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Suggestion Split The Character Namespace


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Lately I've been thinking that it may be a good idea to split the character namespace. Here's why:
  • Since almost all characters have struct data now, pages can be found using struct-based filters instead of having to rely on folder locations
  • Right now all factional (e.g. Star Army Personnel) schemas are applied to all characters; this is a lot
The proposal:
  • I can migrate characters to factional namespaces like:
    • characters:nepleslia:
    • characters:ndc:
  • Old URLs can be redirected to the new ones so there's no broken links
  • The new namespaces would have only the needed schemas applied
  • Each faction gets its own slightly different character creation form (like the Star Army one fills out Star Army Personnel stuff)
  • Easy to get a count of faction's characters
  • Less struct clutter on all character wiki pages
  • I will have to sort the characters
I'd like to know if you guys think this is a good idea.


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Scenarios to think about
  1. Changing factions: if struct is the arbiter of factional allegiance, do they stay where they're created?
  2. Are we lumping all "independents" together?
  3. The Origin Question (Clan/Corporate alignment, can sub-factions be significant enough to warrant their own namespace?)


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Great questions! My plan is:
  • Independents can just live in characters: (note the s, the character: namespace will be used for unsorted characters)
  • Characters who change faction can be moved by the player or by staff (preferably by me because I'll create a redirect)
  • If the corp has its own struct then it'd maybe be worth giving them a namespace, otherwise the characters stay where they have factional citizenship