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Art So I sing.

I've been singing since I was like, 8. So I sing a lot. So much. It's absurd how much I sing, pisses muttface mcderp off so much. So very much.

So I decided to do a weird project, now that I have my condenser mic up and operational. Thought? What if I sang a song, and I backed myself up 9 times?

So, I recorded myself singing Fields of Gold by Sting, 10 times, picked my favourite, made that track a stereo track, screwed around with the pan of the other tracks to make it as if the "Backups" are all around me.

These vocals are RAW. I did nothing to them other than a noise reduction to get a bit of the buzz I get from the two computers I sit next too, as well as pop and click reduction on the main track so that you guys don't hear that. No reverb, no equalisation, just as if I were to clone myself nine times and do this song through a mic at Karaoke or something. I spent about 2 and a half hours on this total. Minimal corrections, because for the effect to work properly, you can't have all the tracks to similar, or you lose the multiple people singing. So I left some mistakes in.


If people don't believe me, I have the original WAV file, so if you have audacity or a program that can open WAV, you can actually look at all the different tracks and pick them apart. All you need to do is ask.

Primitive Polygon

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Does sound pretty impressively clean dude. Like, people underestimate how hard that bit is, especially with multiple channels.

As for the choice of song... Honestly, maybe it's the effect, but your voice makes me think of Bauhaus or something? Kind of an odd combination with Sting music... Then again, I did always prefer his songs with the Police.

/music rant by somebody who only makes low-bit vidya music.

Edto Xar'Sivaree

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Heh, I used to do small theme song commissions for people using fruity loops.

Here are a couple.



And this one is by far the best song I have made with fruity loops.


@Primitive Polygon


As for Bauhaus, he uses an odd reverb setting. A little distortion on some parts, but he doesn't use the effect I did.

A more professional version of what I do, is actually Phill Collins. He uses it all the time, and is actually where I got the idea for it. See, Phill hates the sound of his own voice, so he will use a better-done version of that effect in parts of MANY of his songs.


That is a perfect example. My stepdad worked with him once, tis how I know. That or it was his friend who worked with him. They were both there when I heard the story.
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I used Fruity Loops once to make some music for a game maker project.

Just... music in massive quotation marks...

I recently downloaded LMMS (which is similar) to try and work my defective magic on making some simple tracks for my RPG maker game.

Eeghhgh... I am not a musical mind at all...

Primitive Polygon

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Huh. 'Twisted Lullaby' does sound really good. Could really fit in with a RPG, or perhaps a survival horror type deal.

As for Phil Collins, yeah, you can totally hear that in Genesis - Invisible Touch, come to think of it...

What kind of games did you try on GM, @LittleWasp? It's pretty underrated software considering some real gems like Hotline Miami and Jack The Reaper are made in it. As for RPG maker, I mostly just like .Flow/Yume Nikki type stuff, I guess.

You should link the tracks, anyhow!

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First it wasn't fast enough, then it wasn't TWANGY ENOUGH! By Jaysus @HAMnJAM, what you trying to do kill me?


Rocky top, traditional Bluegrass written by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant, obviously sung by me.

Seriously. I had to take the original track and speed it up so that it was 20 seconds shorter ((That's a lot in a 3 minute song)) and up the pitch by a whole tone just to get it "Twangy" enough. Bastard...

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Yerp. The idea is that I am going to try and come up with a new verse every time, based on the plot, with that first verse being similar to the origonal song. Probably a big protect, I'll either get bored or discouraged but what ever!

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So, a little while ago me and @ArsenicJohn talked about doing a rap battle between Daran Ist'Laderen and Corgan Garret. I had worked on a couple lines, but I eventually dropped the project. Last night, I decided to pick it up again and at least finish the first verse. Origonal backing track was by Valentine Beats as credited and linked in the soundcloud description. First time every writing rap, so It's pretty... Standard?

Edto Xar'Sivaree

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I was hesitant to post this one, but there is a story behind it.

My step grandfather was a North Korea Veteran and his absolute favorite song was Danny Boy. I don't know what the connection between him being a vet and him liking the song was exactly, but I was told it was a connection. The first time he ever got close to crying was when I sang it at my mom and his sons wedding.

I was told about 5 months ago that he was in the hospital and he wasn't going to make it out. The man was an absolute tank and I kept telling myself that if anyone was going to walk out of that hospital alive with everything wrong with him, it was going to be him. Nothing at all put him down ever. He did walk out of the hospital, transfered to a long term care center. My step dad ((His son)) was down there in the care center and we were told he was still in and out of the woods. Before he left one night he played this recording for him because I knew it was his favorite song. He unfortunately died the next day. I was told on the way to work by my step brother. It was the beginning of a sting of bad days for me actually.

Well, it's not the greatest, but here y'all go.