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RP (Solo Story For Now) Resilience


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RP Date
YE 45
RP Location
Noria Citadel

U.N.N Citadel Noria​

Noria System, Yirune Spiral, Chrystalis Unvorsum
United Norian Imperium (Former ISANN)
Several Months After
[Tsenlan] Your Time Has Come Again and Again

Uaeso tapped his fingers on the top of the display case as he awaited the girl behind the counter to make his Leilan Tea, the newly minted Kryso insignia on his uniform spoke volumes of how much had changed since he and Naika were 'kidnapped' by Rivaen. Things had taken a turn, and the crowned prince had more than one solid reason for his decisions. He turned his head and looked out into the concourse, there were a lot of civilians still on the citadel as programs began to distribute those revived IDEs among reclaimed colonies and staging in line to be the first to settle on what was the next great experiment.

"Here is your Tea, Kryso. We've debited your gilmar from your account, " the young blonde-haired attendant said as she placed his tea down on the counter.

The Kryso j1694727829781.pngerked slightly as she had broken his train of thought and his daydreaming as he watched those who passed by. "Ah, Thank you, I will see you at lunch, maybe, it is going to be a big day today...I'm off to see Deputy Director Arkan," he said with gratitude as he picked up the thermal mug and took a slow cautious first sip of the steaming tea. He was in his dress uniform, blue and black paneled with detailed rope work along the epaulets of the jacket, the last thing he wanted to do was spill on it. He dodged lines of soldiers and personnel that were on their way between places, a slight nod met the arms that crossed their chests in brief salute. It was only a few minutes before he passed the Office of Quaen Reintegration, he couldn't help but try and peer through the tinted portals into what was still a complete mystery to most of them. Ujin and his people tended to keep to themselves, they were rather humble in spite of all that they had done. The Prince wanted to meet one of the Quaen, it was just another thing to add to his bucket list. He sighed, unable to see into the officer, and then continued on his way until he arrived at the 'Office of Command for the First Imperial Armada', the frosted translucent doors parted before him and he continued inside.

Uaeso approached the desk, he was about to introduce himself but the blue-haired Norian female behind the desk spoke first, "Admiral, the Deputy Director says you should go on in, may I take your hat and sidearm?" she asked as she passed the g-pad over and set it on the other side of the desk.

The Admiral smiled and took off his command cap, set it on the counter, and then disengaged the genetic lock on the strap for his quintessence pulse pistol and set it next to it. He then picked up the pad and finalized his registration as he watched the woman place his at and sidearm into one of the storage lockers behind the desk. "Thank you," he said with a nod and then turned. He took a deep breath and straightened his uniform then walked through the door into the Deputy Director's Office.

1694728886980.pngThe Deputy Director's Office was not quite the way that Uaeso had imagined it. It was rather small, but it had four rather large viewports that gave a fantastic view, and a rather simple desk with a bunch of projections that hung around it. The new flag of the UNI was posted to the right behind the rather elegant desk chair that had very obvious Cayorian vibes to it. An angular top with a black leather padded surface and Arkan looked rather comfortable in it. The uniform Arkan wore was much more elaborate than his own, it had actual carved pauldron-like armor integrated into the fabric with a lot of medals that hung over the left side of his chest. He had been warned before he had come, about the uncanny resemblance and the rather inconvenient truth behind Arkan and those like him, it had made Uaeso even more curious rather than upside. Arkan had platinum blonde hair that was almost white, with blue colored eyes. The symbol of the Eitan Ysi was pinned beside his rank, just as it was now on his own. He had disposed of the Caeyara name months before, in fact, it was one of the first things he had done before everything happened. "Kryso Uaeso Eitan, reporting for duty," he said and crossed his right hand over his chest and closed his fist.

"How very professional, "Arkan said as he stood up and respectfully saluted back. "No need for it though," he said as he extended his hand toward the viewports that lined the entire other side of the room. "Best view on the whole Citadel, private view anyway," he said as he motioned Uaeso to follow him over to them. When Uaeso followed he pointed out the viewport towards the massive Quaen Mothership which hung over the still-cooling sphere that was their reformed homeworld. The pale blue atmosphere was rather choked with smoke and clouds, but it was still beautiful regardless. "By the time you get back, we will probably be resettling the surface. A shame you will miss the landing, but the mission you're on takes priority," Arkan said as he then turned to look at Uaeso. "Are you ready for it? Going back to the Kagami Galaxy and the Kikyo Sector to set things right with your father and the Yamataians?" he asked.

Uaeso looked out at the scene of the cooling planet, he seemed almost lost for a moment as he couldn't help but wonder about a home he had never set foot on. He knew that Lorenz and Aelantia were the next on the Quaen list, he had almost settled on the fact that Minatu Prime would never be restored, not with the rather obtuse view people had of his mother. He let out a long exhale and said, "I am ready, if we are going to move toward reunification these old matters must be settled, things need to be put right. We can't give amnesty to only those we want to," he said thoughtfully. "I have come to an understanding with myself that regardless of my emotions, I have to do this. Not just for myself or even the UNI, but for the hopes of some kind of peace among our kind and reunification of all that has been scattered," he admitted.

Arkan made a quiet chuckle and spoke in a softened tone, "You sound like me, I keep saying that the truth will come out when we have Siethennin, your father, and I back in a room together and that it has to be resolved peacefully no matter what," he laid a hand on Uaeso's right shoulder and said, "While I'm sure we could spend the entire day mulling over our ethical obligations and duties as we try to justify our future actions, we should be more productive. Are you ready to see your ship?" Arkan asked as he picked up one of the pads from his desk.

"Always ready," Uaeso responded with an excited look locked in his eyes.

More to Come...

Art done in Midjoruney by Andrew.
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U.N.N Citadel Noria​

Noria System, Yirune Spiral, Chrystalis Unvorsum
United Norian Imperium (Former ISANN)


Many species can destroy things on a whim. It takes so little to destroy a world, to send a solar system into a cascade of devastation. War plagued our people for centuries, we were the playthings of others who declared themselves as our gods. For those who believed there was nothing that could be done, just suck up the losses and give it all to faith. Those of us, the few who failed to ever believe in the builders and their espra, ascended to a new level of understanding. Far away, hidden from the eyes of greed and separated since before the fall of Caecyan we observed, we learned and we studied. We learned not only how to destroy, but how to create. We learned to repair the errors of our brothers and sisters, and today we share it with them. It begins with home and it will work upon each of our shattered hearts until they are whole again. -- Ujin Eitan, Broadcast from the Quaen Mothership, 6 Months Prior.

