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RP Side Ops: Crimson Jungle

Jack Pine

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RP Date
YE 40, 3 months after exodus
RP Location
Sirris VI - Eastern Jungle Front
The ship touched at the city, water splashing as the ship slid into the water based ship dock, the conveyor ramp and mechanized arms pulling the space frigate into place. A moment later as the ship halted with a buffered thud, the front hangar opened it's doors and a ramp was raised. Sunlight poured into the large space of the ship as the Dovanian troops got their first peek outside, the large advanced city sprawled before them. Tall buildings of more complex design then what they knew from home. Obsidian City sat on the water in a bay on the western coasts, jungles seen past a few of the buildings. Large rock formations also surrounded the bay on both sides, and having come in from the side faced by ocean, the S6S-Anvil could be seen in it's grounded state on top of one of these formations to their left as they exited down the ramp. The mighty capital sized carrier was the main military base for S6 forces in their new home.

Mark Tazar began to direct the troops down the ramp in an orderly fashion, and to stay in their lines. "Right this way gentlemen, down the ramp and onto the docks. You will gather their for the trip through the city and through the wall, and finally out into the jungle. And welcome to Sirris VI!"

There were S.S.A.F. troops gathered too, most in Revenant power armor, a few in the MkIIs, or Zytone Heavy Armors. All were loading up into transport trucks, a variety of weapons among each squad. Talos was among them and approached the off loading force, "Warrant Officer Tazar, you will be leading the Dovanian detachment to help coordinate better with our force."

"Understood major sir!", Mark quickly replied before following them.
The Jungles reminded Ven of her homeworld for a moment as they disembarked. She wore her usual kit with an extra Lucky Cross that Abdullah had given her as they left. She slid just behind and to Mark's left. "Do you have a plan for how we'll get this done?"
Damadian 72 walked with the rest of the crew 'on the bounce' and followed Warrant Officer Tazer. He had become accustomed to Mark on the multiple missions and events he had been present with Mark, so he remained calm with him being assigned the duty of leading the troops. 72, however, was rather nervous with the unfamiliar terrain and, most importantly, people. He knew some of the soldiers from Xuno, but the others he assumed were S6. The people in power armor was the most damning evidence that 72 was with a highly technologically advance government, people and weaponry he had only heard of in Quartermaster shipments.
Jacky had stepped onto the ship with her helmet on and had every intention of using her Revenant to just be another recently freed clone and not that odd looking one with the mismatching eyes and dyed hair, but for now she just followed the group and kept her head down - carbine nested in the crook of her arms with a suppressed pistol on each hip and her LCK sitting diagonal across the clone's chest she was ready for whatever was coming.

Jacky did however find that she kinda liked this planet, it was... calming - especially since most of her life had consisted of a tube with some ships and corridors scattered around the place, she'd note that down for later and re-focus on the mission.
The massive Storm Rifle that Valentina hefted looked incredibly clumsy within her hands, considering the fact that the weapon by itself was more than ten inches longer than she was tall. However, the diminutive soldier appeared to have no trouble carrying the rifle around in spite of the weapon's length and weight. Given the extreme shortcomings of her stature, Valentina did not make for the imposing figure that her comrades did when clad within the Mk II "Revenant" power armor. Nevertheless, she was just as deadly as they were if it came to a fight, if not more so, according to her own judgement. Although she had been extricated from Psychopomp only a few month before, Valentina still firmly believed that Psychopomp's soldiers were far deadlier than those of Section 6. Quite simply, most Section 6 soldiers lacked the advanced cybernetic enhancements that Psychopomp operatives possessed, along with the rigorous training routines and brutal disciplinary practices which characterized everyday life within a Psychopomp training facility.

Simply put, Valentina perceived her much larger comrades to be soft.

Valentina was careful to not let her sense of superiority color her tone whenever she engaged socially and professionally with her squad mates. In truth, she was soft-spoken and shy. In part, because she did not often relate to the shared experiences of her squadmates. Unlike them, she had not willingly enlisted within the SSAF, but only as restitution for her supposed "war crimes" committed during her time with Psychopomp. However, Valentina had easily agreed to the deal when it was presented to her. She had been a soldier for the entire duration of her life thus far, and she saw no reason to quit as of yet.

After she stepped into one of the transport trucks, Valentina took a seat her seat, placed her gun in her lap, and rested her eyes.

