, this was the first in almost a year now since he was transferred off the Kaiyo II. Now he sat in the commons central where the food vendors were for those passing through the checkpoint as they waited for their documentation to clear. He stared down at the large slice of cheesecake before him and a glass of cola before sighing, "By the void, why can't I catch a break?"

As usual, the every excited Shasse was running the halls of the station waiting for adventure to crash into her, sometimes it was a person and sometimes it was a stack of boxes. This time it happened to be Mark as the pile of white hair flew through the room, snatching his cheesecake on her way through with the trail of snowy locks billowing behind the little neko.

The cola had just been lifted for a sip when the sliding of the plate left him wide eyed at the sudden lack of there now not even being one present. Turning to the blurr of white hair, he downed the cola and took off at a sprint with his bag. "Hey!? That's my cheesecake!" Mark shouted as he beat feet after the little neko.

The small creature continued to sprint through the halls, cheesecake in hand as she used her superhuman zoom speed to outrun Mark, eventually she reached her room and dashed inside with the door closing behind her. "You snooze you lose!" Came the chirped response from behind the door as she giggled, poking the food with one finger before licking the crumbs off.

It took him a while, but with directions he finally found the room. With a peeved expression, he knocked on the door. "This is Joto Heisho, Mark Oaklen, I demand a talk. The misconduct of theft is very frowned upon missy." he said loudly outside the door, waiting to see if they answered.

"Aww, it was only cheesecake, you're such a meanie." Shasse pouted behind her door, before opening it and peering out at Mark. "You can have it back then if it means that much." The neko said while handing him back the plate.

Mark was going to say something, but the comment died on his lips as he realized who he was looking at. Idly accepting the plate, he looked at her surprised and confused before his brain caught up with him. "Shasse? Wait, don't you remember? It's me Mark, remember from the Kaiyo." he said asking as he remembered the sweet moment they shared in friendship almost a year ago, longer even.

"OH. Yeah I remember you, I'm pretty sure you washed my hair for me ages ago right? I didn't know you were here." The blue neko said, jumping out the door and straight into Mark with a huge grin and a lot more force than she meant to.

He dropped with a grunt as the little wrecking ball of blue and white furr toppled him on his human rear. "Yeah, back when I was having a rough time. Never did get to thank you for that, and look I got better. So tell ya what, anytime you want cheesecake, I'll buy. I even get snacks from my brothers' country, and will share those with ya too." he said happily once he had air in his lungs to speak again.

"Oh nice, I love cheesecake." Shasse said happily, looking down at the human with an inquisitive look. "Consider your thanks, noted." She said with a proud huff, not moving from her spot yet.

"So how did you end up here? Are you one of the SOFT or Ranger squad members? I'm actually here to replace Lucas as the Ranger squad leader." Mark said only trying to sit up some as he attempted to catch up with her. He was too happy to see a familiar face to care that they were both in the floor, or that she was just sitting on his chest.

“I am indeed, though I always forget which one I think its the SOFT team. Did you just get here today?” The blue neko asked, floating up slowly until she was lying down but hovering in the air, looking down at him with her hair going everywhere as usual. “Who’s lucas? Are you washing her hair now instead huh, too good for me now?” Shasse said smirking, clearly she was pulling his leg but she still crossed her arms and rolled over lazily in the air.

"If Lucas is a woman, then I really need my eyes checked heh. Yeah I did, just got off the shuttle, and assigned my living arrangements before your mad dash of a hit and nom. I hope things have at least been exciting for you Shasse, and keeping Miles safe as usual." he chuckled before sitting up fully now that she wasn't on top of him. "I sadly must say though, that I've been washing the hair of another. I asked Nerai to marry me, and she said yes. I'll even invite you to the wedding when we have time to arrange it."

“Oh they’re a man? I don’t really know them so I just guessed.” Shasse replied cocking her head to one side and sticking out her tongue. “Yeah Miles and I just got here from the Inquisition i think, I died a couple times and got merged with a clone or something so my brain is still a bit sore. And who’s Nerai?”

"She's bridge crew on the kaiyo, Abart's aunt. Means Abart will be my nephew once her and I are married. Also that sucks, and I don't imagine any of that was pleasant. I hope that doesn't happen here, as Miss Shanks seems rather capable as an officer." Mark offered sympathetically, the idea of dying repeatedly sending a shiver down his spine. He couldn't comprehend what that was like, having never died before himself. Maybe this would be the posting where it happened?

”Well, I don’t actually remember dying obviously, just got to watch the post battle stuff. But I don’t feel any different, it’s cool to think that I’m me but I’m also not me in a way.” Shasse said, thinking back to those times she’d woken up in a tube. “I think I remember her, never spoke.”

"I can actually relate, I have three of me running around. Granted I didn't die for that to happen. But yeah, I think you would like Nerai, she's sweet, motherly, and supportive. I made a promise to her, that I would fight the kuvies to get back her home, and to avenge those they hurt. Essia was liberated, not I just need to avenge them. And with the kuvie activity here, I aim to do just that Shasse, so you with me for kicking some kuvie rear?" Mark said knowing it was like to be you, but know you were not the only, or the first, or even the original.

"Sure sounds like fun. I don't really know who I'm fighting most of the time but it's fun to fly around and just shoot at the ones that come up red." the little neko said, floating down into a standing position, beginning to munch on the cheesecake while staring at Mark with big red eyes. "Do you have more cheesecake, it's so yummy!" She said, suddenly jumping into the air and rubbing her cheeks, floating on her back and letting out a happy squeal, apparently having changed tracks quite suddenly.

