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Hey SARP friends,

I've been working on the details of a long-form plot since I joined up. I think I've got enough figured out at this point to start checking interest! If enough people sign on, this will be my first plot here at SARP, so treat me well. :)

The general theme is along the lines of Macross, Space Battleship Yamato, and other classic space operas. The ship will be operating under a reduced crew and with limited resources - each combatant, medic, mechanic, and scientist will have a powerful influence on the ship's ability to survive.

Questions and such are very welcome. Thanks for your interest!


A small group of Plumerias have been assigned a simple mission - go behind enemy lines and seek out targets of opportunity to pull attention away from the war front. While the battle group is in FTL, their Continuum Distortion Drives behave strangely - destroying some ships outright and sending others careening through space.

Stranded in a heavily damaged ship, with no sign of the others in their battle group, a lone Plumeria has to use the scant resources at their disposal to restore the failing vessel and deal with the ancient, dormant threats of an unfamiliar sector.

But the Kuvexian War will not pass the ship and its crew by. Hunted by the wounded remnants of a Kuvexian fleet and surrounded by alien threats, the crew of the YSS Kanagawa will have to use their wits and battle prowess to see their way home.


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What kind of posting frequency are you thinking with this? My plate is starting to get pretty full with plots and sub-plots but I definitely interested in this unique idea. Is there a plot page for reference or anything on the wiki we can get a look at?


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Andrew- I'm committing to a weekly post. I may do smaller response posts as the opportunity arises or post more frequently if all the players have replied. It's okay to miss a post here or there.

No plot page yet. Wanted to make sure there was interest before I started doing the wiki work. :D

Miko- Having fun is why we're here. :) There will be a lot of good reasons to break the rules and a lot of opportunities to use charm and diplomacy to avoid making things worse. Sounds like he could be a good fit.
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This definitely is an extremely interesting idea. Though I'd have to consider which characters I could use or to make a new one altogether.

I would definitely join, if you'd want me~


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Well, I may have an open character or two dependent on what happens with one plot, but if that one ends I may have a sassy Infantry, or a Samurai on loan to the SAoY that could be interesting and used to behind lines operations.


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Either one sounds great. The ship being damaged will open up a lot of opportunities for PA use - and there will be plenty of creepy crawlies around to keep them occupied.