Lux Aurora Industries at UNN Citadel Noria
Shipyard Control Station Six

Uaeso and Arkan exchanged simple conversations on the way to the shipyard control station. When they entered the control station the soft blue lighting illuminated and the gold volumetric projection interfaces and monitors activated. The enclosed bay was dark, the most that could be made out was the faint shadow of the ship that fell within the dim lighting of construction frames, and access platforms. The Kryso was excited but unsettled, the road ahead was not going to be easy. Yet in the presence of Arkan, it all seemed possible, it was eerie the comfort that his presence gave. If anything this was an opportunity for Uaeso to learn more from those who had been inaccessible to him growing up.

"It has been an absolute whirlwind around here in the last few months," Arkan said, "From your arrival to the arrival of the Quaen to this massive effort of rebuilding ships and worlds. It almost is like the War was some distant nightmare past. I almost didn't get the green light to put this class of ship into production, you'd think the Tiacyatho-Class is the only thing anyone cares about these days," he added with a bit of a humourous tone to his voice.

Uaeso shook his head, "I've seen the Tiacyatho-Class Specs, it's an impressive ship but I also listened to Aerum's speech about thinking outside of our past designs and seeing things in the bigger picture. Hopefully, Lux Aurora's designers will ensure the rest of the new generation of ships is equally impressive as their mascot, as I see it anyway. Then there are some who think too big and seem to think we need influences in every single universe and spiral we used to occupy, it is unrealistic thinking like that which gets people killed - or worse wakes up some new enemy that could wipe us out during this rebuilding phase," he said as he crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against one of the consoles. "Not that I'd turn down a Captain's seat on one, mind you the idea of having the sharpest teeth and the most cunning tactical advantages appeals to me like anyone else. The suspense here is killing me though, " he said as he pointed toward the darkened windows.

1694740307806.pngArkan laughed in amusement and said, "You're the one standing here giving the speech. I like it though, save that for when you get called in front of the Assembly or have to talk some political nut job into putting some weight into a project." He looked down at one of the control interfaces and keyed in a few sigils, one by one the rows of lights in the space dock activated, which slowly revealed the hull of the vessel that Uaeso would be taking on his mission to the Kagami Galaxy.

"I give you the Migothi-Class Cruiser. The strange smaller step-sister of the Tiacyatho-Class and her design is exactly what you need it for. Transuniversal Operations, Long-ranged Exploration, and a fair amount of the bells and whistles enjoyed by its bigger sibling. Complete hybridization, husks are grown inside of the conventionally built shell with all the comforts of a conventionally built craft with the mind and sense of a Leviathan," he said, "A decent exploration package, the power systems can switch dimensional frequency so that when you're in the Kagami Galaxy you can switch over to Aether without other power sources being a problem," Arkan said, then paused for a second before he finished, "...So what do you think?"

Uaeso was stunned, he knew he should have been listening to what Arkan had to say but his eyes were too focused on the ship that he was about to take command of, sure it was not a huge ship, and most at the Kryso rank would have complained not to get a Tiacyatho, yet to him this was about all he could ever ask for. "I...I think it's amazing," he said in awe. "Though I don't think they've ever seen one of our conventional craft, none of the Vespan ships made it to Tsenlan... all they've seen is those Leviathans that were reused..." he said without much thought past it.

Arkan grinned slightly, "Well Kryso, I've done my part. You leave tomorrow, most of the crew and provisioning have already been taken care of. Official orders and everything you need will be waiting for you. The ship's name is Narsho, figured it would hit home for you. However, I have one more thing I have to do with you before you go." Arkan said as he approached Uaeso, "I've been asked to take you somewhere, I can't say where but someone wants to talk to you before you shove off, I promise - it won't take long, at least I don't think so," he said as he headed back toward the door, "I know you want to go check it all out, but this has to come first. Come on!" he exclaimed.

Art done in Midjoruney by Andrew.
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Quaen Mothership​

Noria System, Yirune Spiral, Chrystalis Unvorsum
United Norian Imperium (Former ISANN)
Quaen Mothership

Uaeso winced as he stepped off the shuttle and into the interior of the mothership's outer ring, "My head..." he said as he rubbed at his own temples. The craft's interior was tremendous as if it had been made for giants. The Admiral looked to Arkan who stood just inside the airlock, "Where do we go next?" he asked, as he tried to adjust to the strange, empty cold feeling of the ship's interior. It was way cooler than their ships, kind of nice in a way but the sheer scale of it made it feel lonely and abandoned. He could not fathom the amount of what appeared to be unused space, it was as if it were a Leviathan and should fit entire cities within it, yet it was not.

"Sorry, this is as far as I go. Follow the illuminated sigils on the wall and you will know when you get to where you need to go. The headache will pass, maybe. I still feel light-headed every time I set foot here," Arkan said then pointed out the glowing sigils on the dark walls of the vessel's interior. There was no one in sight, no sentries or guards that could be seen. "Good Luck, I will see you when you are done," the Deputy Director said as he closed the airlock.

Uaeso didn't know how to feel about the fact that Arkan was unable or unwilling to accompany him. Sure enough, he had the curiosity to meet the Quaen Norians but there was a level of intimidation that went with it, as vast as the Norian ego had grown over the centuries it was quite well known that elders like Caecyan and in this case, his brother Ujin were not very common. Being separated for centuries had taken these Norians on a very different path, a path without the flaws of religion and was what had been perceived as peaceful.

Falcon StatueWhat did Ujin want with him anyway? He was not some great leader like his sister Aerum, or famous among the rank and file like Aurelia. Uaeso's view of himself was humble, even more so now among what appeared to be some kind of a palace in space. Although he had seen no one, he felt as if he was being watched, that natural feeling that made the tiny hairs on the back of his neck stand on end, and the still healing incision that ran down the center sting. The ring eventually progressed into what appeared to be some kind of grand lobby, the lighting increased in comparison to the corridor and it made him blink a few times as he looked at the focal point of the chamber. A massive statue of a Falcon, the symbol of Caecyan stood in all of its tower-like glory. The illuminated sigils ended as he emerged fully into the annex. "Hello?" he asked, his words echoing within the cavernous interior. Another corridor led forward, he suspected that continued on into the other section of the ring, while behind the statue a set of stairs ascended upward to a platform in which a massive isolation-style door. On either side of the door, there were sentries, both Norian, both female with shoulder-length black hair which spilled out over the white material of some kind of uniform that had intricate gold-colored banding and metal work in the accent of the different curves of their bodies. At first, he thought that maybe they were statues until he felt that strange prod of a vesper within his mind that urged him to ascend the stairs. For some reason the connection of their vesper felt heavy, it felt as if a brick had been placed upon his head, and that initial pain he felt returned.

At the top of the stairs, he turned, first to the one on the left and then to the one on the right, "Okay? I am here. Kryso Uaeso--" he attempted to announce himself formally and rather than a response, a sound like thunder as if something blunt had pounded metal against metal. The massive doors parted before him. Within was a very different space than where he had just walked. It was well-illuminated, with polished floors and decorative sculptures and statues.

