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Standard Wiki Bio Format

Itkatsu Kiyoko

Inactive Member
Wes said:
I would suggest basing it off of these:

matsumoto_yumiko (standard)
aoki_orie (standard)
kigetsuki_kishou ("in roleplay" section)

*shifts discussion out of Deganveran's bio thread*

Proposed template design.

Does that design cover all the areas that should go into the wiki page, and is the arrangement ok?

(Disclaimer: Included text and images for illustrative purposes only, as an aid to assist visualisation of the end result.)
Also: When you have an image link in a bio, make sure to modify the size using Wiki format.

To stretch the image:

In the above example 400 is the width in pixels you want the image to be. The wiki page will then automatically shrink or expand the image until the width is 400 pixels. Note that it keeps the length-width ratios constant so the image shouldn't get warped.

Maybe add a note about wiki image resizing into the template? I see quite a number of people who are posting very large wallpaper-sized images that end up stretching the stats sheet and hiding the table of contents from view. I recommend that images be kept no larger than 400 pixels. Maybe 600px for very high detail images (such as scene-scapes?) that demand a higher resolution in order to make out smaller details. But the +800px sizes start becoming the size of entire desktops, so could make it difficult for certain computers to view the page properly.
For reference, things are supposed to be around 500px max on StarArmy's forums and wiki.
Made minor updates to the Autotemplate page today:

-Faction Friendly Inventory (non-SAoY)
-Link to anonymous character art gallery
I've begun working on the next revision of the AutoTemplate, here's a rundown of what's happening.

- Removed forum formatting; it's redundant now with the wiki.
- Geared it towards wiki bio format; added some new fields.
- Added in links to wiki articles; each section now has at least one link that directs the user to wiki articles required to fill out said section.

- Create backend and new preview code to match wiki rather than forum formatting.
- Create a wiki page to tie together all factions standard issue items and include instructions on how to add this to their bio.
- Find a function to process history/skills/etc text blocks and add forced line-returns so that people don't lose paragraph formatting (biggest issue with previous version).
I think we need to get the family section out of the info box. People seem to want to put a lot in it so it ends up stretching the box across the page. It'd probably be best before the history section.

Thanks for working on this update! It's great stuff and I think it'll make character creation faster and easier.
I've made some minor updates.
-Security update: Fixed XSS vulnerability
Character template: Fixed an error where an extra slash would appear before single and double quotes.
Fixed some links that were broken due to wiki page rearrangements and updated to use new Nepleslian rank and to say that LGBTQ characters are definitely okay.
Fixed some links that were broken due to wiki page rearrangements and updated to use new Nepleslian rank and to say that LGBTQ characters are definitely okay.

I hope so! It would be rather unfortunate if LGBTQ characters are not allowed considering Meiko, Jiji and Rachael are Bi XD
I was reading a guide by a trans person on how to make a roleplay forum more welcoming to them and it suggested actually saying so, that way there wouldn't be a need for new people to ask site owners any potentially awkward questions.
It was good thinking, some people feel intimidated if theres no clear statement, cause of obvious reasons, even if those reasons are not here.