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[Star Army] Ke-V9-1A - Nodachi-Class Assault Fighter

Doshii Jun

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Double post!

Something that occurs to me: The turrets carrying the same DR as the cannons seems a bit much. The turrets are for fending off PA and harassing other fighters, while the forward cannons are for putting the hurt on starships.

At least, I think they are. Right?


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Not specifically. The Nodachi is intended for fairly heavy combat scenarios to make up for the costs of production, thus their weaponry is intended to take on all conceivable targets and not just smaller enemy units. I gave it's guns a total firepower somewhat comparable to the Ginga, which has a total of 17 turrets that do 3 ADR damage for a total of 51 ADR (Now that's some serious anti-fighter defense. I'd hate to be a Misshu flying into that).

I gave it roughly the same total damage output due to the fact they're of comparable size and both have maxed structural points for fighter / bomber craft, but I made the firepower more concentrated within a mere 6 turrets plus the four longer range main cannons with the same damage, giving it a total of 50 ADR or 10 SDR... not including any torpedoes or other tertiary weapons :3. I would have made the main guns stronger and the turrets a little weaker, but I wasn't sure if fighters are allowed to weapons too far into the SDR scale apart from limited numbers of torpedoes.

The Nodachi's weaponry is more closely focused on completely annihilating one or two targets at a time (which make's sense due to their only being one or two pilots controlling the ship), but the turrets can also double in use for defensive purposes and engaging groups of smaller enemies like power armor or in getting rid of pursuing missiles. The Ginga on the other hand always has to fight off groups of smaller enemies, because absolutely every escorting baddie will want to stop it from launching its torpedoes.

Doshii Jun

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Ahh, gotcha. So this blends the Hayabusa, Ginga and Kawamire fighters in that respect, taking something from each to make one super-starfighter or something.

Nifty. It's not up to me, but I'm glad to know the reasoning.


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I intend to review this over the next day or so, Review should be complete by 7/12


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Yes. Should be done tomorrow. Sorry wife had me out shopping all freaking day.


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I am worried the damage output of this is overpowered. Part of the point of the damage system is that stuff in the armor scale range does not have weapons in the starship range (other than ADR 5 main guns).


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*nods* Well, if that's the case we can always tone the turrets down a notch to ADR 4. Then they would still be slightly stronger than the ADR 3 turrets of the Hayabusa and the Ginga.


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Still doing my review, but you do realize that just because you say the guns fire every second, the damage they do is not every second, but rather for a 'turn' which has been established as about 10 seconds.


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This review is for: Star Army V9 "Nodachi" Assault Fighter

The submitted article has…
[x] A general topic sentence under the title header
[x] Artwork (illustrations are required for Starships, Vehicles, Hand weapons or Small Arms, Uniforms for military forces or large corporations and new alien species not from the race of the day CCG)
[x] Needed and/or useful to the setting
[x] In the proper format/template
[x] Proofread for spelling and grammar
[x] Easy to read and understand (not a lengthy mass of technobabble)
[x] Wikified (terms that could be a link should be a link)
[x] No red and/or broken links
[x] Reasonably scientifically plausible
[x] Reasonably neutral point of view

The submitted article is/does not…
[x] Overpowered (or cutting tech for a faction with little or no roleplay)
[x] Obtusely redundant
[-] Contain copy pasta descriptions of systems or interior compartments
[x] Unauthorized by faction managers or player-controlled corporation
[x] Contain references to IC events that have not occurred (SM must authorize retcons)
[x] Use second-person language (“you” or “your”) unless it is an instructional guide aimed at players.
[x] Use bombastic language (“virtually immune,” “nearly indestructible,” “insanely powerful,” “horrible effects”)
[x] Use an unbalanced header/text ratio (many headers but sections are one-liners)
[x] Use major unapproved sub-articles that should be submitted separately
[x] Lacking Detail
[x] Images hosted on sites other than stararmy.com (Photobucket, Imageshack, etc are not allowed)

The article has…
[-] Speeds in compliance with the Starship Speed Standard, if applicable
[x] Damage Capacity and Damage Ratings in compliance with the DR Guidelines
[x] The in-character year of creation/manufacture. (Should be current year. Future years not allowed).
[x] The Standard Product Nomenclature System, if applicable.

Note here if any serious issues are present. These are the issues that will hold up approval.
** Short description of the issue. If a longer explanation is needed, put it in Notes.

Speed in violation, per the Damage Rating, a ship with this hull has a max speed of .375c.

FTL Speeds exceed Star Army of Yamatai Starship Speeds

Lots of Copy Pasta on the PSC reference that is on the PSC page already.
Verbage for the Ke-V9-P3301 Ion Maneuvering Thrusters comes from the Geshrinari Maneuvering Thrusters page verbatim. Try avoiding that in the future.

extended range and accuracy. – Remove accuracy, there is nothing wrong with the Accuracy of the Ke-V8-W3100 Turbo Aether Cannon

Your Micro-Jump will not work within 1.5 million km (0.01 AU) of an earth like aka Yamatai planet, since that is the Hill Sphere for a planet that size and the rules say NO FTL within a planets Hill Sphere. Recommend adding that to the engine page since you are saying its for in system jumps near planets.

Status: Pending

This field is for any extra description needed for the issues stated above or (as the name suggests) and additional notes you wish to state in the record regarding the item.

As written the V9 is rather Over Powered, it has the fire power of a Ginga but can be operated by a single person. To be frank, it pretty much can do anything. I'm not a big fan of that but, that's just my opinion.

I intend to finish this review by: COMPLETE


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1. Sub-Light Speed Violation

:D Corrected to 0.375c, and other related values have been updated accordingly. Also, I noticed that the Hayabusa seems to have a .4c speed whilst the article also states it has Yamataium armor. I don't know if this is a mistake that has been overlooked, or if I'm simply missing something -- just thought I'd point it out.

2. Faster-Than-Light Speed Violation

Reduced to .5 Ly/m, and corrected the conversions and other values accordingly.

3. The Copy Pasta

Rewrote the PSC reference in the Nodachi article, getting rid of the superfluous information which was essentially brought over from the PSC article.

Rewrote the Ion Maneuvering Thrusters article in my own words.

4. The 'Increased accuracy'


5. Hill Sphere limitation

Corrected the Hyperdrive info and added the stated limit to both the Nodachi's article under hyperdrive, and inside the hyperdrive's own article. I knew there was some kind of physical limit to how close to a planet or star one could be in order to jump, but to my knowledge I've never seen it specifically mentioned on the wiki -- It might be a good idea to add that in the article for Hyperspace travel or something to prevent similar mistakes in the future.

6. Overpowered guns of giga-death.

Seeing as everyone so far seems under the impression the fighter has too much firepower for its own good, I've reduced the turrets damage rating down to ADR 3 -- essentially the same as the Hayabusa turrets, though it still has the four forward cannons like the Kawarime. With the greater overall physical endurance and the 6 ventral hardpoints for missiles or extra equipment, its still got enough goods to satisfactorily fill its role as a fighter intended for a heavier combat role.

And to Nash -- :) Yes I have been aware for some time that the DR system implies that the stated damage is inflicted by weapons fire over the course of a ten second period, not per each individual hit.

Any other problems guys? :D


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Just an FYI, the Hill Sphere reference is here Starship Combat

The V6 and V8 get the .4c top speed because they use Durandium for their frame and Yamataium for armor plating, they come in under the Medium armor level, hence why they only have 16 SP, unlike the V9 which is using the Heavy class keeping the full 25 SP of its size.

As far as I'm concerned all issues have been dealt with.