Now, all there was to do was wait until they arrived at the jungle.
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Blade got into his assigned truck, carrying his gear with him. He was happy to be heading back into the battlefield, although hoping for no chains, due to his last adventure.
In his last adventure, he recalled, he was trying to break into a roof access, when his knife slipped trying to cut the chain. After critically failing the task, he cut himself on the hip. When a field medic arrived, they dosed him with morphine.
What he learned: "Ahhh sh#t." Blade quietly murmured from his seat. "Better tell the medics..."
Obsidian City - Docks

Given the number of troops, and the available number of trucks. Blade, Elisys, 72, Mark, Talos, Jacky, Ven, and Valentina, all ended up in the same truck. Dovanian troops lined the left side bench, while the NDC troops lined the right, a stark contrast in gear almost making it awkward. After everyone had loaded up, is when the trucks began their trip through the city, taking the main highway which bisected it ending at the dock. Mark took the travel time as the trucks proceeded in a large convoy through the city, their truck being third in the line of transports.

The Warrant Officer was wearing rather light gear for this operation, even though he full well could have dawned his full Revenant, he chose not so that he would be equal with his charges. A Revenant undersuit, black cargo pants, reinforced boots, strap rigging, a BDU jacket, plate carrier vest, and a enclosed helmet which sat in his lap. Resting it against the S6-6AS "Sickle" 6mm assault rifle he had clenched between his legs to spare room, he began his briefing which was transmitted over the radio to everyone. "Alright Ven, this is where you get your answer, and don't worry Private Blade. I made sure to inform the medics to keep all morphine and chains out of any treatment they might give you. First off, welcome to the NDC, and more specifically our capital, Obsidian city. You can all sight see later, first the grunt work.", He said before giving pause to pull up the battle plans Talos had sent to him, "The area of operation is the jungles to the east of here, it's a 20 klick drive there, and before you start whining. The jungles are too thick to land anywhere even close to where we're going, so trucks are the only option. Now the enemy, is a band of pirates called Crimson. It's mostly women, and up until now, those we've fought already were undisciplined, and under trained. Their armor is pricey, and their arsenal is a bargain bin of a mixed bag. However, this particular group has shown hints that they are anything but push overs, and are believed to count as whatever force Crimson considers elite."

Mark looked over the group with silver eyes to make sure they had understood so far, "The plan is to roll in on their base of operations with the armored division support via tanks and heavy power armor. The enemy's air and fleet support has already been dealt with, so these guys have no back up. Currently their force strength and forms of ground support are unknown, as aerial recon has proven quite impossible. Sensors however, pick up a number of armored units, but not what kind. Their defenses at best will be trenches, fences, mines, cement walls, and machine gun nests. Thankfully, the jungles density works to our advantage, as cover from these will be in large quantity."

Talos gave a nod as Mark turned to him when he had finished, "Thank you Tazar, I'll take it from here. I am Major Talos of S.S.A.F.'s Fenrir division, and will be leading the overall operation today. I'm not going to sugar coat this for you. You are about to step into a world of shit my friends, combat is going to be a test of will and resilience for you today, and it may drag on for more then 24 hours. Prepare to settle in for a siege if it can't be avoided. We have superior firepower and numbers, but Crimson knows we're coming, and have had time to prepare, they've also got the defensive advantage of being dug in."

"Our objectives are, breach their lines and open up their defenses, clear and secure the base, gather any intel their, and most importantly make sure to be thorough in eliminating the opposition. They've already done a suicide bombing in the city, none of them can escape. Keep your rifles ready, boots laced, and watch each other's backs. Do that, and we'll make it through this alive. Any questions?"

The trucks had just began passing through the city's walls, massive reinforced walls of black, constructed from the armor of the starships disassembled to build the city. Then over a bridge and into the settlement just in the jungle that acted as forward military base, defending the bridge into the city from the local large predators, Crimson, or anything else. Zytone armors, Hydra tanks, Possessor mechs, and chaingun mounted machine gun nests watched the perimeter. Basically a camp with only a few prefabbed buildings made of shipping containers that were reinforced with armor. Trees had been cleared and uprooted to make the muddy and rough patch of land, and was a far cry from the nice city. Hydra tanks joined the convoy as they passed through, ten in total, with five up front, and five in the rear.
Valentina gave little sign of acknowledgement as Mark and Talos issued an impromptu briefing for the coming assault, only bothering to raise her head to demonstrate that she was listening. Feeling that the briefing was perfectly sufficient in providing what she needed to know in order to execute her duties, Valentina asked no questions and only leaned into the back of her seat once it was finished. She placed her hand on the hilt of the sword mounted on the left thigh hardpoint of her armor. It was a weapon that she had received during her service with Psychopomp, and she had been extremely lucky to have had it returned to her once she agreed to serve within the SSAF. She had practiced, drilled, and trained with a practice blade that was very much like it in size for hundreds of hours. However, the old practice sword was that she had trained with was considerably more weighted than the real one in order to further build her already augmented strength. If it came to close quarters combat, Valentina knew that she was not afraid to kill with the sword, even if it was messier and more physically strenuous. The brutal abuse that she had endured in Psychopomp had forged her into a woman of incredibly strong resolve and there was little that she felt could test its limits.