Ujin EitanHe recognized the words, some of them anyway, that were written below artifacts that hung upon the walls on either side of the hall, "Phaloam (The Metacognitive Pursuit), Nathaul (The Pursuit of Knowledge), it was followed by words he was unfamiliar with; Crith (The Pursuit of Ascension), Haera (The Connections Between the Multiverses), and Parsa (The Path of Life), " he read them out as he walked forward. Everything about the ship spoke of ages past, things that were buried deep in the history of their people. On the other side, there were strange orbs with sigil markings on them as well, almost as if they were in counterbalance of those on the other side, "Destruction, Indulgence, Consumption...and Assimilation," he said them quietly to himself as he continued forward. The illumination shifted. Suddenly straight in front of him was a massive volumetric projection in three dimensions of the reformed planet of Noria, streams of information flowed in various screens around the projection as it switched between the full visual and a cast wire-like blueprint which showed the paths of different planetary bodies int he solar system.

In the now better-lit interior, he could make out the presence of another person. A rather tall man, at least half a foot taller than him, at the other side of the projection. He wore intricate niranium armor with what appeared to be hand-shaped and carved accent pieces. The armor seemed to meld perfectly with the black and gold mesh of fabric that was visible between some of the more protected regions of the man's body. Uaeso observed the man's slender pointed ears, the feeling of that tethered, yet just-out-of-reach vesper that held the strangest of emotions. The man had blue-grey hair and bright cerulean eyes, he assumed this person was Ujin, the now that had summoned him. As he approached the man he felt as if his body was heavy, within a few more steps he found himself lowered to his knees. He instinctively crossed his right hand over his chest touched his fist to his left shoulder and lowered his head, his gaze still fixed upon the man before him. He had strange glowing blue marks on his face that Uaeso just could not explain.

More to Come...

All Art done by Andrew in Midjourney.
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Quaen Mothership​

Noria System, Yirune Spiral, Chrystalis Unvorsum
United Norian Imperium (Former ISANN)

"Rise, and let that be the last time your knees polish this floor," Ujin said as he approached Uaeso, he walked through the projection which caused it to briefly distort and augment as the rays of light were disrupted. "My eldest brother Caecyan, father of Adrin. Adrin father of Tetsuya, Tetsuya father of Uaeso..." the elder said as he walked over to Uaeso to meet the young man as he rose to his feet. "You're about to embark on a mission back to the Kagami Spiral, back to the place you came from before your older brother brought you home. You've managed to quell the charges against your father and made yourself part of the plan for reunification, but what will you do when you're beyond the sight of those who have accepted you home with open arms and eternal reverence?" he asked as he moved along the side of Uaeso, then added, "Walk with me, let us explore your proposed destiny together." Ujin projected himself similarly to the way Caecyan had, the imagery of the Falcon didn't illude Uaeso at all, he could see the feathers entwined in the man's hair.

Uaeso walked with Ujin as requested, he carefully considered the question he was asked and then replied, "I will complete the mission I have set out to do, to encourage my father that reconciliation and reunification are the best pathways for the survival of our species." The prince felt slightly intimidated, yet in awe at the same time. It was not something he ever expected to do, converse with one as connected to their history as Ujin was.

Ujin listened carefully to the answer Uaeso gave, "Yet you know the 'crimes' your father was accused of, and know in your heart now of the guilt that is actually on him. Do you not agree with those who have called for punishment and justice?" he asked, the actual point of bringing the young man to the Mothership had almost come into focus.

"I agree it confused me when I heard that Quaen has called for amnesty, and yet it gives me hope that such mercy will lead my father to make the right decisions," Uaeso replied, it was obvious in his tone that he felt some contempt for what he had learned since Rivaen had brought them home.

quaen_norian_teatable_andrew_midjourney2023.pngUjin stopped, then waved his hand in front of one of the sigils on the wall in front of them, the wall then opened up into another room. It was similar to the rest of the monstrosity of a vessel in terms of the balance of illumination and shadow. A pile of decorative pillows sat around a tea table on a platform in the center of the room as a strange projection of some ancient Norian forest activated around them. "Your father is no more guilty of crimes than any of the other leaders of your people. To label him a criminal would be inaccurate. Your father is lost however, he's been moved by decades of war and turmoil which had led him to unthinkable acts, and yet he is still the one who holds the celestial mandate regardless of what each and every mouth has to say," he explained and then motioned for Uaeso to join him as he ascended the platform and sat down on one of the pillows. An ancient teapot steamed on a stone tray at the center of the table with cups around it. Ujin sat down and waited for the young man to sit before he began to pour the tea. "Your mission isn't just to deliver an invitation to reunification, it's to hopefully find the man your father is supposed to be. To help him see himself as what the mandate demands," he said, then set the pot back down on the tray.

"Lost?" Uaeso questioned as he watched the tea be poured. "I suppose so when you put it like that. I just don't know how he will react. He could see me as a traitor, and worse he could make the Yamatai Star Empire think that as well. I have to admit, I have a certain admiration for them, my time there was comfortable. I wouldn't want to bring an end to the peace that exists between them and us." Uaeso picked up the small cup with both hands and followed Ujin's actions as he raised it up to the level of his brow and gave silent praise to his ancestors. He then, likewise to the man before him, lowered the cup and took the first sip.

Ujin smiled after he took a sip of tea and then set his cup down, "There is no need to break friendships with those who helped our people. I'm sure those from the Empire would appreciate the fact that they have friends, rather than refugees. Every Imperial nation can be strong and proud, but it is vital, to have true friends. They had an alliance with us before they took people in, and they will long after so long as we respect each other's boundaries, I see no issue with Tsenlan continuing as it is, being the bridge between two universes," he said before he took another sip from his cup, then continued, "We've intercepted communications that suggest their Empire is on the verge of dawn of another war. One they will probably need a friend to fight, plus who knows...the vermin they seek to destroy could find their way across the barriers of universes. It is only logical for friendship to continue, partnership even, nor do we need to explain to them the tarnish to your father's name," the elder explained. "I'm sure many in Tsenlan will elect to remain there, among them, in a state under them. Just with the option and knowledge that their home remains their home and that Noria has been restored."

