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[Staff Introduction] Syaoran


Staff Member
Submissions Reviewer
FM of Abwehr
Okay so I wasn't really sure where the best place to put this was so I'll put it here.

I'm Syaoran, and I was recently moved up to a moderation/staff position(technically in a trial phase at the time of posting). I've noticed that in the community there is a bit of a disconnect with regards to information on staff and mod members. As such I decided to make this post to explain how I will be handling the power that I've been given.

So first off, I want to say I am not perfect, I'm also not closely connected with many of you. I will try to do what I can but I have my limits, so if I make a mistake, let me know, and I'll try to fix it. As such I want to base my time as a staff member on communication. By this I mean that, if something happens, I would like people to exercise their rights to report things, not just to hold it in and let it fester. If you're using DMs to report it to me, I would appreciate it that if everyone on the same 'side' could come together and send one conversation about it so I can speak to everyone at once. Also though, when reporting things, I would like people to have proof of their claims ready. A link to the forum post, or a screen shot of the things they did on discord. The less direct the information I'm given the more time it's going to take for me to find the incident before I can even start thinking about if any rules were broken.

Now once a report has been made, know that I can not divulge the details of what moderation has been taken against individuals, however I do understand that that doesn't instill comfort in people. So I'm going to make a compromise. I can not tell you -what- we're doing, but I will try to keep the individuals who reported it upto date on -where- in the investigation I am. By this I mean I will inform you on what 'step' I'm on. Such as telling you I'm researching the issue, or that I'm deliberating with other staff on the proper solution, or that the case is closed. Again though, I will not be telling the exact details of what has been done in accordance with the rules.

Keeping that information in mind is the way to get the quickest resolution when dealing with staff.

So I hope to be of service to everyone, and while I hope it's never needed, I am ready to use the powers I have to ensure this is a fun place for people.