In essence, she was a soldier, through and through, and Valentina was prepared to fight and die like one.
Elisys was, for the most part, curious of NDC’s level of tech. She mainly focused on the woman with huge gun. “That is a big fucking gun.” She said to herself softly. She was fairly certain that most of her work would be around the vehicles and repairs. “Where do you find a gun of that size?” Elisys said to the owner of the oversized gun.
"S6-HAR1-1 Storm Rifle~" Jacky found herself answering before the clone could realize it, which in turn caused the armoured woman to let out a small huff that filtered through her comms system - she had no questions about their briefing because, of course, her twin brother had done an excellent job explaining it all because he just seemed to be that little bit better at everything.

Deciding she might as well continue seeing as she'd already started, Jacky's helmet pivoted towards the querying voice's owner and continued speaking, "It's one of ours... as you could probably tell by the name, restricted and for a good reason too~ don't go firing it unless you want to be hospitalized." She tried explaining with a weak smile behind the helmet, though realized after the fact it may come off as a personal threat so Jacky tried to rectify her misstep.

"~the gun, she likes to kick strangers hard," that was a horrible explanation, god - speaking to strangers was tough when you didn't even know your own inner workings yet.
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Ven seemed lost in thought for a moment, her mind going back to her childhood. Her parents had been traditionalists, forcing her to survive in the dangerous jungles of Essia. There she had learned to hunt using nothing but her own snakelike body. Often ambushing animals from the trees. "What's the canopy like around their base? It sounds like they didn't clear cut it." She asked.
“Definitely seems like it— normal rounds or something else?” Elisys added before realizing she never introduced herself properly. “Well since it’s going to be a long drive, we might as get introductions out of the way.” She gives a small wave, “Elisys Amare, Combat Engineer and Private First Class!”
72 was familiar with pirates and the towns such gangs resided in, but he never was on the opposite end of the knife, the one ending the sinful acts of them. He looked around the area, and observed the vehicles that rode with them. He gripped his shotgun firmly. He waved over some of the other troops so that he can get to know them.
Blade decided he may as well socialize, because Amare was right, it was going to be a long drive. "Mind if I join your conversation, Elisys and Jacky?" Blade asked in a somewhat uncertain voice. "I have always enjoyed learning about various weapons and technologies..." Blade trailed off, looking somewhat hopeful that they wouldn't mind him jumping in on the small talk they were having.
"I, sure~ sorry do I know you?" Jacky asked the cat from behind her armoured faceplate with a hint of worry, of course if it had been any other name she could have just assumed it had been a case of mistaken identity with one of the other clones but this... caught the clone off guard to say the least. The woman briefly muted her mic and took a deep breath before resuming the conversation.

"...but yeah, magnetically accelerated flechettes~ a whole lot of them."
Behind the rest of the crew stood an imposing sight. The large Thaddeaus his gear sling over his shoulder was bringing up the rear. He was use to the day to day grind of running off to battle. He wore is normal outfit this day, armored vest, grey pants with a pair of boots on.

Thad was walking by Elisys when he heard the comment about the big gun. He could not resist the urge to comment. "Mine is bigger, just sayin." He said with a laugh as he continued walking past. Attached to his hip was a fairly large long looking weapon. It looked to be a sword but was larger in size. Almost as if it had an attachment on the handle.
“But does it function properly when needed? Huge guns malfunction often without proper care.” Elisys quipped back, not realizing her word choice. She turns to Jacky, “So multiple Flechettes? Do they burst immediately after exiting or does it release after a predetermined amount of time?”
Before she managed to reply the Dovanian soldier's question, the larger woman next to Valentina spoke up and offered a quick response, one which seemed accurate enough for Valentina to not mind the interruption. Valentina listened in relative silence as the Jane clone awkwardly introduced herself. When one of the more imposing Dovanian soldiers quipped up with a joke on the size of his gun, Valentina let a deep sigh escape from her lips as she leaned back into her seat.

"It's reliable enough and can survive a mud test to acceptable standards." Valentina began. "Some parts are vacuum-sealed, but, it's still high-maintenance, and I don't go a day without cleaning it at least once. As for the flechettes, I know that if you shoot a lot of them at one target, they do a lot of damage. I don't know the specifics of that damage, though." Valentina finished as she hefted up her massive Storm Rifle and placed it across her tiny lap to show the curious woman the weapon.
"Works well enough when needed. It is a simple design, sword with a gun modification to it. For when you need to reach out and touch someone." As he finished talking he pulled the weapon from his belt and showed it to the group. "Got permission to keep this bad boy on my person. Has never let me down in battle." He placed the sword in front of himself holding the handle in one hand and resting the blade on his arm to show the group.