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Interest Check Some Yamatai Plots


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I have had these Idea mulling for a really long time and I just needed to share them especially now.

The Unity Experiment:
A new experimental ship for the Empire that was created by all species in the Empire, mixing designs and parts of all the Empire's species into a ship that shows the unity of the Empire and the crew that uses it. The crew will be many/all of the Empire species as they travel together, learn from each other, deal with enemies of Yamatai and test the capabilities of the ship. The crew will engage enemies on planets and in space as they test the limits of the ship and their gear throughout the universe.

"We need a different approach":
A crew and a ship set up to mimic a pirate ship and crew, a plan to try and shut down pirate organisations from the inside. All the info of the crew and ship has been scrubbed to all but high level officials so they can't be found out if there is anybody under the payment of the pirates. The crew will have to find the organisations, show that they have what it takes to join the group, build up a relationship with the pirates, working with them, doing things that cross the line and then take them down. After one is done, they get ready for another Organisation to take down.

"Fate isn't always kind, but we don't care about fate":
A crew for rapid response, that fly out to other Yamataian ships distress calls to try and help them with the problem before it becomes something the crew can't handle. The ship picks up the call, they set the course and race fate to save their allies, making sure the crew is okay and can make it to a station to sort out their ship if needed and then it is off onto the next call. It isn't always ships that they respond to, as planets, stations and anything under attack that is part of the Yamataian Empire.

These are the basic ideas of the plots I have had at different times, all for Yamataian and were just ideas I wrote down with no real thought about bringing them in, but I think these could be interesting plots, I haven't really had a massive look at anything since I have come back so I don't really know if people have had these Ideas and posted them, I am here to see if people like any of them.


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The Unity Experiment sounds like the coolest to me, tbh!