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Yamatai News (YINN) Snowy Spaceport Spurns Squid

Sood Zadra, UX-3 III
YE 45.7.20

Acting Regent Soon Bardoon of Kuvexian remnant corporation Quallox Vaibal's trade port colony on UX-3 III announced today that the UX-3 system is closed to warships of belligerents in the current conflict with the Mishhuvurthyar, as well as all civilian SMN traffic. The statement said that exceptions may be made on an individual basis through contact with their customer service department, who will escalate any flag officer to Tier III support as soon as possible. Commercial, private, and civilian government traffic from other nations is not restricted this time and Baroness Bardoon stated that they will be increasing system security to ensure the safety of that traffic and any civilians in their system.

There is a significant presence of former NMX Nekovalkyrja mercenaries among Quallox Vaibal's Sood Zadra garrison, and Sood Zadra's ever-warming relations with Nepleslia and open attitude towards Yamatai are factors which hopefully make it unlikely for any Mishhuvurthyar warships to be granted those exceptions. A source on Sood Zadra confirmed that neither Yamatai nor Nepleslia had yet approached Quallox Vaibal about participation or support in the war, and also that trade relations with the Mishhuvurthyar of the Ukk system have been suspended.
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