Uaeso nodded in relief, he had wondered since the mission was planned what he would do when it came to the nation that had done so much to help the Tsenlanese state. "You are wise Ujin, the Quaen have made it possible for me to even see a future for our people. I had resigned to the fact we had been destined to be refugees for eternity. I was awe-struck when your people restored Noria and began the movement of reassembling our nation. Why is it you do not seek the throne yourself?" he asked, curious as to why it seemed that Ujin held back, he knew a man of his caliber could easily make an argument for the mandate. The Quaen had been gone for so long and never fell for the lies of the other species that had imitated gods and plunged Noria into darkness and destruction.

mysterious_norian_box_andrew_midjourney2023.pngUjin laughed wholeheartedly, he nearly spilled his tea. "I have no desire for the throne, my voice resounds through the Quorum fine. It was always Caecyan's line, not mine. I am an old man without any offspring. It would be a dead end for Noria. I've never found time for marriage or procreation, even on Senneril, I'd much rather be a part of the hunting parties that go out to fight the monstrosities in which we harvest crith from than to find myself bound to a throne and crown," he admitted. He then looked at Uaeso and said with a serious gaze, "You, however, will follow well in your father's footsteps. Ignore what people say about your maternal contribution, you are no less than anyone else. The lies of the church have just lingered where they have no business in doing so." Ujin finished the cup of tea, "Well it is time for you to go, just one thing before you do," he said as he produced a small black box and handed it across the table and explained, "The device within with disable your father's inhibitor, you have an ally there who has already been briefed. Your aunt Rin, his twin will make sure you're not interrupted, one of your brothers as well. No one should have to deny who and what they are anymore. It will help him be ready to rejoin Arkan and Siethenin to restore him fully when he returns," He smiled as the young Kryso took the box. "Pleasant journey, hopefully, Noria will be ready to live on when you get home."

Uaeso accepted the box and stood from the table, "Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I will complete my mission, and I will return home when I am done." He crossed his right hand, fist closed over to his left shoulder, and bowed forwards in respect. Uaeso looked at the sealed box as he made his way back to the shuttle. He knew many hours had passed, he would need to see Naika before he departed.

U.N.N Narsho​

U.N.N Citadel Noria
Noria System, Yirune Spiral, Chrystalis Unvorsum
United Norian Imperium (Former ISANN)

V.Mindhive...Locked Out
Husk Internalized Structure...Secure
Sensors and Communications...Active
Niranium Plating...Normal
Morphic Crystalline Ablative Structures...Standby Mode
Conventional Weapons Systems...Active
Non-Conventional Weapons Systems...Locked Out. Both Keys are present.
Multi-Dimensional Tap Reactor...Asune Active, Ready for Aether switch at Kagami Entry
Distortion Pocket...Stable
Sublight Drive...Active
Hyperspace Drive...Ready for Slip Stream
Void Transit Drive...Locked Out
Transuniversal Breach Drive...Active

"Last Call, All Citadel Personnel please proceed to egress tunnels, launch proceeding in five minutes"

Uaeso squeezed past a line of base personnel that were on their way out of the starboard bridge access tunnel, as he fumbled with the zipper of his duty uniform jacket. He had run behind, the reminder that he had his own personal time limit on the mission was fresh in his mind. He climbed the short set of stairs and exited the tunnel corridor and onto the bridge of the U.N.N Narsho. He made a slight smile as he passed a few officers who stood next to the consoles of the more junior officers who had been selected for them. He already knew about the choices that had been made for his First Officer and Operations Specialist; Two of Asua and Ernal Lunari's daughters. As usual, politics demanded that two of the second Imperial line be present, not that he complained, he knew that both Aenu and Lurel were more than competent in their respective fields. He leaned down in the center of the bridge, and said quietly, "Hello Narsho," as he dipped his hand in a grey-blue pool of synthetic liquid. The contact with the pool finalized the bond between his symbiote and the Mindhive system of the ship. He then ascended the short two steps up to the platform and lowered himself into the middle chair. He gave a bit of a grin as he sank into the more sporty bucket-style command chair, a request he had made that allowed them to bypass the usual command throne style of seats. "Someone at Lux Aurora was paying attention," he said to Aenu, the pink-haired Vespen Norian First Officer as she sat down on his right.

"Remind me to thank you for that later, it is good to see you again Tia'Kryso. It is an honor to serve at your side, the checklist is complete and we are ready for final departure procedures at your pleasure," she said as she leaned back into her own chair into a comfortable position. When she sat down the central projection system activated at the base of the command platform, and the central area of the bridge momentarily dimmed until the projection of the Citadel's Shipyard Bay dominated, with a smaller projection of the local Noria System. Several markers lit up the screen, most of them were other U.N.N vessels, while there were two Iron Company Cutter vessels that were present as well, the Narsho after all were carrying mail from their forces in the Yirune Arm to those in the Kagami Galaxy. "Looks like you've got some extra attention, the U.N.N Osatei is out there. That meeting with the Deputy Director must have been something special, now get that speech done to appease the media so we can get out of here," Aenu added as she reviewed the local area scans.

The fleet and shipwide communications system activated, and Uaeso stood from his chair. "Transuniversal missions have always been close to the heart of our efforts in the multiverses. We've been to spirals that have brought us great knowledge, and others that have cursed upon us great suffering. It is my honor to be a part of that history now. I have to admit, when Rivaen brought us here, I thought I was doomed. I've since seen the light, seen the works of the Norian'rolthil'quaen; their restoration of our homeworld and its sisters to come, we once more have hope in this empty lonely night of space. We've survived the Quell and the Craethel, and aliens who claimed to be our gods. Now we set forth on the greatest trial of all, to see if our people can reach reconciliation and reunification. To fix the lies of misled visionaries and find those who have become lost in their own wartorn trauma. I am thankful to know I will preserve the peace between us and our friends and kin on the other side, and carry with me a promise to help them endure the threats of war as well," he said, then cut off the communication and sat back down.

"You're a natural at it," the red-haired Operations Specialist said as she sat down in her chair on the opposite side of him from her sister. "Construction Frame and Docking Tunnels are retracted, we are ready for launch. We're on internal power and secondary department checklists are completed and good to go. I authorize the launch. All yours Kryso," Ernal said as she popped an additional projection of the ship's exit vector and departure plan and sent the copy of the checklists to the Citadel's Control Bridge. "Lux Aurora Engineers have given approval to the checklists, and we are clear to depart," she confirmed.

Tiacyatho-Class_norian_vessel_andrew_mmidjourney2023.pngUaeso watched as the two pilot's chairs at the front lower section of the bridge reclined back their interfaces around them activated and the pods encompassed them behind translucent panes. "Take us out, nice and slow. Don't want to scratch the paint on departure," he ordered. The Narsho burned slowly out of the Citadel. The projection in the center of the bridge changed which showed the two Iron Company Cutters, The Onager, and Shadowbreaker on either side of their track out of the Citadel. "Accelerate to 0.1c, let's do the usual victory lap, and set a course for the outer system. Once we're clear of the inner superstructures, you can increase it to 0.25c." Once they were past the two small Iron Company ships, the massive Tiacyatho-Class Dreadnought, the U.N.N Osatei came into view.

"Look, it is the ship that Kryso is supposed to have," Aenu said, as she gawked at the larger ship.