"Well I don't just keep the stuff in my pockets, that would be weird. I have a couple chocolate bars I was saving, but you can have them while we head back to the food court for more cake. Then you can tell me all about the adventures you've been on here. Deal?" he answered, fishing the two bars he had out of his pocket before offering them to the little blue neko. After they were accepted, or declined as unlikely as that seemed, he stood up and offered to lead the way.

The little blue devil gladly snatched the chocolate bars and began munching on them hungrily. "Sure, whadya wanna know about? I've only been here a bit longer than you but I was on inquisition before, but I have seen a few others and made some new friends!"

"Anything honestly. Just spending time with a friend, and hearing how they've been doing is worth it. So tell me all the stories you want to share." Mark offered as they went. This truly was a happy reunion, and it felt good to know he had friends near, as it made the distance from his family all the more bearable.

"Well, I met another neko who's much older than me called Valarie, she's really cool and had a race with me which was fun! Then I helped her count guns and stuff, she's the daughter of Miss Shanks I think it was, the lady you mentioned before. But she made me food and we played together for a bit which was really awesome!" The blue neko recounted, thinking back to when she'd flattened her accidentally while sprinting around the station. "Oh and I don't need constant hemosynth intake anymore since I died and got a new body so Miles is happy about that."

"So it seems we both got cured of the stuff that happened to us in that place. I hear Orias is a therapist now and dating one of my sisters. I must say it's great to not have her in my head slowly killing me. Or the mutations for that matter. Though I have not met this Valarie yet, and I haven't seen Miles either. Maybe I should go say hi to him after we're done hanging out today." The human man accounted, enjoying her stories so far, and through them realizing there were others to reconnect with.

"Oh yeah, you're weird hands are gone! Now I bet you can wash hair even easier huh." Shasse said slowly, an almost devious glint in her eyes, something she definitely wasn't known for though perhaps all her experiences with death and memory merging had aged the little blue neko or at least prompted her mind to grow up a tad. "Yeah Miles is hiding in the medbay most of the time, just getting his weird OCD out of the way for his new work space, nerd stuff."

"Yep, back to normal old me, so yeah I can wash your hair with both hands now. I'll stop by there and tell him hi when I have a chance, hopefully he remembers me." He said looking at the human hand which had been corrupted last time, "I think I promised more cheesecake, so how about we head to the cafe in concourse again?"

"Im sure he'll remember you, he's pretty good like that ya'know!" Shasse said positively before her ears perked up at the idea of more cheesecake. "I don't know that word but cheesecake is always good, are we going right now? How big is it, what flavour, is there strawberries?" The little neko launched into one of her question bombardments as she bounced up and down staring at Mark.

"Tell ya what, I'll buy ya a whole cheescake, any flavor you want, with whatever toppings you want on it. My treat, consider it thanks for spending time with an old fart of a dad like me." Mark chuckled. It was a heartfelt chuckle, one hadn't been able to have in a long time. But it was just such a joyful occasion of fun, that he could not help but to be cheerful for once.

'Woah really!? Wow, I don't think I've ever gotten to choose before." Shasse said excitedly literally bouncing off the floor and ceiling as she jumped about the hallway. "You know you don't have to buy me cheesecake just to hang out though, I always like hanging out with everyone! Cause making friends is the best thing, way better than cake even if it does taste really good."

"My thanks for having of met you. Friends are indeed good, and I have few left of those these days sadly, so I'm going to treasure every one of them I have now. That includes you Shasse, and I hope that continues, you're a ray of light even everything seems to go wrong. You certainly got me out of my funk last time, and I hope you never change, keep being you." Mark admitted as he gave the little blue cat a grin.

"Oh well, glad to be of service." Shasse almost stammered, she had heard praise before but this was an overload, normally it was her dishing out the confidence boosting lines once in a while to shake things up from her normal happy playful style so she wasn't used to it coming back to her. "I mean, I didn't really do that much, just like playing with friends is all." The blue neko said dismissively, bounding into the ward room and changing the topic.

"Do I still get more cheesecake?"

Mark chuckled happily, simply saying, "Definitely." as he stepped over to the counter. "So, what do ya want?"

”hmm, maybe just plain vanilla. The regular taste is really yummy just by itself, are you getting anything?” The blue neko asked as she peered up at Mark.

"Think I'll get chocolate for mine, with more added on with a bit of strawberry topping." he said giving Shasse a nod before turning to the menu for a brief moment, "Are you sure that's all you want?"

"Yah! You don't know how good the plain flavour is till you try it. Besides I have to not eat too many sweets or I'll get kicked out of the army! That's what I've been told anyway, apparently if you eat too much sweet things without a permit you get kicked out and then you can never eat sweets again." Shasse seemed to believe this tall tale she'd no doubt been told in an attempt to make fun of her though she didn't seem terribly bothered by that aspect of the situation.

"You should be careful too, you only just got here so they might put a smaller limit on your sweets you know."

Mark playfully put his hands up in mock defence, "Alright, alright, I'll watch myself. I would hate to lose my chances to fight over one more slice of cake. Maybe I can just steal the enemy's when out in the field, surely they'll find that commendable."

"Yah! Stealing sweets from the enemy could even get you promoted y'know. Anyway, thanks for the cake and it was good catching up again! But I gotta dash, I'm supposed to be doing training, or sleeping, i can't remember which one it was but I'll see ya laterrr." The blue neko then performed something almost no one had ever seen before, she picked up her slice and gobbled it down in one bite, far quicker than every other time someone had fed her. After consuming her sweets she jumped up and zoomed out of the wardroom, her tail flicking behind her as she dashed off.

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