Uaeso looked at her and rolled his eyes, "You're going to be a ray of sunshine, had to prove those Lunari roots right away, huh?" he asked in retort. He adjusted his posture and watched as the massive superstructures that dominated the inner system passed by them. "Internal shielding should be brought online and bulkheads closed, Transuniversal Drive charge procedures and stabilization should commence immediately. All hands prepare for the Transuniversal Jump," he moved his hands to the side and hit the release on the bottom right side of the chair, the armrests extended and moved upwards and his safety belt locked into place automatically to strap him into the chair, similar procedures were followed at the rest of the bridge stations. "Set a course to Way Point 001, SARPiverse - Kagami Spiral, Kikyo Sector grid, 1805," he ordered. Their exit point into the Kikyo Sector had been chosen outside of the Yamatai Star Empire's space, after all, transuniversal operations were still classified in the Empire and he didn't want to break that.

Unfortunately Uaeso nor his crew knew the mistake they had just made, after all his last time there had been before the war started.
Unnamed System
Yamatai Galactic South, Kikyo Sector Grid 1805
Kagami Spiral

Vibrations rattled through the spaceframe of the U.N.N Narsho as its Transuniversal Breach Drive pushed them from the Chrystalis Unvorsum to the Kikyo Sector in the Kagami Spiral of the SARPiverse. The interior of the ship rippled with discharges of exotic energies and particles, they made the internal shielding system work in overdrive to protect sensitive electronics as temporal distortions and the time dilation between the universes caused movements to be blurred with after images in the visual spectrum to lag. Ernal's distorted voice echoed through the bridge, "Kagami Galaxy in...four, three, two...one..." An explosive shockwave rippled through space as the wormhole-like vortex opened to spew the Narsho into the unnamed system. The sudden emergence from inter-universal space was like they had hit a wall of sorts, the Mindhive immediately switched to secondary power systems as the Multi-Dimensional Tap Reactor was purged of Asune and cut off, and then switched over to Aether power. The bridge illumination flickered again as the mains came back online. The sunlight engines engaged and pushed the ship away from the vortex as it closed behind them.

Ernal checked her readouts, and connection to the ship's mindhive then announced, "Systems responding as designed, conversion to aether successful. Looking good, give me a minute and I'll have everything else in tip-top shape." The red-haired Operations Specialist ran several quick diagnostics which the mindhive churned almost instantly.

No sooner had Ernal spoken, than the mindhive announced, "Sensor contact, bearing two, seven, zero point five, Unknown vessel, unknown configuration, is currently conducting passive scans and is closing on direct intercept vector at 0.25c." The mindhive's voice was feminine and calm, despite the news it delivered.

"A Yamataian ship?" Aenu questioned as she transferred the tactical overlay and scan map with data to the central projection system in front of the platform. She looked to Uaeso and then to the three-dimensional projection of the ship.

Uaeso narrowed his eyes as he looked at the ship and said, "Not Yamataian, at least nothing I have seen the Star Army use." Something was unsettling about the ship's appearance, it looked almost predatory. The hull was a green color, but it didn't seem to match any Nepleslian vessels he knew about, not to mention they were not exactly in their space. Ujin had mentioned that there was some kind of communication about a war, "Switch to defensive configuration for the distortion pocket, bring conventional weapons system to standby only, keep our scans passive as well, and open communications with the other ship," he ordered.

The bridge went silent, and the communications attempt went unanswered, "They're deploying some kind of distortion disruption system, probably electronic warfare attempts to jam our communications systems. Whoever they are, they don't appear to want to have a talk," Ernal reported as information from the tactical and communications stations on the lower level came into her. A moment later she added, "Their scans just went from passive to active, they're forming firing solutions and we're detecting aether power spikes."

"Z plus three thousand meters and set a course three, zero, zero, move us into offensive posture, bow lowered by one-five degrees and show them our teeth, since they don't want to talk," Uaeso ordered, the U.N.N Narsho rose on the z-axis by three thousand meters as commanded and set the avoidance but tactical pass course as directed. The anti-starship dimensional tap quad-turrets rose up from the ship's hull-charged aether, the smaller anti-armor turrets popped out of their rat-holes as well and were ready to fire their first shots. In the meantime, the ship's main Quintessence Cascade Array began to charge. and torpedos were loaded into the fore and aft launcher systems of the cruiser. The defensive nature of the ship's shielding remained in the formation as he had previously ordered as the nano-crystalline ablative layer encrusted over the niranium plates on the ship's hull. "Switch our scans from passive to active as well and have Narsho prepare her firing solutions," he said, knowing that it was likely the Mindhive was already a step or two ahead of him. Almost instantly the mindhive drew markers along the incoming ship's scan profile of likely effective points on the ship to target.

The Vurfapurl Gunship changed its course slightly and raised its bow upward slightly, it fired a single barrage of positron cannons, and one of the two shots slammed into the Narsho's shield perimeter, which made the distortion pocket's translucent outline briefly visible in space. The ship rocked to the port side as the impact on the starboard wing-section shield's force was directed up and over the shield pocket. "Shields at ninety-three percent," Ernal reported as the mindhive's voice rang out through the bridge, "Impact analysis shows positron weaponry, charge frequency recorded, and barrier frequency and modulation adjusted."

Uaeso muttered to himself, "The Mishhuvurthyar I presume, looks like we're getting the preview. I will consider that a love tap...We're not so easily seduced though, got plenty of gifts to give..." he said, "Odd ventral-facing quad cannons, return fire. Just one salvo from each," he ordered. The six-facing ventral quad cannons opened fire, aether zipped through space and pegged the gunship on its dorsal starboard quarter. The gunship returned fire, and the emissions from its main cannon continued to increase. Another barrage of positron cannon fire, one of the four shots tore a brief hole through the shields and hit the nanocrystalline layer, the crystalline structure in the region of the impact shattered and blew off the hull of the ship, absorbing most of the damage. A scorch mark was left on the polish of the niranium hull.

"Direct hits on 3, 7, and 9, unknown damage shielding and hull section marked d-zero-six to target alpha, analyzing. Incoming contacts, unidentified small craft. Composition and emissions match target alpha...cataloging," the Mindhive reported as the swarm of twelve battle pods emerged from behind one of the moons of the outer planets. The central projection made the gunship's profile smaller and brought the scan profile of the battle pods up in their place. The mindhive's lightning reactions pegging target solutions on the bodies of the approaching craft.

"Welcome to the Kikyo Sector, ladies," Uaeso said to Ernal and Aenu, a sarcastic tone in his voice. "Secondary Quad cannon network, anti-mecha mode, weapons free and fire at will once those pods are in range. Adjust vector, bow z minus one-five degrees, and increase to zero point three," The choice of systems to emerge from their transuniversal jump was not the best, and now they were knee-deep in combat with an enemy that appeared to have no interest at all in a conversation. Uaeso tugged the chain around his neck and pulled the black-colored key out from under his uniform shirt - just in case.
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Unnamed System​

Yamatai Galactic South, Kikyo Sector Grid 1805
Kagami Spiral

As the crew continued to follow orders Uaeso privately consulted with Norsha through vesper. In their current orientation, it appeared as if Uaeso planned for the U.N.N Narsho to pass the Vurfapurl Gunship broadside on the starboard side. He had no intention of actually doing that, he just wanted one little thing. The Narsho bucked hard again as another positron cannon blast stuck its port wing section, this time the blast made it through the shield and blasted crystalline debris away from the hull again but actually managed to leave a breach in the armor. "Damage, Port stabilizer section. Dispatching Damage Control," Narsho's Mindhive announced before it sent the neutrino burst before and after scans of the gunship from the last salvo.

Uaeso couldn't help but smile to himself, "That's right, show me your err..." he said to himself as if he could talk to the enemy ship. "Course correction, passing solution to pilot pods now," he issued. Another projected screen popped up with the tactical overlay as he assembled the data from the scan along with the projected course solution for the maneuver and relayed it to the pilots. The gunship had a rather disturbing weakness, its all-forward-facing cone of fire left itself exposed and vulnerable. "Brace!" Uaeso ordered as he gripped the armrests of the chair, the inertia systems of the ship stressed as the cruiser's port ventral thrusters fired, and its sunlight drives blazed a streak of teal plasma through space. The U.N.N Narsho went into a roll but at the same time descended on its Z-axis into a corkscrew-like maneuver beneath the belly of the Gunship. As the maneuver progressed the quad cannons all opened fire, sending a spiraling barrage of aether around them. The shots blasted the Gunship's ventral face, The Gunship's CFS did its job up until the point of failure, from the mid portion of the maneuver until the Narsho cleared the starboard ventral quarter of the Gunship, the aether blasts landed their mark. The Gunship's hull buckled and broke as its plating was vaporized and shattered by the aether impacts. It was just the start, the Narsho's main weapon had finished its charging cycle.

"Direct Impacts, Damage assessment of target alpha is as follows, undetermined damage, propulsion is currently not active." the Mindhive shared its assessment.

Aenu shook her head, "There you are showing you're an Eitan. The enemy vessel is attempting to establish communication."

gunship_explosion_and rift_andrew_midjourney2023.png"Bring us around and fire the QCA," Uaeso said as he ignored the communication attempt. The U.N.N Narsho went into a hard turn and came back into an upward position with its bow faced back in the direction of the Gunship's already busted-up ventral section. The Quintessence Cascade Array opened fire, and the surge of Quintessent energy rocketed through space in a direct line from the Narsho, like a blue-shooting star with a brilliant trail. The overload of energy tore through the fabric of space and time and the subsequent cascade, which severed a rift through space. The line of the beam that went through the Gunship first seemed to explode, then in a sudden change the entire explosive discharge was drawn into the rift, and the broken remains of the gunship went with it.

Ernal reported and asked, "Enemy pods are diverting course, should we pursue?"

Uaeso shook his head and said, "No, we let them go. Set a course for the Akina System. Send a transcomm back home and inform them that we have engaged the Mishhuvurthyar, and send data packets of our scans of their ship and the pods. " The Kryso watched as the wound in space before they drew in the last remnants of the enemy that had attacked them. It would take time for the wound in space to heal, so a single buoy was launched from the U.N.N Narsho to mark the hazard in space so that no one would find themselves within the draw of the rift.

The wound in the U.N.N Narsho's starboard stabilizer section was under the care of the damage control teams, the patch was made and the ship entered hyperspace and headed toward its original intended destination.

Akina System​

Yamatai Star Empire, State of Tsenlan
City of Asarthotar - Tsenlan Palace

In the months since Uaeso and Naika had gone missing, the construction of Asarthostar, the Sanctuary Technology City for the Tsenlanese people, had proceeded with a considerable amount of success. The feeling that came over Uaeso as he entered the palace was strange, he couldn't help but feel as if he didn't belong. Tsenlan felt foreign now, almost inverse to how it had been before. Many of the attendants and members of his father's honor guard stared at him and at his U.N.N. uniform. The symbols of the United Norian Imperium would have likely confused them, most believed that the Yirune Arm's settled worlds had been destroyed. Uaeso and Naika had both been reported as missing and now there he was without her in that uniform. He had the black box that Ujin had given him in his hand, he knew it would come in useful later when it came time to make his move.

Asarthotar_city_akina_andrew_midjourney2023.pngNaeliu ran out from the main hall, she almost knocked one of the household staff over as she collided with her brother and wrapped her arms around him tightly, "Uaeso-Shyraes, wie'ru aulozu! I shiejhs wie wuru...kuauk, whuru hauzu wie luun?" ("Uaeso-brother, you're alive! I thought you were...dead, where have you been?") she asked, then took a step back with a slightly confused look on her face. "Whaus os shos? Whaus auru wie wuauronj? Whaus os jionj in?" ("What is this? What are you wearing? What is going on?") she asked and she touched her right hand to the front of his uniform.

"Din's wirrw Nauuloe, I woll ulphlauon. I aum aulrojhs aunk si os Nauorau, shu tess caun's lu huru rojhs niw,"("Don't worry Naeliu, I will explain. I am alright and so is Naika, she just can't be here right now.") Uaeso said, then reached and took her hand in his, he switched back to trade from Nira'las and asked, "Where is our father?" He wanted to get this over with as soon as he possibly could, "I have a gift for him," he said as he gave the black box a bit of a shake.

Naeliu raised a brow as she looked at the box, "Uh, he is with Rin-Eil, they have been spending time together recently," she said as she hooked her arm in his and led him inside the main hall, "He knows you're here though, I think he told the Star Army you guys were missing though, so I hope you have a good explanation. I don't know how he is going to react to that uniform," she said still a bit bewildered by her brother's appearance.

Uaeso took a deep breath and walked with her, he let her lead. He was quite happy when he heard their father and Rin had spent time together, it hopefully would mean his job would be easier since Ujin had said that Rin would be a good ally to him as things went ahead. He made a quick change of the topic of conversation, "This place looks fantastic, the whole city has really blossomed since I last seen it," he commented. He had noticed they had made further progress in joining the two remaining civilian arks to make a space station, such a feat would probably take years to complete - especially with the fact that Tsenlan's economy was still that of a refugee state within Yamatai.

"It is coming along, " she said, then looked out the massive window that overlooked the city behind the throne platform and walked him toward it. "It isn't...well you know what I mean," she forced a smile on her face. "So since you're avoiding telling me where you've been or why you're wearing that," she paused briefly as she looked out at the city lights, "...how is Naika?" she asked.

Uaeso starred out the window with her, "Naika is alright, she's expecting so she is at home," he said.

"Home? Is this not your..." she said but was interrupted as their father emerged into the hall.

Airwin rushed through the doors, the word of his son and heir's return had reached him. He wore a black Yamataian suit, that was well tailored with a white shirt under the jacket and a bellflower harlequin instead of a tie. "Son I..." he stopped in his steps when he saw Uaeso's uniform. A look of confusion and worry came onto his face as he looked the young man up and down. He approached with caution, "What is going on?" he asked.

Behind Airwin, Rin his twin sister, and the two's aunt stood in the archway of the door into the hall. She looked Uaeso in the eyes and whispered through their vesper link, //"Move quickly nephew, he is already suspecting something is wrong. He's still caught up in his own head,"// she said. She had summoned Jun in advance because she didn't want to risk the need for anyone outside of the Ysi to be involved.

"Hello, Father," Uaeso said as he watched his father's approach. He then moved towards him and said, "It's okay, I'm alright and so is Naika. I've been to Noria, there are other survivors and Vespa was almost completely spared, " he used a calm tone as he addressed Airwin. "I know that is a lot to swallow right now, but home is liberated and fine. The Craethel are gone. There's no one out to get you," he said as he handed the black box to his father. "I brought you something from home," he said as Airwin took the box into his hands.

Airwin didn't know what to say, he opened the lid of the black box cautiously. Inside was a niranium ring with the Ysi symbol of the Eitan Ysi engraved on it and studded with small blue-colored gems. He touched the ring and winced, the small needle hidden inside of the ring popped into his finger and released a small stream of nanobots that flooded into his bloodstream, "Ouch!" he said as he pulled his hand back. "Must of been a sharp edge," he said, not knowing that he had just been injected. The nanobots rushed through his system and attacked the inhibitor in the back of his neck and did as designed, shut it down. Airwin gasped, as he felt light-headed and he dropped to the floor unconscious, the box fell from his hand and onto the floor, the ring rolled along the grooves of the marble tiles and came to rest right at Uaeso's right boot.

Naeliu rushed toward her father, "Uaeso what did you do!" she screamed. "Dad?" she wept as she laid herself over his unconscious form.

"He's fine Naeliu, Jun is on his way. Your father will be alright...I promise," Rin said as she moved into the room, her hips swaying gently from side to side as she joined them. She elevated her chin slightly as she looked down at Airwin, "He's been sick for a while now, lost without the rest of him," she commented, then tucked her black threads back behind her ears and lowered herself down to him. She placed her pale hand against his cheeks, "He's not well Naeliu, and has been resistant to getting any help," she said. She tried to relieve the young woman, the last thing they needed was to be interrupted. She smiled as Naeliu looked up at her with confusion on her face.

"Uaeso to Narsho, The package is delivered, prepare the medical bay and have the shuttle team ready," Uaeso said over the communications channel with his ship. He swallowed hard, the deed had been done. The hard part would follow.

Rin whispered quietly to Airwin, "Tia Sol'Aestaeys (My ascended Emperor) Tetsuya...whole again soon. The stars have punished you enough, and this prison is not yours to be held in."
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U.N.N Narsho​

Akina System
Medical Bay

dr_jun_eitan_andrew_midjourney2023.pngIt was not long before they had Airwin back on the U.N.N Narsho. Thankfully, not many people had noticed as they took him out of the palace on the surface. Regardless, it was none of anyone's business to begin with. The Narsho's Main Medical Bay was located near the bridge of the ship, aft of it a few sections but near enough that Uaeso briefly stopped to check on Aenu and her sister before he joined Jun and Rin there. He stood outside of the isolation room as he watched Jun prepare the IDE equipment and prepare for the body that had been made to be brought up from secure storage. He said to his Aunt, arms crossed at his chest as he leaned against the transparent pane, "That was easier than I expected, I didn't expect him to just reach into the box like that," he took a deep breath and then continued, "I've had Aenu send word back to Noria Citadel, I'm sure Arkan and Seithennin have taken the next step." He turned around briefly as he watched two of the nurses roll the containment tank the body had been stored in. "Do you think this will return his common sense?" he asked.

Rin stared at Airwin through the glass, "He did what he had to do, I won't fault him for that but dividing himself up and all this unnatural behavior bothered me to my core. I don't fault him, I don't fault those back in Noria and I don't fault you. The Craethel beat the hope out of all of us, and had us all make reaches we shouldn't have. At least this way he can have the chance to redeem himself," she said, a deep sadness in her voice. "I won't be staying in Tsenlan," she explained, "I can't. Even if this entire refugee thing has turned around I cannot be someone I am not, plus I know there will be a need for me back at home. Maybe someone like Aelya or Jun can step up in your father's place?" she asked, not that they had the right to decide.

"Ujin said as much," Uaeso said in reply, "For some reason, Ujin won't take the mandate, after everything that has happened he thinks that once the father is restored properly he will be ready to take his place, hopefully, he has some sense about what he will leave behind here. The relationship with Yamatai was important to him and is important to us. We just have to smooth over what he did out of fear of extermination, " the Kryso closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them again before he said, "Ujin thinks it important for Tsenlan to remain under Yamatai and I agree, I've sent a message to Taisho Yui, had a little bump on the way here." He watched as Jun began the body transfer and the process to recombine the IDE for Airwin, Arkan, and Siethenin.

The Cae'Aester frowned and said quietly, "Our people may be saved regardless of what happens here. I won't be saved though, not until Tetsuya is restored."

rin_eitan_andrew_midjourney2023.pngUaeso knew that his father's change in appearance would not come as much of a shock, the appearance of Arkan had always been the one he preferred. As far as anyone else knew, it was just another IDE transfer. That would be all anyone needed to know until they were home. He couldn't help but hope this all went as smoothly, he needed to get home to see his child born. "I'm going to be a father," he said to his Aunt.

"I heard," Rin said, "Good for you, raise him or her well so we never have to repeat the mistakes of our past," she watched as the restoration was completed. "They can take out the clones of Arkan and Siethenin now back home, everything is going to be alright," she said as she continued to watch Jun and "Airwin".

Uaeso felt strange, there was something about it all that didn't seem to resolve things for him as much as he had hoped. Deep down he knew that his father's love for his mother was something their people thought was corrupt, so not everything would be set right. "I will notify command. Did you arrange for the others to be busy? Wait, I don't want to know, I'll come back later," he said and turned, he headed out of the Medical Bay and back toward the Bridge. Within hours purple smoke would billow in the name of celebration.
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Across the universes that had been touched by their kind...​

In the vast expanse of hyperspace, a prolonged, haunting tone reverberated, akin to the somber cry of fate itself. The ethereal resonance, akin to the soul-stirring chords of a cosmic symphony, triggered a profound response within the cerebral labyrinth of the Mindhives. They opened the conduits of communication, extending their reach to encompass the boundless tapestry of the United Norian Navy. As swiftly as the crescendo of their attention-seeking signal had come, it metamorphosed into a resounding cacophony that echoed across the interstellar channels, traversing the intricate web of quantum connections that bridged their ships, colonies, and bases in diverse universes.

The United Norian Imperial, in its entirety, became ensnared in the grip of anticipation. Officers and dignitaries alike were drawn to their monitoring stations, wherever they could lend an ear to the piercing cries of the Falcon that now reverberated through the sectors of space. Even the highest spires of the opulent palace in the City of Asarthotar, perched in the heart of Tsenlan, transmitted the same communication. Once the celestial connections had been meticulously established, three protracted bursts of the avian-like shriek resonated with eerie intensity, followed by a sudden and profound silence, a silence that was as disconcerting as it was foreboding.

On the colossal Quaen mothership, stationed ominously above the Norian realm, the first portentous sign manifested. The behemoth vessel's ventral systems unfurled with deliberate purpose, and from their apertures gushed forth a torrent of deep violet plumes, evoking the sinister essence of plasma. This ominous display was mirrored by the Citadel, a fortress of unfathomable import, where the same virulent 'smoke' surged forth, twisting and spiraling like an otherworldly tempest unleashed upon the cosmos. In the heart of Tsenlan, the palace's contribution to this spectral symphony consisted solely of the swirling smoke, for the release of plasma into the atmosphere was an act of undeniable consequence.

Even though Tsenlan remained estranged from the imperious grasp of the Imperium, it had been unequivocally included in this cosmic proclamation. Across the expanse of space, the vessels of the United Norian Navy reacted with urgency, deploying countermeasure-like flares from their torpedo launchers in a display of unity and resolve. The UNN Narsho, stationed within foreign borders, echoed this harmonious response, affirming their allegiance to the Celestial Mandate.

In this pivotal moment, every colony, every ship, every citadel, all elements of the United Norian dominion, stood united beneath the aegis of the Celestial Mandate, a testament to their unyielding commitment to a shared destiny. The bodies of Arkan and Siethenin's temporary existence drifted lifelessly through the home system.


U.N.N Narsho​

Akina System
Medical Bay

As Uaeso strode through the imposing doors of the Medical Bay, an undeniable gravity seized him. He came to an abrupt halt, his gaze unwavering as it pierced through the heart of the bustling examination hub and settled upon the solitary isolation booth. There, bathed in the sterile, clinical light, the figure of his Aunt came into sharp relief. She knelt upon the pristine floor, her head bowed low, an embodiment of reverence before the resplendent Tetsuya, who stood regally in the likeness of Arkan, a specter of indomitable presence. In this sacred moment, the Kryso's eyes, like pools of liquid honey, briefly intersected with his father's, a fleeting exchange of profound connection before their mutual regard dissolved.

With solemn purpose, Uaeso lowered himself to his knees, his right hand gracefully crossing over his chest, fist clenched, before striking his left shoulder in a gesture of profound salute. This ritualistic tribute began within the confines of the Medical Bay, but its resonance radiated far beyond those walls, rippling through the sinews of the Bridge and traversing the very arteries of the entire vessel. Yet, a singular enclave remained untouched by this solemn declaration – Tsenlan. Ujin's words, a reminder of the deference owed to both Tsenlan and the Norians in Yamatai, lingered in their collective consciousness, preserving an exception to the rule.

The tribute, like a contagion, swept through the fleet, an incendiary spark igniting from ship to ship, and from colony to colony. Even in the dormant realms, where civilization had yet to be rekindled, tendrils of deep purple smoke ascended from the timeworn edifices of abandoned cities. The visage of Airwin, or rather Tetsuya in his regal splendor, was captured and encrypted in their far-reaching communications, destined to transcend the boundaries of home and voyage into the realms unknown.

A cascade of platinum-white locks cascaded from Airwin's brow, a symbol of his transition, as his eyes returned to their natural, dulcet gold hue, a testament to his rebirth. In synchrony with the gesture of homage that had traversed the cosmos, he too offered a salute. This image, laden with cosmic significance, would traverse distances hitherto unimaginable.

The silence that cloaked this momentous occasion was so profound that even the subtlest vibrations of the ship seemed to resound in Uaeso's ears. And then, a whisper, soft as a zephyr, shattered the sacred hush. Rin's voice, though barely audible, seemed to thunder in the weight of the moment as she breathed, "Tia Sol'Aestaesys... My Ascended Emperor." Her utterance bore the profound surrender of one who had surrendered herself entirely to the tapestry of her being and the legacy of her sovereign.

With the final thread of communication severed, Tetsuya's eyes flickered with an unwavering resolve. Swiftly, his hand reached out to snatch the G-pad from the table, a sleek and imposing piece of technology that bore the marks of countless strategic decisions. With practiced precision, he keyed in a sequence of commands, orchestrating events to come, and then, with a sense of purpose etched into every line of his face, he passed the device to Rin. His voice, firm and unwavering, resonated through the chamber.

"Ensure a United Norian Navy uniform of the highest standards is prepared for me. I shall don it once our affairs with Tsenlan and Yamatai have found their resolution," his words carried the weight of an unyielding decree, as though the cadence of his command had been unbroken for nearly a decade. The tempo of his authority had not faltered; it was a testament to his indomitable spirit.

"Now, my son," Tetsuya continued, his strides imbued with a sense of urgency, "walk with me and recount all that has transpired in my absence. I mean every detail, for time is a fleeting specter that haunts us." He swept past Uaeso, seizing him by the shoulder with a powerful grip, pulling him into step as they strode forward. His demand was crystal clear: every nuance of the narrative must be laid bare. "I shall glean the rest from the depths of the Mindhive, but I desire to hear it from your lips," he added as they departed the Medical Bay, and the ebb and flow of routine gradually began to reassert itself in the wake of their momentous reunion.

Within the labyrinthine depths of Tetsuya's consciousness, the disparate fragments of his being, once torn asunder by the tumultuous throes of an IDE restoration gone awry, had now coalesced into a singular, resolute whole. The chaotic shards of his existence had been relegated to the annals of history, a haunting chapter that had finally reached its conclusion.

"We shall need to convey to the Yamataians the unwavering allegiance of Tsenlan and its people to their cause. This steadfast dedication remains unaltered, and I have no intention of seeing it otherwise," Tetsuya declared, his voice resonating with the unwavering conviction of a commander who had returned from the precipice of fragmentation. Yet, a stark reality loomed before them. "However," he continued, his gaze fixed on the closing door, "I cannot bear the mantle of leadership for both Tsenlan and the Imperium simultaneously. It is incumbent upon us to ascertain who among us shall remain, and who shall step forth to undertake this formidable responsibility."

As the door sealed shut behind them, Tetsuya's grip on Uaeso's shoulder shifted slightly, and in a moment of profound intimacy, he initiated a most unexpected gesture. He encircled his arms around his son, drawing him into an embrace that bridged the chasm of years spent apart. In a voice suffused with unwavering assurance, he spoke words that resonated with the confidence of a leader reborn.

"I understand, my son, that the journey you have traversed was fraught with trials and tribulations. But now, I stand whole once more, and I assure you, everything shall find its rightful equilibrium."